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"Pride comes from effort and achievement, not from largesse handed out by guilty white liberals."

Inspired by Disney's The Princess and The Frog, Bookworm has written a provocative piece that I believe ought to be read widely:

The result of post-Civil Rights liberal meddling is 40+ years of learned helplessness in the black community, and the profound sense of inferiority that goes along with that kind of helplessness. Blacks can talk about "Black pride," and celebrate Black History month, but the savvy ones know it's a sham. Their wings have been clipped. Pride comes from effort and achievement, not from largesse handed out by guilty white liberals. (Incidentally, if anyone is getting the wrong idea at about this point, I am not arguing that blacks are inferior. I believe that blacks are in every respect equal to whites, or any other race. I am arguing that the legacy of the American Civil Rights movement is a black community that has been trained to be helpless and that therefore views itself as inferior.)

And that's where The Princess and the Frog comes in. Early Disney fairy tales assured young girls that if they were very meek and worked hard to serve others, they would succeed. (Snow White and Cinderella, for example.) At least one movie emphasized sleep as a useful virtue (that would be Sleeping Beauty). In recent years, girls have been encouraged to be feisty and to rebel against whatever it is their life happens to be. (Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid and Mulan spring to mind.)

While the more recent movies have a much less passive message than the old ones (and I'm not knocking the old ones; I love them), they still don't offer much in the way of life advice. Rebellion, pretty much for the sake of rebellion, is not a useful tool. This is especially true for the black community, which has locked itself in a victim mentality that routinely sees its members cutting off their noses to spite their faces, just to make the point that the white establishment can boss them around. The relentless push for ebonics education, a sure way to keep blacks mired in the ghetto and out of the money jobs, is a perfect illustration of this reactive, rather than proactive, tendency.

The Princess and the Frog, however, offers an entirely new message: Find your talent, pick a goal, and work really, really hard. Oh, and find support in your family values and your community. And also . . . don't rely on other people. You are responsible for your own success. If obstacles stand in your way, don't give up. Keep going . . . and going . . . and going.

It's rather embarrassing that this obvious life lesson -- find a goal, work hard, and stay focused -- had to come from a paternalistic white corporation. Regardless of the source, however, the lesson is an important one for all people. And, sadly, it's an especially important one for youngsters in the black community, all of whom have been told for more than forty years that they way to get ahead is to be first in line at the government hand-out center.

Pass it on.

And say a prayer for Bookie... you know she'll be branded a bigot by the race-pimps and their psycophants.



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They can also get ahead by ... (Below threshold)

They can also get ahead by playing basketball, football, running track and doing hip hop. The former three are only viable for 15 years and 20 max, before they have to give it up. The latter is really not so good either, because of the gang mentality of genre.

"I believe that blacks a... (Below threshold)

"I believe that blacks are in every respect equal to whites, or any other race. I am arguing that the legacy of the American Civil Rights movement is a black community that has been trained to be helpless and that therefore views itself as inferior.)"

He's saying they are so stupid that they've allowed themselves to be "trained" by white liberals to be helpless. He's also decided they they must know they are helpless and therefore they feel inferior.

He's an asshat. Where does he get the idea that they feel inferior in the first place?

His own biases, that's where.

The black people I know don't feel the least bit inferior.

But this author believes they are inferior, therefore he concludes that they must think they're inferior too.

You guys really scrape the barrel to satisfy the neo-nazi readership around here.

Saber5 You are the... (Below threshold)


You are the AHole.
Many in the Black Community have been trained using the stick of Government programs.
Government Housing
Affermative Action.

All programs based on race not merit.
All that hold people back.
Why is it when California schools dropped raced based quota no Blacks applied? Why because if their not quota many felt that they would not be able to compete. That is training.

With the trillions of dollars poured into all those programs why are black American worst off than everyone else?

Simple because too many people are hung up on skin color instead of character.
Also why is it if your Black and do not vote for Dem you are Black on the outside but white on the inside.

Liberal always want to appoint based on gender and skin color instead of ability.
That because liberals do not think anyone can reach the top without them.

#2)-Keep rattling ... (Below threshold)


Keep rattling Your ignorant Sabre dimmi-wit

Sabre, Bill Cosby wa... (Below threshold)

Bill Cosby was criticised for espousing essentially this same thing. You can kick and scream all you want but any African-American who leaves the Democrat fold is subject to harsh criticism. People such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton maintain their powerful voice by openly supporting black victimization. All victims are such because they are helpless. Any one of us can find ourselves being a victim on occasion in life. With African-Americans the liberals have institutionalized it. If you are made to feel a victim and and always blaming someone else for your lot in life in perpetuity then you are accepting being inferior.

Race != Culture... (Below threshold)

Race != Culture

"Yep, we know "all those" N... (Below threshold)

"Yep, we know "all those" Negroes have no ability to think for themselves."

I'd add Sabre and SAUD to the list as well.

40+ years of LBJ's "Great Society" and all THE TRILLIONS SPENT. And what have we gotten out of it?


