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BREAKING: Chris "No Special Treatment" Dodd to Retire from Senate

Said retirement has nothing to do with his VIP Loan, his Irish Cottage, or his plummeting poll numbers.


Connecticut Sen. Christopher Dodd won't seek reelection,
will retire at end of term

By Chris Cillizza
The Washington Post

Embattled Sen. Christopher J. Dodd (D-Conn.) has scheduled a news conference for Wednesday at which he is expected to announce he will not seek reelection, sources familiar with his plans said Tuesday night.

Word of Dodd's retirement plans comes after months of speculation about his political future, his faltering poll numbers and a growing sense among the Democratic establishment that he could not win a sixth term in the Senate. The news also came on the same day Sen. Byron L. Dorgan (D-N.D.) announced he would not seek reelection.

Once among the safest of incumbents, Dodd's political star fell over a two-year period, during which he moved his family to Iowa to pursue the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination and was linked to a VIP mortgage loan program overseen by a controversial Wall Street financier. He also drew harsh questions about his oversight of Wall Street, as chair of the Senate Banking Committee, in the years when the nation's financial system was heading toward near collapse.

Goodbye, Chris, don't let the door hit you on the way out.


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Comments (27)

Now if a few more of these ... (Below threshold)

Now if a few more of these lifers like Rangel, Frank, et al, would take a hike....

I think some of the gloater... (Below threshold)

I think some of the gloaters are missing a pretty big point...this proves the point that the dems DO NOT CARE about re-election. If they can cram through all their leftwing dreams in Obey-Won's first two years, it will be worth it to them. They don't care about re-election because a lot of them aren't even going to bother facing the voters. No townhalls. No debates. No rallies. No nothing. Sure, write 'em a letter, they could use them to stock their bathrooms. They do not care.

They will continue to push through these socialist policies that we all know that future politicians will never have the guts to get rid of and their political career will be a small price to pay for them. It's not enough to gloat, what they're doing still has to be stopped if at all possible, but remember that every one that says they won't run in the fall is one more that is a guaranteed vote for every disaster that the left can think up. They don't need to act centrist to win in November. They don't need to buy off their states and cities to earn endorsements from local politicians. They don't need to do anything except vote 'aye'.

Read back through this blog and those like it - lots of talk about 'wait until they have to face the voters next year'. Yeah? How's that working out? They're taking their ball and going home, leaving us to pick up the pieces. Sure, the GOP might retake both houses next year and we might as well continue and envision a Republican president with a Republican majority in 2013. Great. So what? If they don't have the guts, and they won't, to repeal this mess that's being created then nothing has been accomplished by retaking Congress. They blew it from 01 to 06 and they, and we, are paying for it now and forever, and the dems know it. They just needed one shot and they're going to cram everything through and then head for the hills.

With an impotent super-minority in Congress I can't really think of any good solutions apart from electing better republicans than we've been seeing in the next few election cycles (and hope they tell America it can't have its cake and eat it, too and repeal this junk) and mounting constitutional legal challenges to this nonsense and hoping Kennedy wakes up on the right side of the bed that day.

One thing Nancy and Harry a... (Below threshold)

One thing Nancy and Harry are not thinking about is that in pushing their agenda, the Democrats stand a good chance of being cast into the desert for years. Their names will end up being a curse on their political party.

Maybe that will clear him t... (Below threshold)

Maybe that will clear him to be featured on an episode of MSNBC's LOCKUP.

The insults are an attempt ... (Below threshold)
Pac 10 Patirot:

The insults are an attempt to intimidate. American citizens now are so fed up with their corrupt, out-of-control government that they will never give up the courage to stand up to these smear campaigns of the liberal elite who are so bedazzled by their own self-perceived brilliance that they've blinded themselves to the truth. And disparaging Americans as a whole will certainly backfire on them. So, all I can say is, have at it! We're ready, and we're not backing down from the lying insults.

