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Have you made (or paid) your Public Broadcasting pledge?

Perhaps this will give you cause for pause.

Just sayin'.

With props to Matteo for the public service announcement.



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Every few months I provide ... (Below threshold)

Every few months I provide feedback to our local station letting them know why I am not sending them in money. Thanks for reminding me. Last one was about John Hockenberry and Celeste's show. They claimed they "had" to add it to get some of their other "not so offensive" programming from PRI (YECCH) and had had other similar complaints. This time they have to admit NPR is the culprit.

Please note that all commen... (Below threshold)

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Nope. Never have. And don... (Below threshold)

Nope. Never have. And don't plan to.

Yep - noticing the moronic ... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

Yep - noticing the moronic craziness of the Teabaggers is slowly spreading throughout our culture.

The lunatics who prescribe to the "everything Obama touches is socialism" school of rant, most recently made popular by Sarah Palin, are becoming legendary. Just one notch below the kings of the loonies - aka "the birthers".

Of course having the John Birch Society as sponsors of the upcoming CPAC meets will add more fuel to the fire, but you regulars don't have any control over that anyway. It's not like you voted to have a right wing racist organization sponsoring your cause -- it's just a natural fit -- and apparently those higher ups at CPAC like having racists around.

Imagine that!

A+ on the video. It captures the meme perfectly.

And admit it. You teabagging folks don't listen to NPR or watch PBS anyway, right? So do you think they give a crap if you object or not?

I'm sorry, Steve. I couldn'... (Below threshold)

I'm sorry, Steve. I couldn't hear you with someone else's scrotum in your mouth.

Hey! I didn't invent the te... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

Hey! I didn't invent the term "TeaBagging" - it was conservatives who first employed the term TeaBag protest.

Now why conservatives would choose use scrotum-sucking as a form of protest is beyond me.

In a 14 March report on Fox News, Griff Jenkins said, "ReTeaParty.com has a headline, 'Teabag the fools in DC on Tax Day.' They want you ... to take a tea bag, put it an envelope, and mail it to the White House."

Fox News used it, so doesn't that mean the term is holier than the Pope? The fact that (pipe organ music) Fox News said it makes it more than truthful - that makes it "Fair and Balanced"....

6. Posted by Steve Green | ... (Below threshold)

6. Posted by Steve Green | January 4, 2010 10:32 PM |
Now why conservatives would choose use scrotum-sucking as a form of protest is beyond me.

Obviously your to fucking stupid to realize what you just quoted.
If you want to go there with that phase that makes whinny dickheads like you the submissive.
Open wide.

Growing up I used to love ... (Below threshold)

Growing up I used to love PBS.
Victory at Sea
The World At War
Big Blue Marble
321 Contact
Master Piece theater
Computer Chronicles
There was even the series on ethics in Journalism where you some reporters admit that they valued the story more than American troops and a true warrior showing what duty, honor and courage means.

Their were even a spot in the 80's where there is a mount climber and the question is asked if the government pays for health care would they start to limit activities people can engage in based on cost.

I donated to WNET PBS Channel 13 from the time I got my first job till I joined the Navy.

In the Navy NPR was on AFRATS and All things considered was broadcasted twice a day that program was more anti-american than some of the broadcast out of North Korea. The sad part was that was to be the objective show that NPR had on.


Hey Stevie, ya dumb ass. "... (Below threshold)

Hey Stevie, ya dumb ass. "Tea Party" is not "Teabagging". YOU'RE FUCKING LIBERAL ASSHOLE BUDDIES CAME UP WITH THAT.

Let's face it pal, come November your going to get Barry's agenda pounded right up your collective asses.

I always thought of asses a... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

I always thought of asses as more expulsive than collective, but then I'm not a conservative like you Garandfan.

And no, you're wrong as usual. Nobody called Teabaggers as teabaggers until the Teabaggers called their protest act as "Tea Bagging" Congress.

You see, a group of conservatives came up with the idea of "teabagging" as a form of protest - ie, sending a teabag to members of Congress.

But then you knew that, right GarandFan? You're just lying for the fun of it, huh...

