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Scott Brown is running for Ted Kennedy's Senate seat in Massachusetts

And ads like this have got to help:

Pretty powerful... with props to Bookie.



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He's going to have to work ... (Below threshold)

He's going to have to work on the accent more, though.

I really like him. He has ... (Below threshold)

I really like him. He has an uphill fight, but it sure would be wonderful to have one more (R) in the Senate. I live in Florida, but I donated to Scott Brown because I'm a concerned (okay... Enraged!) Conservative.

Uncle pickle just rolled ov... (Below threshold)

Uncle pickle just rolled over in His wine cellar.

"He has an uphill fight"</p... (Below threshold)

"He has an uphill fight"

Yup, even in the cats and dogs are registered Democrats in Mass.

Thats easy all he has to do... (Below threshold)

Thats easy all he has to do is drive a 68 olsmoble off the chapaquedic bridge with his secratary






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