I live Connecticut and I sa... (Below threshold)

I live Connecticut and I said good riddence to bad rubbish. Of couse the voters here will probably put another jerk in. I heard our AG wants to run...and he is another one you would not want in the senator. I guess people never learn.

At least the WaPost had the... (Below threshold)

At least the WaPost had the guts to admit - at least in the fine print - that Senator Dodd was in trouble due to corruption. CNN did a story less than an hour ago about this, and none of Dodd's corruption scandals were ever mentioned.

This is another one of those news stories that MSM consumers are totally surprised about. The MSM does a great job of covering up DNC scandals or any story that goes against their preferred line. But when the stink becomes too much to deny, the MSM has to offer some kind of explanation, and so we get stories like this one:lots of extraneous details about poll numbers, and, oh, by the way, he's one of the most corrupt politicians alive today.


Great, these losers bail no... (Below threshold)

Great, these losers bail now so voters get a fresh socialist to run against any conservative.

These corruptocrats need to be investigated for taxpayer funded golden parachutes.

In one respect, this is bad... (Below threshold)

In one respect, this is bad news for the GOP. Think of it as Torricelli 2.0.

In 2002, scandals plagued incumbent Robert Torricelli's (Sen-NJ) relection bid. The GOP contender Doug Forrester was polling well and looking to pick up the seat by running against Torricelli's scandals. At the last minute Torricelli withdrew, opening the door for Frank Lautenberg to step in and replace Torch on the ticket. The Dems were able to retain the seat, because Lautenberg was untainted by Torricelli's corruption. Forrester's campaign had it's legs cut out from beneath him and he lost.

Today, the GOP has a good shot at picking up Dodd's seat by running against his corruption. Now the Dems will replace Dodd with someone untainted with Dodd's corruption and retain the seat without having to be sleazy like they did with Torricelli.

Believe me, Eric. That did... (Below threshold)

Believe me, Eric. That did cross my mind. The fact is Dodd kept his seat for so long because they liked his politics - corruption be damned. They'll just vote for someone like him in every way except for the corruption. It's Connecticut. They want a lefty in there. Then when they get more corruption they'll stay in a state of denial again as long as the MSM helps them and if they get tired of the taxes they'll just move to Florida and muck things up for us here.

Not that we haven't already gotten a boatload of New Englanders who talk about how awful the taxes were in [pick ANY NE state except New Hampshire] and then keep voting Democrat.

Confucius say..."Can't have... (Below threshold)

Confucius say..."Can't have a sammitch with one piece of bread"

Some big differences in the... (Below threshold)

Some big differences in the NJ scenario: Torricelli didn't drop out of the run until weeks before the election, and needed the NJ supreme court to redefine the rules to even allow Lautenberg to run AND Frank Lauteberg was a "household name" in NJ politics before Torricelli ever held office.

Is doddicky going to be pro... (Below threshold)

Is doddicky going to be prosecuted for all the bank funds He stole? Damn crooked coward runs and hides instead of standing up for His ass whipping.

SCSIwuzzy, that's what I wa... (Below threshold)

SCSIwuzzy, that's what I was referring to as being sleazy. Torricelli's replacement was hasty because it had to be. His negative polling hit critical mass just weeks before the election, so there was no time to bail him out and win the election.

Now Chris Dodd's polling has hit critical mass, and his scandals aren't going to go away. It's simple Dodd won't be re-elected. So the Democrat establishment has to find an alternative to losing the seat.

I don't think this was Dodd's choice. He was told by the party bosses to retire so they could keep the seat. He'll go on to get an under the table golden parachute. They'll replace him on the ticket with someone untainted with Dodd's scandals and keep the seat.

The Torricelli job was a Hail Mary pass by the Dem party bosses. They were able to pull it off because the referees were on their side too. This time around the Dems don't even need to make the pretense of a Hail Mary pass.

Exactly Eric. It won't be ... (Below threshold)

Exactly Eric. It won't be nearly so easy in this case.

