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What kind of idiot is Janet Napolitano?

This kind:

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Sunday that the thwarting of the attempt to blow up an Amsterdam-Detroit airline flight Christmas Day demonstrated that "the system worked."

Asked by CNN's Candy Crowley on "State of the Union" how that could be possible when the young Nigerian who has been charged with trying to set off the bomb was able to smuggle explosive liquid onto the jet, Napolitano responded: "We're asking the same questions."

She then went on to say that there's no suggestion the terrorist was improperly screened.

Sheez. We're led by incompetents. Napolitano should be fired post haste for this sort of idiocy.

Jonah Goldberg speaks for me:

Napolitano has a habit of arguing that DHS is a first responder outfit. Its mission is to deal with "man-caused-disasters" afer they occur. It appears she really believes it. If the White House wants to assure people that it takes the war on terror seriously (a term Robert Gibbs used this morning by the way), they could start by firing this patenly unqualified hack.

And then in 2012, we'll fire the unqualified hack responsible for appointing all the others found in this administration.



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Comments (30)

If this is proof that the s... (Below threshold)

If this is proof that the system worked then I am not getting anywhere near an airplane until we have an administration that goes back to making preventing terrorist attacks its first priority.

There are two basic approac... (Below threshold)

There are two basic approaches to disaster planning; proactive management and reactive management. Proactive management, means planning to prevent a security lapse before it occurs. Reactive management means planning on a response after a security lapse has occurred.

In disaster planning, you need to plan for both, but it is patently STUPID to focus so much attention on one that the other becomes a vulnerability.

I fear that DHS is focusing too much attention on reactive planning than proactive planning.

The "System" was a Dutch pa... (Below threshold)

The "System" was a Dutch passenger with courage and balls coupled with an inept Nigerian muslim terrorist.

Janet Napolitano is an absolute clueless idiot and one only has to look at Barry Soetero to see why she was appointed to such a position.

They will have the blood of thousands on their hands soon enough when the next muslim terrorist is just a little bit more competent.

How did Obama find all of t... (Below threshold)

How did Obama find all of these mental midgets anyway. What's the old saying: once its happenstance, twice its coincidence, three times its enemy action. How many morons and ideolouges and otherwise innapropriate nominees has Obama had. A dozen? More? To have such a high rate of failure one could almost think that he was deliberatly choosing terrible nominees for some reason.
All of this adds up to the obviose; Obama is a Rovian plant with a mission to utterly destroy the Democratic Party. Victory is Ours!

Why would they fire her? Sh... (Below threshold)

Why would they fire her? She's exactly what they want.

Come on Sturmy lets hear yo... (Below threshold)

Come on Sturmy lets hear your knee-jerk defense of this joke of a Obama moron? Come on give a go!

"Homeland Security Secre... (Below threshold)

"Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Sunday that the thwarting of the attempt to blow up an Amsterdam-Detroit airline flight Christmas Day demonstrated that "the system worked."

If the system worked, Barry and the rest of these freakazoids would be in San Quentin.

Heckuva job, Napolitanie! ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Heckuva job, Napolitanie!

This warrants some very ser... (Below threshold)

This warrants some very serious questions. Yet, I chuckle in anticipation guessing how Gibbs handles the "clarification" at the next press briefing.

Another disruption on fligh... (Below threshold)

Another disruption on flight 253? Thanks a lot Barry, good job!

Why is it that the system "... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Why is it that the system "works" when a terrorist is allowed to smuggle explosives aboard a plane and tries to blow it up, but it doesn't work when some non-security threat crashes a White House event?

Perhaps it's because these liberal egg-heads take their own security very seriously and they believe that the great unwashed masses do bot warrant or deserve to be secure.

Thanks Jim! Im secure in th... (Below threshold)

Thanks Jim! Im secure in the fact that these egg-heads do not have any determination on where We go after this life..

Do You think this may be a ruse by Al Quaeda and the World Bank to sneak something bigger in place while were distracted by these mini melodramas?

Napolitano meets the brain-... (Below threshold)
Dr Carlo Lombardi:

Napolitano meets the brain-dead leftard requirement for qualifications: she's 'diverse'.

