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I think it's time to boycott Hewlett Packard

Because clearly, they make bigoted laptops:

Via American Digest.



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Comments (15)

Is there anything that is s... (Below threshold)

Is there anything that is safe from Obamabot racists?

Being invisible to cyborg v... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Being invisible to cyborg vision could be a good thing. Just think of the advantages in the Obama future when streets and buildings are full of cameras all linked together and monitored by such software to make sure everyone is eating healthy, exercising, and keeping a low carbon footprint.

Why is this guy's name tag ... (Below threshold)

Why is this guy's name tag backwards? Was the camera looking into a mirror, first perhaps? Otherwise I should be able to read his name tag.

Other than that. I am sure Congress will pass something soon to resolve this issue.

Imagine if it had tracked H... (Below threshold)

Imagine if it had tracked HIM and not HER!!

Obviously then he would have claimed it ONLY tracks Black people...as a way to control them!


Looks like a contrast thing... (Below threshold)

Looks like a contrast thing to me. He should try that again with some decent light on his face from the front and see if it works.
Still, that could be a black eye (can I say that?) for HP.

I'm thinking there's a soft... (Below threshold)

I'm thinking there's a software representative that's getting some fairly nasty emails for Christmas. Like Blogdog says, it's a "contrast thing", but it certainly should have been in-house tested, (and this flaw corrected), long before reaching the general public.

Hey, look at the up-side. ... (Below threshold)

Hey, look at the up-side. You can rob the local 7-11 and not worry about the camera zeroing in and tracking your face.

Gee, Ya think this Acorn wa... (Below threshold)

Gee, Ya think this Acorn wanna be voted for Seizer? This will be the next industry Barry will sieze, that is if He does not get impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors first.

Man, ya'll are WAY too sens... (Below threshold)

Man, ya'll are WAY too sensitive. And you're reading the dude completely wrong.

He's being facetious, boneheads.

It's so obvious. He is a va... (Below threshold)

It's so obvious. He is a vampire.

"He's being facetious, b... (Below threshold)

"He's being facetious, boneheads."

Show some damn respect! That's Mr. and Mrs. Bonehead!

Racists can tell the difference, MJM. They see a black man and lose their sense of humor. It's a hate thing. It wells up inside of them and they don't even realize its happening to them. You ask them why on earth would they find this troubling and they can't give you an answer.

Submit a bug report, reques... (Below threshold)

Submit a bug report, request a reply.

HP still makes computers? W... (Below threshold)

HP still makes computers? Who knew. ww

Frankly he only sounds like... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Frankly he only sounds like he's half joking. I think he realizes that the racist comment makes him look like an idiot, but he wants to find a way to make an accusation of racism.

Crying racism is the easy way out. It's much easier than figuring out the actual reason why it isn't tracking well. It's also a lot more satisfying for some people to play the victim rather than actually helping themselves out and solving their own problems.

That particular computer wa... (Below threshold)

That particular computer was set up to track ....... butt ugly.






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