Electing Obama sure has hea... (Below threshold)

Electing Obama sure has healed the racial divisions, hasn't it SAUD? Just one more thing you liberals lied about.

Boy oh boy. The one's that... (Below threshold)

Boy oh boy. The one's that throw the racist label around the most freely sure get their panties in a wad when you imply that they might be the racists.

SAUD, Sabre,How do y... (Below threshold)

SAUD, Sabre,
How do you feel about the sentiments expressed in this article?

Some blacks have unknowingl... (Below threshold)

Some blacks have unknowingly traded one slave master for another. The master provided for the slaves needs, food clothing, etc. just as government(courtesy of the Democrats) does now. Nothing has changed much really. Democrats are the insidious party of the clan, and the old Jim Crow laws. I've grown up here in NC and I can tell you the largest liquor stores( state run ABC) are in predominately black neighborhoods. By design? I'll let you decide. Blacks are still in bondage to the slave master just in a more clever way. Instead of the slave labor and toil in the fields, the payoff is the black vote, for hand outs of sustenance, all to the betterment of the Democrat slave master,the same cruel master of old... Ironic isn't it?

Actually, since California ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Actually, since California dropped the race quotas Blacks still apply, but they apply to institutions that they are more likely to be successful at. What has been the case is that graduation rates have increased. Previously, marginal candidates would be accepted into schools that were far more difficult and they had not received the preparation in high school necessary for them to succeed so they ended up flunking out and many never went back to another institution to complete a degree.

The end result was that some of the most promising minority students were shunted into educational dead ends and the black community was losing some of their best and brightest to a system that prepared them too little then pushed them too hard.

Like many government programs affirmative action ended up damaging the black community rather than helping it. Yes, there was a time that it was needed, but that time has long since passed. Not everyone needs to go to Berkeley. Most people shouldn't. encouraging those who have the highest likelihood of success makes good sense. There are plenty of fine universities and the reality is that success after school depends more on how you apply yourself and less on where your diploma is from.

Jim M.I should cla... (Below threshold)

Jim M.

I should clarified it was the first year.
Affirmative action was never needed. Black were going to college in 1800's. This was before all Black colleges in came into being 1867. There were 2 black graduates of West Point before the beginning of the twentieth century.

This means if you focus on math, reading, writing and standard English students can compete.

Ignorance leads to racism -... (Below threshold)

Ignorance leads to racism - but I agree that many conservatives are too stupid to understand their racist ways. That's why they argue their racist positions and defend them so strongly. They are too damned stupid to even understand the concept of racism - but they are "gosh darn sure they ain't one"...

Racism is defined as "a ... (Below threshold)

Racism is defined as "a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race"

Not to many here, I feel, can be described by that definition. For myself I truly believe there is a god and he's not up there saying, "OK you black ppl line up over there..browns and yellow there" etc.,

The fact of the matter is, and it's sad but any discussion of it automatically brings charges of racism, there are HUGE problems in the Black Community.

Let's look at facts

1: Over 70% of children born are born to single mothers.

2: Black males of jail age, make up 2.16% of the U.S. population but accounts for more than 50% of the U.S. prison population

3: During the 1940's and 50's, at the height of open, blatant, racism and segregation, Blacks had a higher standard of living and many great accomplishments to art, science and mathematics came from the community, institutions such as Grambling, Southern and Alcorn State were noted for their high academic standards and research and were as well respected as any primarily white institutions.

What changed this? Simple; the War on Poverty and the systematic destruction of the Black Community by elite white liberals. Prove me wrong I dare you! What has the reliance on Government and dependence on Socialist/Facist ideology brought? Absolutly nothing but a total dependendt class worshiping at a false altar.

Will the Black Community wake up and look to insular solutions to community wide problems? Only time will tell, but one thing that could happen to help is stop relying on others to solve our own problems.

Clean up on aisle 16 !!!</p... (Below threshold)

Clean up on aisle 16 !!!

Anal sputum alert!

SAUD,"And DaveD I'll... (Below threshold)

"And DaveD I'll answer your question after you tell me what you think are the specific reasons the right attracts so few minorities."

Well, I consider "right" and Republican two somewhat different entities. The right to me is more akin to conservative - a philosophy/ideology. Republican is the political party that presently attracts most conservatives (eagerly or grudgingly depending upon the person) and the party's duty is to win elections by formulating a list of policy priorities which will favorably attract the majority of voters.

The Republicans are perceived by minorities as being a party of exclusion, elitism and white privilege. The entrenched voting habits of blacks for several generations is an extremely difficult thing for Republicans to overcome. I will add - and I don't intend this to be a racial aspersion - but a significant amount of black family culture in the lower middle and poorer class tends in my mind to be matriarchal and Republicans have trouble attracting the vote of those strata of women of any race/ethnicity.