Oxford gave a statement to Mediaite to clarify that they meant the political "teabagger," not anything salacious:

It should be noted that the term "teabagger" appears on Oxford's list because of the usage cited on that list, not because of any other meaning. Citations for the political sense were found in a number of legitimate sources throughout the year. As a reference to members of the currently active Tea Party, the word has been used in speech and print by both liberals and conservatives. In this context, the term "teabagger" is a reasonably conceived informal name for an affiliate of the Tea Party, and as a word in the news, it earned a mention for the year 2009.

Having deliberated carefully over the word-usage evidence, Oxford's lexicographers are confident in their judgment that "teabagger" the political term stands distinctly apart from "teabagger" the vulgar term.

Keith Olbermann took credit for popularizing the word on MSNBC Tuesday night. But the word "teabagger" actually started to spread after the Washington Independent's David Weigel photographed a protester at the first D.C. Tea Party Protest in February holding the sign, "Tea Bag the Liberal Dems Before They Tea Bag You!!"

"When I took that photograph at the first Tea Party in D.C., I thought it was funny," Weigel said. "I did not think it would play any role in defining a political movement. And while I personally don't use that word to refer to anti-Obama protesters, I am in very proud possession of a 'Proud to Be A Teabagger' button, so I guess the term has gone through the Lenny Bruce, adopt-it-against-our-enemies wringer."

"Tea Party Protest in February holding the sign, "Tea Bag the Liberal Dems Before They Tea Bag You!!"

And the rest is history....

Nope, never have, never wil... (Below threshold)

Nope, never have, never will..

Steve is feeling the heat. ... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Steve is feeling the heat. . . he doesn't like it that the politics he has dedicated his life, his entire meaning to, have been proven to be complete and utter failures.

All he has left is to go on the internet and troll. That's it. His entire worth is summed up in attempts at being a smartass and success at being a dumbass.

You're facing the dustbin of history, Steve. You could try to show a little dignity on your way out, but that would require you to have had any from the start.

To steve..:"All he... (Below threshold)

To steve..:

"All he has left is to go on the internet and troll. That's it. His entire worth is summed up in attempts at being a smartass and success at being a dumbass.

You're facing the dustbin of history, Steve. You could try to show a little dignity on your way out, but that would require you to have had any from the start.

Steeeve Greene, GOOD JOB on Wizbang caption contest!! You Rock!


ha ha ha ha

Steve Green thinks very wel... (Below threshold)

Steve Green thinks very well of himself, in fact he thinks he is a good person even though he comes here and uses an offensive term like "teabagging".

You can't expect someone who is that delusional to respond to rational argument.

Steve, there's little point... (Below threshold)

Steve, there's little point in responding to your post, because it's not rational conversation.

Most blogs would have banned you long ago, because you add nothing but hostility to the conversation.

We get it. We're beneath contempt and not worthy of rational argument. It's pretty hard to miss, because it's a point you make on almost a daily basis. Seems like the rantings of a sociopath to me, but that's just me.

I just wonder why you hang out around here. We're clearly not worthy of your time.

I just sent them a brief em... (Below threshold)

I just sent them a brief email asking if they were deliberately trying to discourage a significant part of the public from donating.

They only want donations fr... (Below threshold)

They only want donations from the 'correct' people, Oyster.

I remember listening to "All Things Considered" in the '80s - and something came on that I'd had direct experience with, which was completely misrepresented. I realized if they wouldn't report honestly on something relatively insignificant, there was pretty much no chance that they'd report honestly on anything else.

Taking them as an authoritative source would be lunacy. And with the internet, it's just SO darn easy to check out the veracity of info it's amazing...

Hey, don't be so hard on St... (Below threshold)

Hey, don't be so hard on Steve Green. He's in a panic and has to do something, anything. Thanks to Obama, Democrats are losing supporters by the truckload:


Ya know...I thought about d... (Below threshold)

Ya know...I thought about donatin once....then I wised up and did something more productive.

I took a dump.

The only thing NPR is good ... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

The only thing NPR is good for is "Car Talk", and a couple of the quiz shows...if I could donate just for those shows only, I'd probably consider it. But as it is, I'd rather buy a case of beer.






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