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Politically correct and logically insane




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Who started this PC nonsens... (Below threshold)

Who started this PC nonsense? Where did it come from? Seriouly.
It is such bullshit, I can not believe people engaged in it.

Liberals thats who.... (Below threshold)

Liberals thats who.

As I commented in the next ... (Below threshold)

As I commented in the next post, this is the results of an algorithm tried and true in the Vietnam Era now applied and refined, certainly some of the agents of that era now entrenched in power having their way with our system to destroy it.

Kinda like our the of WalMart to destroy our economy.

PC is a leftist creation, i... (Below threshold)
The Exposer:

PC is a leftist creation, it effectively began (or to the point, became popularly used) with Stalin. It was designed to enforce a singular statist point of view and silence (through intimidation, scorn, or death) those that question it.

But doesn't it leave you fe... (Below threshold)

But doesn't it leave you feeling 'all warm and fuzzy'.

The oitright rediculousness... (Below threshold)

The oitright rediculousness of political correctness just another word for SOCIALISM

Together with its twin, "Mu... (Below threshold)

Together with its twin, "Multiculturalism," PC is the form of totalitarian tyranny most efficaciously employed by the very worst of America's enemies.

By that is, those manifestations of Evil better known as the "Democratic" potty, the State Department, (visas) Department of "Justice," (selective prosecutions, "hate-crimes," immigration, migration crime and criminal-alien protection rackets etceteras) the ACLU, CAIR, Trial lawyers, by the ABA -- and by similar similarly terroristic totalitarian gangs.






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