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A Year in Review: Obama's 2009

With the New Year coming tomorrow, 2009 is going out the door. With such, a review of our 44th President's first calendar year in office seems almost necessary. Here is a timeline of President Obama's 2009 in the White House. Was he as dismal as you remember? Or a savior?

January 20th- Barack Obama is sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America.

January 22nd- The president signs an executive order that declares Guantanamo Bay will be closed within a year. This seems very unlikely to be completed.

February 3rd- Tom Daschle and Nancy Killefer both withdraw their nominations from Obama, both citing tax "issues."

February 17th- The president signs into law the American Recovery and Reinvestement Act of 2009, more widely known as the Stimulus Bill. The merits of the program are still being debated today.

March 5th- Sanjay Gupta is nominated to be Surgeon General. President Obama cites the fact that Gupta is "high-profiled" as part of his reasoning. Mr. Gupta eventually withdraws his nomination.

March 19th- President Obama compares his poor bowling skills untowardly to handicapped children in the Special Olympics. He later apologizes.

April 20th- Though his proposed budget exceeds 3.5 Trillion dollars, President Obama demands that his Cabinet cut .0027% of the budget, or 100 Million dollars. It is seen by many as a "drop in the bucket."

May 12th- Obama threatens to limit our intelligence sharing with our closest ally, Great Britain.

May 26th- Sonya Sotomayor is nominated to the Supreme Court. Debate abounds in the following weeks concerning Sotomayor's seemingly racist comments about "wise Latina" women being able to make better judgments than other people.

June 12th- Presidential elections are held in Iran. Clear, widespread, and unmistakable fraud takes place, resulting in the re-election of Mahmud Ahmadinejad and widespread demonstrations against his illegitimate victory. The President refuses to take a side.

July- Unemployment stands at 9.5%, 1.5% over the 8% that the President declared would be peak if his Stimulus Bill was passed. Unemployment would go on to break 10%.

July 22nd
- President Obama declares that "the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting" Professor Henry Gates, though he also stated, "I may be a little biased here. I don't know all the facts." The comment comes to haunt Obama, and is only quelled when a "beer summit" is held between the two parties and the President.

July 30th- Beer Summit.

August 19th- On the same day 75 people were killed in terrorist attacks in Baghdad, the Administration gets ready to release members of an Iranian terror organization.

September 16th- President Obama begins his push for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Chicago by speaking at a youth sporting event. This culminates in the President traveling to Copenhagen for the vote. Chicago is eliminated in the first round of voting.

October 9th- The President is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Many question the merits of his selection.

November 3rd- Republican Chris Christie wins the New Jersey gubernatorial race over incumbent Democrat Jon Corzine, whom Obama stumped for. Republicans also win the Virginia gubernatorial race.

November 16th- The President deeply bows to the Emperor of Japan, marking the second time he bowed for a foreign leader.

December 1st- President Obama unveils a new strategy in Afghanistan, which sends more troops and sets a timeline. Republicans are unhappy because the President plans to send less troops than the generals wanted, while Democrats are unhappy because he is prolonging the war.

December 10th- President Obama accepts the Nobel Peace Prize, then insults the King of Norway by leaving the country early, ignoring traditional gatherings that winners are expected to attend.

December 31st- Present day. What will President Obama do next?


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Comments (16)

"What will President Obama ... (Below threshold)

"What will President Obama do next?"

I predict another round of golf...studiously ignoring the pressing problems that face the US in general and his party in particular.

2010 is his Waterloo.

Future book title:"<... (Below threshold)

Future book title:
"The Rise and Fall of the Obama Reich"

And he is falling fast!

Let me give it a shot.<br /... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

Let me give it a shot.
He will sell America's soul to get "health care" passed and then celebrate..."himself". He will start talking up "Immigration reform" because the "status quo" is unacceptable. This is a pay to La Raza and the other radical "reconquistas" that supported him. And, change the electorate to keep the liberals and himself in power. He will support the EPA's move to cap "pollutants" like CO2 to the point of restricting normal human functions like BREATHING! He will allow Interpol access in this country beyond what U.S. Law enforcement is allowed. Oh, wait he did that already. He will begin the pull out of troops in Afghanistan. And declare the "War on Terror" un-winnable and yet un-acceptable.
In other words. He will veer even farther left and continue to blame everyone else for all of the things he needs to fix that are wrong with America.
By the way. Happy New Year!
Only if you're a Conservative or conservative Republican or conservative Independent or conservative Libertarian or just conservative American that wants the country to go back to what made it great.
I put the last part in for the liberal nut roots here hoping it won't be happy for them.

Probably sit down with Puti... (Below threshold)

Probably sit down with Putin and 'negotiate' further SALT talks. In order to 'promote peace' he'll give Putin at least 3 Nimitz class aircraft carriers. Unless, of course, they haven't already been pledged to the Chinese for more money borrowing.

