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TSA tougher on pajama bloggers than bloomer bombers

The system works... the system to cover your TSA arse:

As the government reviews how an alleged terrorist was able to bring a bomb onto a U.S.-bound plane and try to blow it up on Christmas Day, the Transportation Security Administration is going after bloggers who wrote about a directive to increase security after the incident.

TSA special agents served subpoenas to travel bloggers Steve Frischling and Chris Elliott, demanding that they reveal who leaked the security directive to them. The government says the directive was not supposed to be disclosed to the public.

Frischling said he met with two TSA special agents Tuesday night at his Connecticut home for about three hours and again on Wednesday morning when he was forced to hand over his lap top computer. Frischling said the agents threatened to interfere with his contract to write a blog for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines if he didn't cooperate and provide the name of the person who leaked the memo.

"It literally showed up in my box," Frischling told The Associated Press. "I do not know who it came from." He said he provided the agents a signed statement to that effect.

In a Dec. 29 posting on his blog, Elliott said he had told the TSA agents at his house that he would call his lawyer and get back to them. Elliott said late Wednesday he could not comment until the legal issues had been resolved.

The TSA declined to say how many people were subpoenaed.

The new TSA meme... bloggers bad, bombers not so much.




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Comments (11)

Team Barry is serious about... (Below threshold)

Team Barry is serious about government 'leakers', especially those who leak things without permission. Would they were so serious about screening passengers boarding aircraft.

Why aren't these effin' TSA... (Below threshold)

Why aren't these effin' TSA agents assigned to an airport security checkpoint??

They told me if I voted for... (Below threshold)

They told me if I voted for John McCain our 4th and 5th ammendment rights would be in danger...
And they were right!

It's ashame these bloggers ... (Below threshold)

It's ashame these bloggers didn't have the foresight to release this through the New York Times with a special byline. It seems when the Times releases privileged information everyone is automatically off the hook because, well, because it's the New York Times!!!

Armitage could not be reac... (Below threshold)

Armitage could not be reached for comment..

Seriously, it is apparent Barry and His cabal view conservative free speech as their prime threat. Their fear to acknowledge and profile radical islam as a threat to this society is appalling.

The TSA has been a joke fro... (Below threshold)

The TSA has been a joke from day one.

Next year won't be any different for these shopping mall security rejects.

Daniel Ellsberg was also un... (Below threshold)

Daniel Ellsberg was also unavailable for comment.

Just imagine ...yo... (Below threshold)

Just imagine ...

you are standing at the check in line overseas getting ready to pick up your ticket. The 20 ish guy in front of you has one carry on bag, looks to be flying by himself and pulls out a wad of cash to pay for the one way ticket you just heard the ticket agent confirm. Is there anyone here who would want to get on that plane ?

I mean, talk about the textbook definition of "the suspect".

The bad guys aren't even bright enough to 1) pay for a round trip 2) bring along a couple of bags to check 3) maybe dress the guy up in business atire ...
I flew twice a week for a year after 9/11 and there is no way I would have boarded a flight without demanding that someone spend some extra time talking to a guy like that if I was aware of that data ... no way ...

How the TSA can't have a checklist for the airlines that would have flagged this guy for extra screening is beyond the pale ...

I will guarentee you that there were prior dry runs done without a bomb to test the system ... they may be stupid but they aren't so stupid as to not test the system before an important operation like that ...

As I understand it the original shoe bomber did do a dry run on El Al.
"Security personnel considered Reid a high risk and checked his luggage, his person and his shoes before he was allowed to board the aircraft."

Publishing documents (espec... (Below threshold)

Publishing documents (especially that relate to national security) that say you need permission to reproduce them is a crime.

That being said, this administration is a crime unto itself as well.

Secret laws and regulations... (Below threshold)
D.C. Russell:

Secret laws and regulations are a favorite of authoritarian regimes (aka police states). It's much easier to intimidate the serfs if they don't know what the rules are from day to day, and it makes it very easy for power hungry cops, prosecutors, and bureaucrats to make up and enforce new rules on the fly.

Has TSA punished one of the... (Below threshold)

Has TSA punished one of their own for putting their 'security manual' on-line?






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