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Sarah Palin Weighs in on Obama's Reaction to the Christmas Day Almost-Massacre

Sarah Palin writes this on her Facebook page:

President Obama's meeting with his top national security advisers does nothing to change the fact that his fundamental approach to terrorism is fatally flawed. We are at war with radical Islamic extremists and treating this threat as a law enforcement issue is dangerous for our nation's security. That's what happened in the 1990s and we saw the result on September 11, 2001. This is a war on terror not an "overseas contingency operation." Acts of terrorism are just that, not "man caused disasters." The system did not work. Abdulmutallab was a child of privilege radicalized and trained by organized jihadists, not an "isolated extremist" who traveled to a land of "crushing poverty." He is an enemy of the United States, not just another criminal defendant.

It simply makes no sense to treat an al Qaeda-trained operative willing to die in the course of massacring hundreds of people as a common criminal. Reports indicate that Abdulmutallab stated there were many more like him in Yemen but that he stopped talking once he was read his Miranda rights. President Obama's advisers lamely claim Abdulmutallab might be willing to agree to a plea bargain - pretty doubtful you can cut a deal with a suicide bomber. John Brennan, the President's top counterterrorism adviser, bizarrely claimed "there are no downsides or upsides" to treating terrorists as enemy combatants. That is absurd. There is a very serious downside to treating them as criminals: terrorists invoke their "right" to remain silent and stop talking. Terrorists don't tell us where they were trained, what they were trained in, who they were trained by, and who they were trained with. Giving foreign-born, foreign-trained terrorists the right to remain silent does nothing to keep Americans safe from terrorist threats. It only gives our enemies access to courtrooms where they can publicly grandstand, and to defense attorneys who can manipulate the legal process to gain access to classified information.

President Obama was right to change his policy and decide to send no more detainees to Yemen where they can be free to rejoin their war on America. Now he must back off his reckless plan to close Guantanamo, begin treating terrorists as wartime enemies not suspects alleged to have committed crimes, and recognize that the real nature of the terrorist threat requires a commander-in-chief, not a constitutional law professor.



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Comments (32)

God I love Her..... (Below threshold)

God I love Her..

Sarah has what Obama and hi... (Below threshold)

Sarah has what Obama and his ilk don't have - common sense.

Time for the troll head-spi... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Time for the troll head-spins.

Indeed, he was read his mir... (Below threshold)

Indeed, he was read his miranda rights - just like Reed the shoe bomber was under the watch of President Bush. Where was all this outrage then?

DC, you seem to be repeatin... (Below threshold)
Kentucky Colonel:

DC, you seem to be repeating lefty talking points. Let me educate you to the facts. Richard Reed was handled through the legal system because the military commission system hadn't been developed at that time. It's really easy to understand if you're not viewing it through a lefty prism.

Congratulations to Gov Pali... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Congratulations to Gov Palin. She has managed to condense all the nonsensical tufftalk from FOX, Talk Radio, and Bill Kristol into one lump of JohnWayneliness.

Look, I'm not going to defend the laxity that allowed this Nigerian to slip through and almost kill hundreds. But I am going to point out that this President, unlike the previous one, doesn't feel the need to threaten the B-52s and Daisycutters every time a terrorist tries and fails to hurt us. Macho posturing, chest-thumping, and trash-talking does nothing to keep us safe, and perhaps goes some way to make us LESS safe.

We had eight years of talk about a War on Terror, and yet these guys are still out there. What good did all that tough talk do?

For somebody as unschooled ... (Below threshold)

For somebody as unschooled and ignorant as the press makes Palin out to be, I've never yet heard her say anything that doesn't ring true.

True enough, she doesn't have 150 days of experience as a mostly absent US Senator, but you know, I just don't think it will take her that long to catch up.

If we still have a country left in 2013.


I see I'm a winner again. Man. 900,000 visitors in only a week. Sorry guys. I win.

Colonel, the military commi... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Colonel, the military commission system indeed had not been developed at that time, but Gitmo was already filling up. Many of the detainess held at Guantanamo and handled through the military commission system were captured BEFORE Reid was arrested. No prism needed.

