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"Monsters are monsters, it seems, for want of enough lectures"

Tony Woodlief writes in reference to this story coming out of Detroit where a local prosecutor suggests parenting classes as a solution:

While we lose the traditions and practices of civility and self-restraint, while we laugh at the Church as anything more than a sentimental attachment, while we imagine that all the institutions that separated Western civilization from brutal, dirt-grubbing subsistence are capable of being refit to our wants, we maintain, throughout this insanity, an undying faith in the classroom to set all things to rights. Monsters are monsters, it seems, for want of enough lectures.

We're all religious.  We divide on faith's object... to society's detriment.



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The parenting classes of li... (Below threshold)

The parenting classes of life experience can not be overcome by a few hours of enforced detention. Either way - in "re-education camps" or in a Detroit "classroom."

Its how that life experience is to be molded that liberals continue to deny that their model has failed miserably - and Detroit of all cites is a terribly wonderful example.

Give them life without paro... (Below threshold)

Give them life without parole without plea bargins and absolutly no movie or book deals

The monster in in your kids... (Below threshold)

The monster in in your kids closet and the one under the bed are unemployed becuase liberals are even more scary






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