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"So basically, we are stimulating the government bureaucracy."

If this doesn't tell the tale and piss you off then quite frankly, you're part of the damned problem:

The Dallas Morning News has the story that best exemplifies the $787,000,000,000 economic stimulus.

"AUSTIN - The state received millions of federal dollars from the economic-stimulus package to help poor Texans cut their energy bills, but by the end of last month, just seven homes had been weather-treated under the program. The state has spent $1.8 million of $163 million available over the past four months, with most of it going to administrative costs, such as the salaries of state workers," the Dallas Morning News reported.

So basically, we are stimulating the government bureaucracy.

The government is spending $271,000 per home to winterize it. Wouldn't it be cheaper to buy each shack and give the homeowner some repo'd three bedroom ranch?

The people who voted for this monstrosity need to pay a price... a steep one.



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Comments (17)

Nice to see the Main stream... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Nice to see the Main stream media catching up to what the public has known all along. And it only took them 11 months!

Tsk, Tsk.More fact... (Below threshold)

Tsk, Tsk.

More factless things to get angry about.

Seizer's real plan begins t... (Below threshold)

Seizer's real plan begins to unfold!!

I'm sure that Barry will lo... (Below threshold)

I'm sure that Barry will look upon this as a mere 'distraction'. After all, come January they're gonna do a "hard pivot" on job creation and deficit reduction.


Tsk, Tsk.More... (Below threshold)
Tsk, Tsk.

More factless things to get angry about.

You're talking about those those spittle spewing, beet rad faced folks, aren't you?

So basically, we are sti... (Below threshold)

So basically, we are stimulating the government bureaucracy.

Anyone who is surprised by this hasn't been paying attention.

Being a dumb neo-nazi could... (Below threshold)

Being a dumb neo-nazi could some one please explain how a busted lip is proof of being punched in the stomach? I know my racist education prevented may have prevent my understanding of human anatomy but one would have thought there would be bruises on the stomach as proof of being hit in the stomach.

Also in the reports were unclear if the terrorist murdering scumbag suffered his injuries during take down or after he was in custody.

This is irritating, but not... (Below threshold)

This is irritating, but not too surprising. This seems consistent with what Obama believes the US should be. Big, big government, with as many people as possible either working for or relying on the government for their well being.

The majority of the stimulu... (Below threshold)

The majority of the stimulus money for Florida intended for "creating jobs" has been used to hire more teachers. So no, I'm not surprised at all.

Do you realize that Congres... (Below threshold)

Do you realize that Congress could have given every man, woman and child in America $2500 cash - and actually saved money?

Do the math. These clowns in Washington are so used to sloshing around enormous numbers they have completely lost their common sense.

Now ask yourself this: what would the effect be if Congress had simply cut taxes by $5000 for every American taxpayer?

The answer is obvious if you know how to spell economics. The recession would be OVER.

Barrack they need even more... (Below threshold)

Barrack they need even more money, do you think you can help?

Gas prices are pretty stable, how about talking about that and getting us a sizable increase?

Sarcasm untagged is lost on... (Below threshold)

Sarcasm untagged is lost on too many people.

Hope you haven't all been shopping at WalMart and wondering why the local economy sucks and the Chinese have all our money.

I got it Epador.... (Below threshold)

I got it Epador.

Look this is working as int... (Below threshold)

Look this is working as intend.

Increase the size of Government Union jobs.
Increase the power of Private Union Jobs (Card Check)
Take over a growing Industry Health Care and subject it to complete Government control.
SInce Federal Government is the only one that can make student loans they will take a greater role in dictating Higher education standards.
The Civilian military (the committee of state security)

When your done more than 52% of the population will rely on Government for Jobs and no one will want reduce the size of Government because they are dependent on it. That is the critical mass that want to achieve. At which point i you do not have government Job or one in Academia you will be nothing.
The US ill become a banana republic.

"The US ill become a ban... (Below threshold)

"The US ill become a banana republic."

This what the WON want's it is so obvious He feels guilty about the U.S.A. And wants to knock us down to a sub-saharan Kenya standard.

This fool has to go.

"Rasmussen: Gov't workers a... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"Rasmussen: Gov't workers a lot more optimistic on economy than private sector. "While a near majority of private-sector employees see the economy as deteriorating, the opposite is true of public-sector employees. Forty-six percent of government workers think the economy is improving."" -via Instapundit

It's party time if you are a govt worker, especially if you're a Fed worker.

"It's party time if you ... (Below threshold)

"It's party time if you are a govt worker, especially if you're a Fed worker."

Yes, party like its 2009 tee 9

Wonder if they'll feel so jubilant in 2010?






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