Richard Reed was an idiot..... (Below threshold)

Richard Reed was an idiot...and gave NO impression that he knew anything more. But yup, it was a mistake.

The Underwaer Bomber proudly proclaimed that "dozens more are ready to follow me"...and that corraborated what had been heard from various intelligence agencies. So in the face of THAT, and after he said THAT...he is Mirandized and then lawyers up. He proclaimed he KNEW about additional attacks...and Obama intentionally shut him up!

What it's time for will not... (Below threshold)

What it's time for will not be implemented by "The Won" because he is politically correct and doesn't have the nads to do for fear of offending the one's that would be most affected by his decision.

Forensic investigations are what investigators do after the crime has been committed and thats just the way the Democrats want it to be. They don't give a damn about preventing crimes or stopping terrorist actions because it is not in their interests to do so. As stated in the article, case in point the ENTIRE Clinton administration.

What will be implemented, a day late, a dollar short and a few hundred lives lost is a policy that treats terrorists as such, but it will be done by a new administration because this one is to craven and cowardly to strike at the heart of darkness that is radical Islam.

Kentucky Colonel, you seem ... (Below threshold)

Kentucky Colonel, you seem to be repeating wingnut talking points. Let me educate you to the facts. Richard Reed was handled through the legal system because it was the proper venue to bring him to justice, even though the military commission system had been developed at that time. It's really easy to understand if you're not getting your information solely from right wing fake news sources.


Bruce Henry,You ha... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Bruce Henry,

You have it exactly backwards. Chest-thumping with nothing to back it up is what Obama does, along with idiotic deadline setting and lines in the sand that he dares others to cross. When his antagonists cross the lines, he backs up and draws still more lines. He is a laughable, mouthy little wimp. By contrast, Bush opens cans of whoop-ass. Glad to be of help.

"Look, I'm not going to def... (Below threshold)

"Look, I'm not going to defend the laxity that allowed this Nigerian to slip through and almost kill hundreds. But I am going to....."

Spout a bunch of nonsense to cover up the fact that under my Obamassiah (He who makes no mistake, commits no error, walks on water), HIS ADMINISTRATION FAILED TO CONNECT THE FUCKING DOTS. You know, like we hammered Bush after 9/11. Only in our case WE HAD A FUCKING NAME! And STILL COULD NOT STOP HIM. Because you know how tough we are on "man-caused disasters". And Barry gave such a dynamite speech in Cairo so that Muslims would love us even more. And we're closing Gitmo, 'cause you know that's like a major fucking recruiting tool. And just trust us.......yadda yadda yadda.

The Military Tribunal Syste... (Below threshold)

The Military Tribunal System was not set up when Reid was captured. I am also so the intelligience demonstrated this guy was not only alone but a french fry short of a happy meal. This guy was lawyered up and hushed up before they can even try to get his contact information. You liberals must be proud. The word is out, a meek, weak kneed liberal is in office and already two terrorists attacks in one year. Obama owns this. His people have a laxed attitude on terrorists because of Obama. Gee! Even Napolitano spent more time trying to have america fear right wing citizens. This administration and those that support it are a stain on this country. Bruce, you getting this? ww

And, AGAIN, Willie, many of... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

And, AGAIN, Willie, many of the people captured in Afghanistan and elsewhere were captured BEFORE the commissions were set up, held in Guantanamo, and THEN sent through the military commissions system.

The Bush administration could have handled Reid that way, but chose to treat it as a "law enforcement matter" (to quote famous liberal pussy Donald Rumsfeld).

I'm not necessarily arguing that Obama did the right thing by treating this as a law enforcement issue. I'm just amused at the rhetoric wingnuts are using, in contrast to their SILENCE when Reid was handled the same way. And their shamelessness in exploiting this for political gain in contrast to how Democrats kept silent in the Reid matter.

And Palin said nothing that hasn't been said ad infinitum on FOX already. Has the woman EVER had an original thought?

