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Four Members of Congress Caught Cheating on Taxes

The four are from the two largest Congressional Delegations (2 from CA and 2 from NY). All four have been claiming residences near DC as their primary residence for tax purposes, despite the requirement that they be residents of their Congressional Districts. Only one of the four is currently being investigated, and that announcement was made on Christmas Eve for some strange reason...

Ethics Committee Launches Investigation of Pete Stark
By brian_faughnan
The Washington Times

If you work in Washington long enough, there are some things you get used to. One of them is the tradition of burying news by releasing it on a Friday afternoon. Or even better: on Christmas Eve. That's when the House Ethics Committee quietly announced the launch of an ethics probe into California Congressman Fortney 'Pete' Stark:

The Chair and Ranking Republican Member of the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct (the Committee) have jointly decided to extend a matter regarding Representative Pete Stark, which was transmitted to the Committee by the Office of Congressional Ethics, for a 45-day period... The Committee will announced its course of action in this matter on or before February 10, 2010.

The substance of the referral from the OCE has not been publicly disclosed, but presumably it relates to that office's publicly-reported review of Stark's tax records. In particular, the Ethics Office had looked into Stark's claim that his Maryland home is his 'primary residence' for tax purposes. It has been reported that several Members of Congress faced similar inquiries. They include Doris Matsui (D-CA), Eliot Engel (D-NY), and Ed Towns (D-NY). It remains to be seen whether the Committee will launch similar inquiries into the tax forms of these other Members, or whether Stark has done something that sets him apart from these others.

The article never gets around to mentioning Fortney "Pete" Stark's party affiliation, but he too is a Democrat, making all four of the residence cheats upstanding members of that party. Having heard Pete dump on Randy "Duke" Cunningham several years ago (when I still lived in his district), I'm kind of hoping they become cell mates.

Most ethical Congress evah!


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Comments (14)

Seems I remember a certain ... (Below threshold)

Seems I remember a certain recently deceased Massachusetts senior Senator who listed Florida as his primary residence, but propriety forbids mentioning the fat, pompous drunk by name.

One has to have SOME standards, you know.

in a Congress filled with v... (Below threshold)

in a Congress filled with verinous, soul-less, anti-America assholes Pete Stark STILL stands out! Quite an accomplishment!

Damn dems love to cheat! Lo... (Below threshold)

Damn dems love to cheat! Look at Seizer! He's cheating us all out of jobs, cash and way of life.

Two words: Term Limits... (Below threshold)

Two words: Term Limits

First thing that came to mi... (Below threshold)

First thing that came to mind after reading the headline? One word: ONLY?

Second thing? How many are from NJ?

"Two words: Term Limits<... (Below threshold)

"Two words: Term Limits"

2 more -

Jail Terms

two more:lynch mo... (Below threshold)

two more:
lynch mob!

If they haven't done anythi... (Below threshold)

If they haven't done anything to Rangel they won't do anything to this bunch.

Did someone say "Lynch" </p... (Below threshold)

Did someone say "Lynch"


Main reason Dem's don't hav... (Below threshold)

Main reason Dem's don't have problems raising taxes is THEY DON'T PAY THEM!

Taxes and tax laws are only... (Below threshold)

Taxes and tax laws are only for the little people, bourgeois prolitarians, and middle-class types that didn't go to an Ivy League school. Politicians (no matter where they went to school, or didn't) are in a different privileged class. Since they never read any of the tax legislation they passed, they can't be expected to know every little nuance of teh tax code (or even how to use TurboTax). Plus, they are so busy and burdened looking out for the rest of us that it really wouldn't be fair to expect them to contribute even more to the people they serve!

Bobdog: you recall improper... (Below threshold)

Bobdog: you recall improperly, sir.

Ted Kennedy NEVER claimed Florida as his primary residence.

He did declare his Maryland home as his primary residence for tax purposes, then was caught and paid the back taxes.

He did, however, have Florida declared his MOTHER'S primary residence after her death (despite her not having left their Cape Cod compound for ove 12 years) to avoid Massachusetts' "Paris Hilton" taxes.


They were'nt cheating..Just... (Below threshold)

They were'nt cheating..Just fudging a little!

Leona Helmsley is their ido... (Below threshold)

Leona Helmsley is their idol. Only difference is they won't see the inside of a jail cell. It's just us "little folks" who play by the rules, and are punished if we don't. Think I'll run for office. Times are hard, so why not get on the gravy train. Seems to be working for a lot of others. Just a thought.






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