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Warnings of Islamic radicalism ignored... again

More details are emerging as to the background of the terrorist who attempted to blow up Northwest flight 253 and it once again shows that political correctness is getting in the way of common sense and prudence:

With his wealth, privilege and education at one of Britain's leading universities, Abdul Farouk Abdulmutallab had the world at his feet - able to choose from a range of futures in which to make his mark on the world.

Instead, the son of one of Nigeria's most important figures opted to make his impact in a very different way - by detonating 80g of explosives sewn into his underpants, and trying to destroy a passenger jet as it came in to land at Detroit Airport on Christmas Day.

As he was charged by US authorities last night with attempting to blow up an airliner, a surprising picture emerged of the would-be bomber.

Abdulmutallab, 23, had lived a gilded life, and, for the three years he studied in London, he stayed in a £2m flat. He was from a very different background to many of the other al-Qa'ida recruits who opt for martyrdom.

The charges were read out to him by US District Judge Paul Borman in a conference room at the medical centre where he is receiving treatment for burns. Agents brought Abdulmutallab, who had a blanket over his lap and was wearing a green hospital robe, into the room in a wheelchair.

Abdulmutallab's father, Umaru, is the former economics minister of Nigeria. He retired earlier this month as the chairman of the First Bank of Nigeria but is still on the boards of several of Nigeria's biggest firms, including Jaiz International, a holding company for the Islamic Bank. The 70-year-old, who was also educated in London, holds the Commander of the Order of the Niger as well as the Italian Order of Merit.

Dr Mutallab said he was planning to meet with police in Nigeria last night after realising his son had joined the notorious roster of al-Qa'ida terrorists, and is said to have warned the US authorities about his son's extreme views six months ago.


The revelation of Abdulmutallab's background has confounded terror experts. Dr Magnus Ranstorp of the Center for Asymmetric Threat Studies at the Swedish National Defence College said that the attempted bombing "didn't square".

"On the one hand, it seems he's been on the terror watch list but not on the no-fly list," he said. "That doesn't square because the American Department for Homeland Security has pretty stringent data-mining capability. I don't understand how he had a valid visa if he was known on the terror watch list.


Nigerian newspapers reported that Abdulmutallab's father, who lives in Katsina, Nigeria, had informed the US embassy of his son's activities because he had become so concerned about his religious views.

A source said Dr Mutallab was "devastated" at the news but also "surprised" his son had been allowed to travel after he had reported him to the authorities. Abdulmutallab had allegedly become noted for his extreme religious views when he was at the British International School in Togo, where he is said to have preached Islam to his friends.

An official briefing on the attack said the US had known for at least two years that the suspect could have terrorist ties. Abdulmutallab has been on a list that included people with known or suspected contacts or ties to a terrorist or terrorist organisation. The list is maintained by the US National Counterterrorism Center and includes about 550,000 names.

We're seeing a pattern... a pattern steeped in political correctness, a pattern birthed in the illogical notion of tolerance trumping vigilance, a pattern embraced by progressives who minimize the dangers of radical Islam while trumpeting the threats posed by ordinary citizens.

I've truly had enough of this hope and change.



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once again R-E-A-L-I-T-Y bi... (Below threshold)

once again R-E-A-L-I-T-Y bites the Left's myth of "they just hate us because of BUSH!"

Eric Holder is probably working feverishly right now to get all charges dropped against this poor victim of American agression. You go Eric!


John Bolton said this morni... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

John Bolton said this morning,"If the Obama administration and J. Neopolitan call this a successful catch, I would hate to see what they call a failure?"
Next they will be sending the Yemenis from Gitmo to Bermuda so they can keep an eye on them frolicking on the beach. PC will get us all killed.

Homeland Security Secretary... (Below threshold)

Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano appeared Sunday on ABC's "This Week.":
"...investigators did not have enough information to keep a terror suspect from boarding a flight bound for Detroit...the system worked as it should have."


"the system worked as it sh... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"the system worked as it should have."

Absolutely! It provided sufficient cover and deniability to the administration to avoid taking the blame for the screw up, while also providing an opportunity for a terrorist act which would allow the administration an excuse to nationalize another large swath of our lives and freedoms.

Somewhere Rahm Emanuel is cursing that he wasn't given another crisis to exploit and wishing that Abdulmutallab had succeeded in bringing tat plane down. Now he's stuck with just getting additional laws to prevent such a "success" from occurring again.

Our leftist comrades are lo... (Below threshold)

Our leftist comrades are loathe to blow the whistle on people with whom they have so much in common--an abiding hatred of the US and contempt for actual American citizens, for example.

"There are none so blind as... (Below threshold)

"There are none so blind as those, that will not see"

When something does not fit the Left narrative they are deaf dumb and blind.

...a pattern embra... (Below threshold)
...a pattern embraced by progressives who minimize the dangers of radical Islam while trumpeting the threats posed by ordinary citizens.