I'm sure they'll convene a ... (Below threshold)

I'm sure they'll convene a hearing to find out what went wrong. LOLOLOL

Like they really believe their #1 job is to protect us.

btw, how's implementing the 9-11 commission recommendations going?

F*cking clowns.

Why do the terrorists flock... (Below threshold)

Why do the terrorists flock to Detroit? High unemployment and crime? I get it' they want to live Barry's American dream!

It's a PR move by Barry Hussein to boost His 19% approval numbers.

Listen to the video - get t... (Below threshold)
Steve WH:

Listen to the video - get the context. She is not talking about what happened before the attack but the response by airlines, controllers passing on info etc afterwards.

She is still an idiotic (I am NOT defending her)to have said this as the next attack will call these reponses into question.

Steve,I think your c... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I think your comment proves the point that Napolitano perceives the DHS as an agency that responds to terrorist events rather than doing something that prevents them. DHS was originally intended to prevent terrorist acts on our shores. Napolitano has taken the agency and turned it into a janitorial crew for cleaning up disasters and for finding reasons to spy on conservatives.

I'd grade her performance s... (Below threshold)

I'd grade her performance so far as a solid B+.

You betcha.

Just look at the incompeten... (Below threshold)

Just look at the incompetent people this fool of a president has surrounded himself with. The voters had better wake up in 10 and 12. The guys at Muppett Labs are better "suited" than this administration!

Jim mGood point. ... (Below threshold)
Steve WH:

Jim m

Good point. You just expressed it far better than me!

"The guys at Muppett Labs a... (Below threshold)

"The guys at Muppett Labs are better "suited" than this administration!"

The air-heads floating by in the Macy's parade could run this economy better! At least Clinton had enough sense (albeit between His legs) to leave well enough alone and not screw with the economy.. I guess Barry has to mess around with something.

"What kind of idiot is Janet Napolitano"

Waco brings to mind another whacko Janet from the id..

Why those sneaky bastards a... (Below threshold)

Why those sneaky bastards at TSA! Developing a 'new method of detection' right under our noses. Spend 20 minutes in the can and you get arrested for 'terrorism'. Can I use that word or is it still called a "MCD incident"?

DHS has turned into a Histo... (Below threshold)

DHS has turned into a Historical Forensic Agency, much like the police, they are there *AFTER* the fact to collect evidence in an attempt to prove a crime was committed.

The TSA didn't have a hand in preventing this, the overseas security screener's screwed that up. That TSA has implemented a 1 hour sit in your seat policy shows just how inept they really are.

Yep, I'll drive, it's safer.

Janet Napolitano?I... (Below threshold)

Janet Napolitano?

I seem to remember that name, of yeah... Napolitano while Governor vetoed a bill that, (1) post-Kelo, aimed to protect property owners against abuses of the governmental power of eminent domain, (2) vetoed numerous bills that would have protected gun rights. (A couple of examples are here.) (3) vetoed numerous pro-life measures, including bans on partial-birth abortion, laws seeking to ensure informed consent and parental involvement, bars on taxpayer funding of abortion, and protection of conscience rights.

Yep, that's the same asswipe, and NOW she's in charge of EVERYONE's safety.

Lotsa luck to us.

Best thing Obama ever did w... (Below threshold)

Best thing Obama ever did was to get that woman out of this state. He'll win Arizona next election because of that.
Arizona's win, America's loss...

<a href="http://firenapolit... (Below threshold)
Miguel Sanchez:


website to fire Janet

comment from asia, having s... (Below threshold)

comment from asia, having such a leader in the organisation making such an comment, really is amazing.

if i were the parents and members of the passengers in the plane, i would have slapped her left and right.

i can understand why she made such a comment, as she is well guarded by layers of security guards acting as human bomb shields

The Queensland (Aust) Premi... (Below threshold)

The Queensland (Aust) Premier is vacationing in the U.S. at this moment, maybe she is moonlighting by giving idiot lessonf to your J.N.

Is there any reason for the... (Below threshold)

Is there any reason for the answer to be limited to only one type of idiot ? If so, I'll need to define some metatypes...

What kind of idiot is Janet... (Below threshold)
Hangtown Bob:

What kind of idiot is Janet Napolitano?


An Obama-type IDIOT !!!






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