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If the Navy Seals, why not Schuringa?

Seems completely plausible and logical wouldn't you say?

The hero of Northwest Airlines Flight 253, lauded by passengers as the man who first reached would-be bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, will be arraigned this week under federal charges, the US Justice Department announced today.

Dutch citizen Jasper Schuringa was sitting a few seats away from Abdulmutallab when he heard popping and saw smoke and a glow coming from Abdulmutallab's seat. Schuringa was the first passenger to understand that Abdulmutallab was endangering the aircraft. He leapt over intervening seats to tackle and subdue Abdulmutallab, joined very quickly by other passengers.

Abdulmutallab has already been charged with attempting to destroy the airliner.

In announcing the pending charges against Schuringa the Justice Department spokesman said that after being treated for his burns, Abdulmutallab told a federal agent that Schuringa had slugged him in the mouth. Abdulmutallab pointed to his swollen lip as evidence of the assault.

"It's now well established in anti-terrorism operations that you cannot just go around slugging murderous terrorists in the mouth," said the spokesman. "What's fair for Navy SEALs will be fair for Mr. Schuringa. The law is the law." He added that Attorney General Eric Holder had approved charging Mr. Schuringa with assault.

That's satire... but the Navy Seal charges obviously is not.

Why not?



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Comments (9)

Somewhere I read passengers... (Below threshold)

Somewhere I read passengers noted that Abdulmatallab had his pants unbuttoned. Could Jasper claim that he thought the man was a pedaphile and thus be held blameless?

The DEPT OF INJISTICE run b... (Below threshold)

The DEPT OF INJISTICE run by that pukefaced pukehead ERIC HOLDER wants a hero presucuted for thwarting a terrorists MORE FROM THE STINKHOLE OBAMA I HOPE IT RUINS HIS POLLS

"Why not?"B... (Below threshold)

"Why not?"

Because in this instance the perp was in the act of committing a crime and force was necessary to subdue and prevent injuries.

And in the instance of the Seals - they were breaking the law.

The law still matters to those of us who aren't neo-nazi racists.

I'm happy to defend my country - I'm not happy to defend criminals who break the law.

What is REALLY scary: Unti... (Below threshold)

What is REALLY scary: Until I read the "this is satire" disclaimer, I believed it!!!

"And in the instance of the... (Below threshold)

"And in the instance of the Seals - they were breaking the law."

Judge, jury and executioner. Sabre5 needs to come to Kalifornia. Our 'Death Row' is backed up 25 years. He could obviously speed things up.

Sabre5 "And in the ins... (Below threshold)

Sabre5 "And in the instance of the Seals - they were breaking the law."

And you know this how? You do know the only evidence known as this point is the terrorists "word?"

Sabre5 "I'm happy to defend my country - I'm not happy to defend criminals who break the law."

You also, obviously, have everything against letting the system work prior to you offering your services as judge, jury and executioner.

Given that you call us neo-nazi racists, what does that make you?


Code Pinko?

Or just a plain everyday asshole

Being a dumb neo-nazi could... (Below threshold)

Being a dumb neo-nazi could some one please explain how a busted lip is proof of being punched in the stomach? I know my racist education prevented may have prevent my understanding of human anatomy but one would have thought there would be bruises on the stomach as proof of being hit in the stomach.

Also in the reports were unclear if the terrorist murdering scumbag suffered his injuries during take down or after he was in custody.

Being a dumb neo-nazi co... (Below threshold)

Being a dumb neo-nazi could some one please explain how a busted lip is proof of being punched in the stomach?

It isn't.

That should tell you that there's more to this story than you've heard.

wolfwalker Why sho... (Below threshold)


Why should I assume that?
Proof of of Global warming is the hockey stick which has been proven false.
Proof the Stimulus worked are jobs created in ghost congressional districts.
proof the screen works allows a know terrorist to get a visa, board multiple planes with explosives , and detonate said explosive on US plane.

Yeah think want more facts before take the word of brutal killer.






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