Also, Brucie, I am sure the... (Below threshold)

Also, Brucie, I am sure the intelligience showed Reid to be a lone nut with no flags anywhere. Quite different from this guy. You liberals are going to have to grow up and quit blaming what happened in the past. Everyone know's Obama did not inherit this attack. They knew it was time to strike. Your boy certainly screwed the pooch on this one. He still keeps changing his statement on this issue every day. Is there anyone in the white house that knows what the hell they are doing?

And you must have been absent when us "wingnuts" were all over Bush for his immigration reform and the bail out. Man up Bruce. Put your guy in his place. Try to do it without using the words Bush, Rumsfield, Cheney, Palin, etc. Three plus years of democratic leadership and the country is unsafe and broke. ww

In December 2001, were any ... (Below threshold)

In December 2001, were any of the folks in Gitmo apprehened on American soil?

Not that I know of. Was Rei... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Not that I know of. Was Reid?

Oh, and Willie, I don't kno... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Oh, and Willie, I don't know if you noticed, but the post was about Palin comparing Obama's response to an act of attempted terrorism to the way Bush might have handled it. So it's entirely appropriate to discuss them here.

And Ms Priestap posts Gov Palin's comments here, adding, "Indeed," as if the Governor has said something profound or original. In fact, she said nothing that wasn't said here on Wizbang, and more articulately I might add, days ago. Hell, Willie, I think you yourself are more of an original thinker than Palin is!

I believe Reid was arrested... (Below threshold)

I believe Reid was arrested in Boston, after the flight was re-routed so that it would land sooner than planned in Florida.

Bruce:Where does G... (Below threshold)


Where does Gov Palin mention George W Bush or his administration in the post on Facebook? I didn't see one and yet you claim there is one. hmmm.

It is entirely possible that some folks who read here don't use Facebook, or don't add Sarah Palin as a "friend" on their profile and miss some of her posts, but appreciate the linkage here so they can keep up. So it is not silly or inappropriate for her to provide linkage, especially if she supports the gist of the post, as she does for this one. Your supercilious attitude and inaccurate statements do not support your attempt to marginalize Sarah Palin's statements, but rather support the impression that you lack coherence and do not deserve respect.

Reid failed because he fai... (Below threshold)

Reid failed because he failed to pass muster on the first day. He wore his shoes for for an extra day and his perspiration made the fuse damp.

He was part of plot with second person flying out of Amsterdam but that guy was a coward and did not take the flight. They found same type of shoes with explosives in them when he was arrested. He severing time in London prison.

The lesson learned from that was that we should assume all terrorist are acting in tandem till we find evidence otherwise.

The Administration initial reaction was just piss poor,
We knew early on that he was working with The Base
We knew he should have lit up all red flags
The admin told us the system worked.
They make the attack sound like a B&E

Now a week later they are admitting to everything.

Epador:Palin's com... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:


Palin's complaints that Obama is not using the same GIJoeChuckNorrisJohnWayne language used by the Bush administration made the implied comparison. As a matter of fact, most of the GOP complaints the past week have been about language, since they can't really defend this law enforcement/military justice meme in light of the Reid thingie.

But you tell me, sir: what did Palin say that hadn't been said ad nauseum on FOX and Talk Radio for the past 9 days?

What's up with the fearmong... (Below threshold)

What's up with the fearmongering?

Bruce,you are an fing idiot... (Below threshold)
just bob:

Bruce,you are an fing idiot....nuff said

Again, Bruce, man up and ju... (Below threshold)

Again, Bruce, man up and just say you boy messed this up and he needs to reassert his war on terror that he dropped from public discourse. ww

b henry "But I am goi... (Below threshold)

b henry "But I am going to point out that this President, unlike the previous one, doesn't feel the need to threaten the B-52s and Daisycutters every time a terrorist tries and fails to hurt us."

Umm Daisycutters and B 52's?