"It won't be nearly so easy... (Below threshold)

"It won't be nearly so easy in this case."

It won't be so easy for whom? The Democrats? In my opinion, Dodd's retirement just made it a shoe in for them the keep the seat.

The real bellweather is Mas... (Below threshold)

The real bellweather is Massachusetts. If Scott Brown pulls off an upset there, then a lot of Democrats' heads will explode. You will see a lot more "retirements".

I worry about so much corru... (Below threshold)

I worry about so much corruption in our voting system, that even if a good man "could/does" win, they will some how change the votes and another undesirable will get in....you know like Al Franken. Or to have intimation like those panthers in Penn. and nothing was done about it. Can we even trust our system anymore. I swear we are in the Twilight Zone.

PS: What I hate about Dodd, even though he won't be a senator he will still be rich, with another cushy job, and still have influence in high places. Some people just don't deserve walk among the rest of us.

This is backroom politics i... (Below threshold)

This is backroom politics in action, and it's designed to keep Dodd's seat Democrat.

It is abundantly clear based on recent polling that Dodd didn't stand a snowball's chance in hell of being re-elected. In fact, his retirement may have been planned all along, and this may be the reason Dodd has been the frontman for so much of the crap legislation in the past year.

Rather than risk the loss of a Senate seat, a deliberate choice has been made to open the door for Richard Blumenthal, their current AG, so he can announce early and start his run for Dodd's seat, along with more time to root for campaign cash. He's currently polling way ahead of Connecticut's two Republican "front runners", including Vince McMahon's wife, the clown prince of TV wrestling. Neither is a strong candidate.

The only bright spot in all this is that Joe Lieberman, the state's other white meat, may have the cross hairs off his back briefly. Blumenthal was originally planning to unseat Lieberman.

Same shit, different day.

It definitely does make it ... (Below threshold)

It definitely does make it harder to pick up the seats vacated by tainted Dems than running against them directly, but it should be pretty easy, at least in 2010, to run against any democrat, at least if the GOP is smart enough to stick to the line of running against the democrat agenda, which polls show is extraordinarily unpopular. It should be enough in most places (anywhere right of just-left-of-center) to preach your principles and don't root around in the mud with the democrat they dig up to run for the vacant seat, just note that they're a democrat and will vote to continue the policies of Reid/Pelosi/Obama and let that do the trick.

Unfortunately the GOP isn't smart enough to do that.

Let the door hit You in th... (Below threshold)

Let the door hit You in the ass on the way out Dodd!

commentors keep talking abo... (Below threshold)

commentors keep talking about how stupid the GOP is and what they won't do in the next election cycle ...

Does anyone know the location of the GOP candidate factory that will be pumping out these stupid cadidates that won't be bright enough to run against the democratic platform ?

I kind of thought that most candidates have a few opinions/ideas of their own.

Yes, they may tailor their campaign towards the GOP national to curry favor/money with the party politburo but to assume they are all going to run a campaign based on the dictates of the national party is is one of those assumptions that makes something of u and me.

Quit worrying about what Steele & Co. are doing and focus on the candidates themselves. The national will come around now or will be replaced with new blood after the 2010 elections.

This Red on Red sniping is draining.

I was hoping a tar and feat... (Below threshold)

I was hoping a tar and feather ceremony for Dodd. Alas, I do live in 1770, which is a pity.

Falze,That was an ... (Below threshold)


That was an awesome shit you took in the punch bowl, and a very fine set of points indeed.

um...thanks?... (Below threshold)


ha ha ha ha ha... (Below threshold)

ha ha ha ha ha

" The national will come ar... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

" The national will come around now or will be replaced with new blood after the 2010 elections.

This Red on Red sniping is draining."

Jeff, I agree with you to a point, but a little sniping is required to wake the leadership up. I'd rather help wake them up now instead of waiting til after the 2010 elections.






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