In order to 'promote' competition in health insurance, Barry will sign a bill making the government the SOLE PROVIDER of insurance, making it affordable to everyone.

2012 can't come soon enough.

Jobs and economy continue t... (Below threshold)

Jobs and economy continue to slide.. Blame Bush.

Stock market tanks? Blame Bush.

We are attacked by conservative terrorist bloggers? Seize the internet and Blame Bush.

Its going to be hard for Barry to top surpassing the debt of 200 years in His first crack at it, but I have Hope He can!

-in perspective-Ye... (Below threshold)

-in perspective-

Year In Review, 2001_

May 2001: Bush Administration drops vetting requirements for Saudi Arabian visitors to USA (see "Visa Express" program).

September 2001: Saudi Arabian Visa Express beneficiaries are named as actors in worst terrorist attack on American soil, 1607-present.

Has anyone seen that commer... (Below threshold)

Has anyone seen that commercial with the squirrel?

(Nothing like trying to change the subject when you have nothing useful or intelligent to say, right, bub?)

The unemployment number ROS... (Below threshold)

The unemployment number ROSE throughout the year...and Obama blamed Bush.

The unemployment number DIPPED last month and Obama took credit.

If (as seems likely) the unemployment RISES again next month...what do ya think Obama will do? Uh huh.

This has been the worst yea... (Below threshold)

This has been the worst year I can remember. Worse than the Bay of Pigs, worse than the 1970's gas crisis, worse than Nixon's surrender in Vietnam, worse than 2001.

We've had good years - Reagan, both Bush administrations (warts and all). Years where being an American citizen meant something, when we respected our troops, encouraged economic development, controlled the growth of government and stood up to the assholes elsewhere in the world.

But 2009 has been the worst. I no longer respect my own government. Much of the damage that has been done will never be undone. I can't remember a year where our legislature has been this slimy and arrogant. Our economy is in shambles, spending is out of control, and our freedom to enjoy quiet lives is slipping away.

I'm pissed. We either fix this in November or we'll have to live with it forever. It's time to bell this cat.

6. Posted by bryanD | Decem... (Below threshold)

6. Posted by bryanD | December 31, 2009 1:12 PM


bryanD "May 2001: Bush... (Below threshold)

bryanD "May 2001: Bush Administration drops vetting requirements for Saudi Arabian visitors to USA (see "Visa Express" program)."

March 2009... Janet Napolitano:

"Our policies will be guided by authoritative information. We also have assets at our disposal now that we did not have prior to 9/11. For example, we are much better able to keep track of travellers coming into the US than we were before."

Gee how did that work out for ya?

SPIEGEL: Because the US fears that homegrown European terrorists with European passports could enter the country without a visa, for some weeks all travellers have had to via the internet at least 72 hours before departure. Is that not going too far?

Napolitano: Thousands have registered with the ESTA program, and the rate of acceptance is around 98 percent. This new technology enables us to more thoroughly check who wants to visit our country.

SPIEGEL: Should European visitors be prepared to submit even more personal data in the future?

Napolitano: Right now, our focus is on ESTA, as it is.

You were saing what bryanD?

"July- Unemployment stands ... (Below threshold)

"July- Unemployment stands at 9.5%, 1.5% over the 8% that the President declared would be peak if his Stimulus Bill was passed. Unemployment would go on to break 10%."

Actually, the 8% was the unemployment forecast if the stimulus was not passed.

BryanD, full of shit.......... (Below threshold)

BryanD, full of shit.......as usual.

December 31st- Present d... (Below threshold)

December 31st- Present day. What will President Obama do next?

I am a bit fuzzy on the specifics, but President Bush will be mentioned in the same sentence as fault, loser, jerkwipe that refused to bend over(or bow down) to those classy, elite, cosmopolitan Europeans(and for that matter anyone that hates America).

Now I can only make a rough assumption as my teleprompter has the evening off.

The tea parties were probib... (Below threshold)

The tea parties were probibly the years biggist events we saw dozens and dozens of tea parties all over the nation

Jan 21 - Obama signs the Ex... (Below threshold)

Jan 21 - Obama signs the Executive Order on Ethics Commitments by Executive Branch Personnel. Designed to keep lobbyists out of his administration. Touted as rules tighter "than under any other administration in history" and "a clean break from business as usual."

Jan 23 - President Obama's much trumpeted ethics rules did not last very long from the time he signed them into existence in an Executive Order. Just two days after establishing the rules, which were touted as the most sweeping ethics reforms in history, President Obama waived the rules to allow William Lynn to take a position as Deputy Secretary of Defense. Up until last fall, Lynn was a lobbyist for the defense contractor Raytheon. In his new position in the Pentagon, Lynn will oversee the day-to-day operations of the Defense Department, as well as handle budget and procurement issues.






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