You did not ask but I feel this problem can be overcome to some extent. I believe Republicans are more small business friendly than Democrats and I feel that the right's tendency for religious conservative can find an ear in the black community. I believe the basic conservative principles work regardless of race and the means of communication is key. Conservatives are not known for their street activism and there a very small pool of conservative blacks who may be inclined to serve this role. I don't think the lucid writings of Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, Walter Williams reach this constituency. On the other hand union and government workers probably attract the greater percentage of the minority population and I do not see the right having much in common with this segment of the work force.

I don't know if this is what you want to hear but it is my opinion as an ignorant white male. However, no matter what opinion I do give I do not think it changes the recipe for success. I was once told by a respected man who I worked for as a teenager that the world does not owe any of us a living and that has stuck with me. By the way, despite the caricature you harbor, I have found conservatives on a personal level when compared to liberals to be much more generous to others with their material blessings, irrespective of the quantity of these blessings. These are my generalizations which I feel carry no less weight than those you have.

I now await your answer to my question above.

SAUD,I agree that th... (Below threshold)

I agree that this is clearly not a simple issue.

"If you were a minority what would your view be of the current Republican and much conservative) establishment? Again, there is a perception that Republicans/conservatives are only interested in helping insurance companies. If you were Hispanic what would you think of the confirmation hearings for Justice Sotomayor? What "perception" would you take away from those hearings?"
And, of course, in my particular case these are rhetorical questions as I really cannot know how I would feel in these situations not being of minority heritage. I think if I attempted to try I would end up sounding patroninzing.

We both could probably agree that every new ethnic group (Italians, Poles, Irish) coming to the USA in any significant numbers has had its trials in assimilating into society. In matters of race, I will not deny that blacks have had a particularly difficult time in this regard despite having been here for the extent of this country's existence. Is it because of physical factors related to race? Immigrants of Asian heritage have readily recognizable physical characteristics different from Caucasians yet this racial group is noted for their strong work ethic and economic savvy. This racial group seems to be assimilating rapidly despite no strong Asian-American advocates high in government. It has also been said that blacks from foreign countries that enter our universities have a much easier time with the rigors of hiher education academics and feel less alientated from college social life in general than black students who enter as citizens of the United States. What is the explanation for this? I still maintain that the black leadership in this country does a poor job bringing the reality of the world as it is today to those of the black population that needs the help the most. The world will move on and if predictions hold true, by 2050 (or something close to that) whites will no longer be more than 50% of the population. Who will be the scapegoat then for black inequities. Why are Asians as a group considered industrious and independent? Why is the success of African-Americans considered so closely dependent to a need for government support? If conservatives are indeed self-serving and in need of any amount of the black vote to help promote their agenda, I see no benefit for them in having a hand in perpetuating this impression. Someone else is benefiting from this impression and blacks indeed should be insulted by it.

#2 Sobbre-"The ... (Below threshold)

#2 Sobbre-

"The black people I know don't feel the least bit inferior. "

That's cause their hangin around You!

"What makes me crazy is ... (Below threshold)

"What makes me crazy is the belief of some from the right that blacks are somehow incapable of critical thinking and choice and that "they" allow themselves to be lead around by the left or Democrats."

You've assumed that when this real and tangible issue is brought up that ALL black people are being described thus.

And why do you make the assumption that this racism is only from the "right".

Are there racist white people out there who belive this? Why certainly. They come from both ends of the political spectrum. But to think you know what's in the hearts of some people here based only on how *you* interpret their words, and assuming the rest, is just flat out wrong.

And THIS is exactly what Holder was saying when he said we were cowards about race. He doesn't know it but he was describing people who simply want to end the discussion with charges of racism rather than clear the air, acknowledge real problems and work toward correcting them.

Let us be honest. The Left... (Below threshold)

Let us be honest. The Left is two face.

The Right do not attract any minorities. Yet if you are Black, Asian, Latina or native American you are an Oreo, Banana, Hostess brownie,crab Black, yellow , Brown, red on the outside and white on the inside.
So it it not choice that Liberals allow people to make. The throw derision and labels of traitor on any minority that has a conservative outlook.

Also minorities as victims must should always be praised above all else. In the 1980's The Cosby show was attacked because it showed an unrealistic depiction of a Black Family. How could you two black parents one a doctor and one lawyer with well adjusted children.

You will also notice that most depictions of Conservatives as racist comes from movies and tv shows written by Liberals.

Affirmative action was a great tool to increase racism. If you are white and work hard and have the skills to get a job and you hear a lower skilled , women or black received the job will you not be upset and justifiably so?

Knowing that company follows this standard will you not doubt minority supervisor hold their position not by merit but by skin color?

When one is competing for school positions and a student get in not by academic ability but by skin color or gender and drops out, what does that prove? That they are stupid.

If we want people to succeed then we need to make sure that we look at issues.
1. Does everyone need to goto college?
2. if not let look at multiple path to trade schools and apprenticeships
3. Create more junior colleges to take students that need extra help to get it and then they can complete at college level.
4. longer school days.
5 More school choice
6 Fewer government programs that destroy the black family






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