Bullshit much, on the other hand maybe it's me that's misinformed. Provide quotes of such threats please.

b henry "And, AGAIN, Willie, many of the people captured in Afghanistan and elsewhere were captured BEFORE the commissions were set up, held in Guantanamo, and THEN sent through the military commissions system."

Well, at lest you got that part right as far as it goes.

But considering that remark is based on the "Richard Reid case went into the court system" meme is disingenuous, at best in the worst case BS.

Bush proposed terrorists would be subject to detention and trial by military authorities in 2002.

In Sept 2006 the US Senate and US House of Representatives passed the Military Commissions Act of 2006.

As a result of the Supreme Court's decision in the "Hamdan v. Rumsfeld" later that year Congress had to amend the Military Commissions Act in the same year.

So, given the timeline how the friggin hell could Reid legally be tried by a Military Commission? The simple, and correct answer is he couldn't have been because it wasn't in effect at the time.

Final point, KSM was already into the Military Commision system and in fact plead guilty, obama stopped the trial.

And again, Marc, many of th... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

And again, Marc, many of the detainees that went through the military commissions system were captured in Afghanistan or elsewhere in 2001, before Bush proposed the system. The whole reason the military commissions system was created was that we had hundreds of detainees sitting in Guantanamo that the Bush administration didn't know what to do with. The military commission system was their solution. So why wasn't Reid sent through that system, as Padilla was?

And I've noticed that neither epador nor anyone else has explained what set Gov Palin's remarks apart from the same tripe we've heard all week.

And Willie, don't hold your breath waiting for Obama to start using the same rhetoric as Bush did. There was an election. If the voters had wanted to hear that same tough guy act over and over again for four years, they would have elected McCain.

That and the fact that the ... (Below threshold)

That and the fact that the guys in club gitmo were caught on the battlfieds, Padilla and Reid were cuffed in the states. GITMO = POW camp.

Right, Mr Wuzzy. Both Reid ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Right, Mr Wuzzy. Both Reid and Padilla were cuffed in the states, but Padilla was sent through the military commissions system, and Reid was not. I've already addressed the whole timeline thingie. So, why was Reid a "law enforcement matter" and Padilla a "military justice" matter? Was the Bush/Cheney administration "in denial" or "pretending we weren't at war" in the Reid affair? No?

And all you guys keep veering off topic. The point of the post was Palin's remarks. I took issue with them, and you fellas keep talking about irrelevant details. Again, Gov Palin did nothing on Facebook but spout the same verbal dysentery that's been heard on FOX and Talk Radio for, what, TEN days now, eight when she issued forth.

It's a mystery to me how someone who is so ORDINARY in every way can have such charisma to conservatives. I suppose it shouldn't be, though, seeing as how conservatives were so taken in by W's cowboy squint and macho smirk.

Marc, in regard to use of t... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Marc, in regard to use of the phrase "B-52s and Daisycutters," I suggest you look up the concepts of "figures of speech," "hyperbole," "rhetorical constructs," and "poetic license."

Really, Marc, why so literal? Other readers here found it clear enough what was meant by the phrase.

BHThe way Reid was... (Below threshold)


The way Reid was treated was mistake made early in the war. One would have hoped we learned from that mistake.
Our response to Shoe Bomber was to take shoes off and limit liquids.

What she we have learned?
If someone acts suspicious for a flight then he should not be allowed to fly until a full background check is run.
That would have lit up Shoe bomber, his belonging to Radical Mosque , criminal record and flights to the middle east. At witch point he should have not been allowed to fly.

Though we thought he was acting on his own we found out he was part of a terrorist Cell and it was luck that a successful act was carried out the next day.
So when we catch these people we need to treat them like enemy combatants and gather information to create realtime threat assessment and notify all aircraft flying over to and over US airspace.

So we have a system in place now and we should have used it.
BHO response was very like a police report. allegedly, suspect yadda yadda.
It shows that he did not take anything seriously.

Palin is correct.
Did Bush do everything perfect no he did not
Did Bush do a better job than BHO yes.
Was their any doubt in anyones mind that the US was at war with Radical Islam?






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