Yep. They call the ordinary citizens terrorists and they all should be thrown in jail, deprived of their personal liberties, on the whim of a Communist in the White House, while the true terroist is free to roam our streets and fly in our planes with impunity, while the TSA searches Granny's bloomers for a bomb or for that matter, takes away a war hero's Medal of Honor

That is precisely what happened in Oklahoma City. The government was too lazy to hunt down the real bombers, but prosecuted a patriot and put him to death. I would not be surprised at all when the truth finally comes out and it was Al-Queada that bombe the federal building there.

Dont blame them! Rahm was b... (Below threshold)

Dont blame them! Rahm was busy reading the communist manifesto to school children. Barry is in hiatus, so leave His transparent ass alone!

Stan25 - As a resi... (Below threshold)

Stan25 -

As a resident of Oklahoma City who paid very close attention to all the details surrounding the Murrah Building bombing, I will tell you without hesitation that Timothy McVeigh was absolutely guilty of planning and executing the attack, largely with the help of Terry Nichols. We got the right man, no question.

However, there is also plenty of evidence to support the existence of a "John Doe #2". The FBI suspended the search for him shortly after Timothy McVeigh was identified as the primary suspect. The mystery surrounding JD#2 has given the conspiracy theorists much to ponder, including allegations that JD#2 was from the Middle East, possibly Iraq, and that the investigation into his identity was suspended in order to avoid an international incident. Maybe that's what you're talking about, Stan.

John Doe #2 needs to be identified brought to justice for his part in the Murrah bombing, but the amount of time that has passed since then (~15 years) makes the likelihood of that ever happening very doubtful.

We should pack Abdul's ass ... (Below threshold)

We should pack Abdul's ass with C4 and make his wish come true. Telling him that we'll throw what's left to the pigs.

I originally intended to co... (Below threshold)

I originally intended to comment that Abdulmutallab's background also presents a serious problem for liberals.

The elites tell us that Muslims are driven to extremism due to the crushing effects of poverty brought on by the lingering legacy of Western colonialism.

But Abdulmutallab was from a very wealthy and powerful Nigerian family, born with a golden spoon in his mouth and given the finest Western education that his family's money could buy.

Post-modern philosophy can't adequately explain aggression that isn't fundamentally rooted in some past abuse of native peoples by Western governments. Some leftists have even gone so far as to say that because we "terrorized" our former colonies and territories for over a century, it is "justice" that the West is being terrorized by them now.

This attitude has only helped the socialist dictators of Third World nations manipulate the West, while utterly failing to keep those of us in the First World safe. The evil of a terrorist act is not somehow lessened by the skin color of the terrorist vs. the skin color of his victims.

"We should pack Abdul's ... (Below threshold)

"We should pack Abdul's ass with C4 and make his wish come true. Telling him that we'll throw what's left to the pigs"

You do the packing? I will clean up after the Pigs!

The elites tell us that ... (Below threshold)

The elites tell us that Muslims are driven to extremism due to the crushing effects of poverty brought on by the lingering legacy of Western colonialism.

But Abdulmutallab was from a very wealthy and powerful Nigerian family, born with a golden spoon in his mouth and given the finest Western education that his family's money could buy.

Absolutely right. Remember that Bin Laden came from a wealthy family, Ayman Al Zahiri was a doctor, IIRC, and others have had 'privileged' backgrounds as well.

You guys should just get ri... (Below threshold)

You guys should just get rid of the damn italics button, since it doesn't and never has worked right.

It works fine Tim..<... (Below threshold)

It works fine Tim..

914, try italicizing two pa... (Below threshold)

914, try italicizing two paragraphs while attempting to quote another poster. Bet only 1 comes out in italics.

(AP) Homeland Security Chai... (Below threshold)

(AP) Homeland Security Chairman Janet Napolitano and the TSA announced new emergency airline security regulations today that require all underwear to be removed at airport security and stowed in checked baggage in federally approved bombproof containers.

A new 3% boarding tax will be assessed to fund the cost of the newly mandated aircraft modifications. The new so-called Bush-Diddit Homeland Security Plan regulations go into effect immediately and require no Congressional approval.

President Obama, speaking from his vacation estate in Hawaii, hailed the "prompt action by Homeland Security on behalf of the American flying public". He called for the prompt introduction of emergency legislation banning the concealed carry of testicles on commercial aircraft.

In a short statement, calling the unrestricted ownership of testicles a "privilege, not a right", President Obama said:

"Let me be clear. The dangerous policy of testicle concealment, which I inherited from the previous administration, represents a reckless and unnecessary threat to the safety of airline passengers around the world. This is no time for half measures. It's high time we put an end to this irresponsible practice."

Emergency hearings are scheduled for Monday.

These men are perfectly har... (Below threshold)

These men are perfectly harmless. Almost every day they send me emails telling me they have millions of dallars that they want to deposit into my checking account.

Your right Tim.. Does that ... (Below threshold)

Your right Tim.. Does that with Bold too.






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