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Hope is the White House's Counterterrorism Tool?

I was perusing Big Lizards when I saw that he linked to a post by Paul at Power Line that is a must read. Here's the background. As we know, Abulmutallab is being treated as a common, every day criminal by the Obama administration. After he was arrested, he started talking and informed officials that 25 more people like him were on their way to attack the US. Since he gave us that nugget of information, he has lawyered up and as the online WaPo article states has "restricted his cooperation." What a surprise. But Paul noted a little discrepancy in that article (emphasis mine):

An earlier version of the Post's story included this statement: "Authorities are holding out hope that [Abdulmutallab] will change his mind and cooperate with the probe, the officials said." The Post removed the passage. Whether it did so out of embarrassment for the "officials" or for the newspaper itself is unclear.

Holding out hope that he will change his mind? The Obama administration hasn't even advanced to using kid gloves with this guy. We all know what will happen with Obama's criminalizing terrorism. Abulmutallab will talk only after his court appointed lawyer negotiates as lenient a sentence as possible. The White House had better hope none of those 25 men Abulmutallab said were on their way manage to hit their targets before that time.

It's important to note that Rasmussen Reports has a new poll out today that tells us 58 percent of American voters want US officials to waterboard Abulmutallab to gain necessary intelligence. Even further, 71 percent want the attempted bombing of NW 253 to be treated as an outright terrorist attack that should be investigated by military officials. Only 22 percent want it treated as a civil criminal offense, which is how the Obama administration is currently dealing with it. This is a big neon sign for President Obama that the American people do not have much confidence in his anti-terrorist policies.


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[just to encourage the trol... (Below threshold)

[just to encourage the trolls]

Where's Jack Bauer when you need him?

Amen Epador. Bring on the ... (Below threshold)

Amen Epador. Bring on the waterboard and Bamboo shoots.

_in perspective_Oc... (Below threshold)

_in perspective_

October 5, 2004, National Review Online

"...the American charges are a powerful reminder that aggressive domestic law enforcement remains a key component in the Bush administration's comprehensive approach to fighting what Norman Podhoretz, among others, so aptly calls "World War IV...

"The case is also yet another demonstration of the Patriot Act's value."


h/t Sadly,No!

@bryanDNice strawm... (Below threshold)


Nice strawman you've got there. No one's saying that domestic law enforcement doesn't have it's place, but rather that it's not sufficient in this circumstance.

_Mike_The Republic... (Below threshold)


The Republican party line in 2004 was that criminal law enforcement enhanced the mission effectiveness of the USA in its Global War on Terrorism, aka WW4(sic).

The case of the Shoe Bomber and the Skivvy Bomber are nearly duplicates of one another.

The biggest counter terrori... (Below threshold)
jim m:

The biggest counter terrorism tool in the White House is Obama.

bryanD,Byron York ... (Below threshold)


Byron York discusses your sentiments. I feel Byron York is quite accurate in his assessment of your assertion.

I have always believed the current President was aone trick pony and his only act is to socialize as much of our domestic economy as he can. The appeasement strategy in the foreign policy arena is an attempt to minimize the impact those distractions could have on his back swing.

I hope by hoping Mr. Hopey ... (Below threshold)

I hope by hoping Mr. Hopey can hope his way out of denying we are in a war against terror. To think otherwise is not only stupid but unsafe. ww

Too bad Barry has no balls.... (Below threshold)

Too bad Barry has no balls. How about "Hey pal, if one more incident occurs, we're going to take you out and hang you, then feed your carcass to the pigs. Think Allah wants pig food around him?"

But no, we're all warm and fuzzy. 'Cause that means they'll have no reason to 'hate' us. Fucking fools!

bryanD "The case of th... (Below threshold)

bryanD "The case of the Shoe Bomber and the Skivvy Bomber are nearly duplicates of one another."

Right, they are the same, and both cases proves the legal route is fucked two ways to Sunday.

Saajid Badat was also primed to be Ried's accomplice but he bailed out and eventually plead guilty to "conspiring to blow up an aircraft between January 1 1999 and November 28, 2003."

These jihadist cut throats get lawyered up and all potential intel to be gained is blowing in the wind.

And BTW, Badat booked a ticket to fly from Manchester UK to Amsterdam in preparation for an onward flight to the United States on which the explosive device would be initiated.

Sound familiar?

Does anyone else think these wooden shoe wearing asshats in Amsterdam need to get their shit together?

yeah, waterboard him and th... (Below threshold)

yeah, waterboard him and then shove an umbrella up his ass and open it.

@bryanDAnd the Dem... (Below threshold)


And the Democrats line was that Bush was an incompetent President, but apparently when Barry does the same thing that Bush does, it's okay.

Sorry, I don't buy into the comparative stupidity argument.

Note that Jose Padilla was not treated as criminal but rather an enemy combtant... which one could argue was a change in the Bush Admin's handling from Reid (the Shoe Bomber not the Nev. Senator). Of course, I could also point out that Reid's handling was a matter of weeks after 9/11 so there were many issues to be resolved and Bloomer Bomber was 8 years - so if Barry's not up to speed yet, he never will be.

"@bryanDAnd the Demo... (Below threshold)

And the Democrats line was that Bush was an incompetent President, but apparently when Barry does the same thing that Bush does, it's okay."-_mike_

Obama and Bush are an example of certain instances of fraternal twin-dom. Same Orwellian mother, different/partisan fathers. No Abels. Both Cains. Only Bush takes pre-eminence due to LENGTH of suckitude in office. And DEPTH: 9/11, Iraq Invasion Follies, Katrina paralysis, outsourcing foreign policy to Mr. Potter aka Deadeye Dick, etc. Add in Bush's societal leg-up, and his desertion from the Alabama Air National Guard during wartime, well...he's a Real American Hero! Can I get an Amen?

Bryan, ya gotta stop droppi... (Below threshold)

Bryan, ya gotta stop dropping acid BEFORE you post. Do it afterwards.

Look BHO said because his s... (Below threshold)

Look BHO said because his sister is Half Indonesian the world would look at America differently so it not hope it the Race card.

He lived in Muslim country, he half black and his sister.

He forgets the one thing that the Terrorist do not, he is an American and non Muslim.

Here is hoping some one get some reality.

I hope we, the Sovereign Am... (Below threshold)

I hope we, the Sovereign American People, who have no peer on this Planet -- let alone in the form of a mobbed-up Mussolini-modeled modified-Marxist murtadd-Muslim multiple-mothers' milquetoast of a British-Kenyan/Indonesian pretender to OUR presidency -- take back our government (corrupted, tyrannical, fiat, "courts," included) and restore it to its owners and for its owners!

The Second American War of Independence is well underway and its first Major Battle's outcome will be known by midnight on November 2 2010.

We will lose that Major Battle at great peril to our nation and to all of Judeo-Christian/Western/Human Civilization, that for two hundred years, already, hasn't moved a millimeter we didn't propel it and that won't last a week without us!

Brian Richard Allen
Lost Angels - Califobambicated 90028
And the Very Far Abroad






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