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Breaking: Ambulance Called to Obama Compound

An ambulance was called to the compound where the Obama family is staying while vacationing in Hawaii. The story is breaking on the wires right now:

President Barack Obama has abruptly ended a round of golf and sped toward his family's vacation home for what is being described as a "personal matter." An ambulance was seen speeding toward their compound. White House aides said the speedy departure and return to the president's home was not a matter of national security or because of a threat to Obama's safety.

Obama was playing golf when reporters who travel with him were quickly assembled for a return to the first family's neighborhood.

Journalists saw an ambulance speed past with its lights on, heading toward the end of Obama's street. The ambulance would have passed through a security checkpoint at the end of the street.

More when I find it.

Update: According to NewsFifty, CNN and Fox are reporting that everyone in the Obama family is fine. A family friend needed medical assistance for an unknown reason.

Update II: The son of a family friend had a surfing accident, apparently.

Update III: According to Chuck Todd's Twitter stream, all is well. The injured child will be fine, so Obama is back at the golf course. (a commenter wanted a clarification.)


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Comments (20)

No, not a National security... (Below threshold)

No, not a National security emergency like terrorists plotting to down airliners and who knows what else? Would that He would respond so quick such matters instead of yelling "fore", as He duck hooks one into the palms.

The guest probably fainted when chewbacca gave the bill for donations to Barry's library.

There you have it. When it... (Below threshold)
jim m:

There you have it. When it effects him personally he sprints into action, when it effects 300 million Americans he'll take months to make up his mind, if then.

Once again we see that this president thinks that the office is all about him and not the country.

ABC is reporting it as a su... (Below threshold)

ABC is reporting it as a surfing accident by a son of an obama friend.

Sources say Michelle in a d... (Below threshold)

Sources say Michelle in a drunken rage hit someone with a surfboard. ;)

Did he move that fast on th... (Below threshold)

Did he move that fast on the pantybomber?
On Iranian protesters?
On Ft. Hood?
On... you get the point.

Probably a distraction by t... (Below threshold)

Probably a distraction by the shamestream because Barry was caught with His pants down ( no offense Tiger ), so to speak and had to cut short His round of golf finishing up "My pet Goat" 2 days late before the prompter felt the urge to prod Him to make a statement.

Look, I don't blame him for... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Look, I don't blame him for rushing home to take care of a family crisis. We would all do that.

But it stands in stark contrast to his dithering over what to do in Afghanistan while our soldiers die every day. He says virtually nothing when his islamist buddy murders 30 people at Fort Hood. He does nothing about millions of dollars being paid to political cronies continuing the disaster at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. His silence and refusal to act on the most important issues facing this country are truly unforgivable.

Every time Jim m opens his ... (Below threshold)

Every time Jim m opens his mouth out pours "stupid".

You seem to know this from ... (Below threshold)

You seem to know this from experience.

Sabre - from you t... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Sabre -

from you that's a compliment. Fact of the matter is that polls show that the country is pissed off at his paralysis with regard to Afghanistan. People are ticked off at his turning a blind eye to Democrat Party hacks getting $6Million in bonuses when he is constantly harping about Wall Street profiteering. He has pursued a deeply unpopular health care agenda while the country continues to hemorrhage jobs. He failed to make any comment what-so-ever when Russia invaded Georgia.

In short, he has delayed or failed to act on these and many other issues of great significance to the American public. You may not like it but it remains as fact.

Again his swift response to personal issues contrasts sharply to his inability to govern the nation.

Man, Sabre, sharp as a bowl... (Below threshold)

Man, Sabre, sharp as a bowling pin. As usual.

I see the post has been upd... (Below threshold)

I see the post has been updated to indicate Obama's back on the golf course already.

Thank god for a minute there I was getting worried about his golf game having to suffer.

Apparently, the rum... (Below threshold)

Apparently, the rumors of problems at Troll University are NOT rumor, as the current crop vividly demonstrates.

Looks like the NEA fell down there, also.

sabre5 "Every time Jim... (Below threshold)

sabre5 "Every time Jim m opens his mouth out pours "stupid"."

As opposed to you blasting your modem with childish invective with each and every comment.

"all is well. Obama is back... (Below threshold)

"all is well. Obama is back at the golf course. "

All is well so Obama was able to return to the golf course;
All is well, now that Obama has returned to the glof course and is not currently pushing any agenda.

Inquiring minds want to know!

A friends child being injur... (Below threshold)

A friends child being injured is not a family crisis for the Obama family. Now as a good friend of the parents of the kid I don't blame Obama for his desire to try and help.

Funny though, when 200+ Americans nearly lost their lives, his people waited almost 2 hours to tell him. Seems like a messed up communication system. Your friends kid was injured gets to Obama within minutes and the pants bomber takes 2+ hours to get to him.

Just a question. How many "friends" joined the Obamas on their vacation ? And who is paying for their accommodations ? Are these friends riding in Secret Service vehicles ?

What's clear in all this is... (Below threshold)
jim m:

What's clear in all this is that it took 2+ hours for news of the pants bomber to get to Obama because he has instructed his staff that these kinds of things simply do not matter to him.

I guarantee you that we are paying for all the expenses of BHO's friends. (and the leftists will all say that yo should feel privileged to do so)

"Just a question. How ma... (Below threshold)

"Just a question. How many "friends" joined the Obamas on their vacation ? And who is paying for their accommodations ? Are these friends riding in Secret Service vehicles ?"

A. Too many.

B. We pay for all government freeloading..

c. Undoubtedly. Accept for the foreign dictators that came By Yacht..

When Obama said those respo... (Below threshold)

When Obama said those responsible would be held "accountable" I could help but think ...

Accountable like the New Black Panthers ?
Accountable like his friend "Guilty as Sin Free as a Bird" Ayers ?

LOL, MSNBC called the Wahmb... (Below threshold)

LOL, MSNBC called the Wahmbulance for him yesterday!






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