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Chicago Police Department Seriously Considering Dropping Entrance Exam

So few minorities can pass the Chicago police department entrance exam that the only option the city can see is dropping the exam altogether. If this happens, Chicago will be the only major city to not have one. How will eliminating the bar help keep the city and its citizens safer? It won't. But it is the politically correct thing to do. I can't help but envision Chicago's police force someday becoming much like the force in en-domed Chester's Mill in Stephen King's latest novel Under the Dome.

Dropping the exam would bolster minority hiring and avert legal battles, according to one source, while others confirm that the exam could be scrapped to open the process to as many people as possible.

However, the lack of an exam would make Chicago the lone major city without one, and experts contend that the exam is integral to eliminating unqualified applicants.

The CPD has tried in recent years to boost minority hiring by offering the police exam online and turning to minority clergy to help in the recruitment effort.

But those efforts have met with frustration. Despite seeing an increase in the number of minority applicants in 2006, the last year the exam was offered, the online component was never launched.

Keep in mind, this is a result of Chicago's failing public schools. When the system pushes through kids who haven't learned even the most basic skills, it results in fewer qualified candidates for the police force.


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Comments (20)

Isnt this Barrys stomping g... (Below threshold)

Isnt this Barrys stomping ground? I thought the WON solved all crime and there were unicorns on every corner singing Kumbaya and passing out cherry kool-aid to all passerby?

Affirmative action is the way to go! Just look at the fine job Barry is doing!

Boy, the reasons not to vis... (Below threshold)

Boy, the reasons not to visit that city just keep piling up, don't they?

Obama spent $100 million of... (Below threshold)

Obama spent $100 million of Annenberg Challenge money to improve Chicago schools. Grades still kept failing while Obama cronies and other insiders made off with the cash.

Think of what he'll do with healthcare.

BTW, it would make me uneasy to need to depend on a Chicago cop who couldn't pass simple English or could read the laws they are supposed to enforce.

Hope the 'intellectual elit... (Below threshold)

Hope the 'intellectual elite' have set aside a significant amount of money for the lawsuits that will follow. Wasn't it several years ago, during Billy Bob's reign that Chicago hired cops under some stupid 'affirmative action' program? Two ended up shooting one another at beginning of shift after getting into an argument over who was going to drive.

What an utterly stupid idea... (Below threshold)

What an utterly stupid idea, how about just hire those that are qualified, trying to find the right mix for a rainbow is stupid as sh1t.

"Two ended up shooting one ... (Below threshold)

"Two ended up shooting one another"

No that was the NBA I think.

Defense attorneys are proba... (Below threshold)

Defense attorneys are probably rubbing their hands with glee...

or maybe not. Hard to charge a lot when it will be so easy to get people off.

'Officer, did you follow all proper, written procedures when detaining the defendent?'


'Uh, ok...did you fill out this report?'

'Yeah, well, maybe I had some help with the big words.'

Might as well take their gu... (Below threshold)

Might as well take their guns, as they can't hit what they aim at (if they just don't spray and pray). The solution is easy, let the people carry guns and station the cops at the donut shop.

"how about just hire those ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"how about just hire those that are qualified,"

Well that's the trick isn't it? The problem s even with the test the CPD is an absolute disaster. They have a remarkable reputation for brutality. There have been several highly publicized incidents of CPD officers assaulting people (in one instance a female bartender was severely beaten because she decided a drunken off-duty cop had had enough, so he beat her to a pulp in front of at least a half dozen other officers, who proceeded to cover the incident up)

The CPD is full of worthless unionized thugs. The primary reason all of Illinois death row inmates had their sentences commuted to Life (apart from the Governor trying to get off on a corruption charge) was that the CPD had tortured so many of these men into confessing, you couldn't be certain that many of them were really guilty.

The whole test thing is beside the point. They need to clean up the department and get rid of the thugs.

Not holding my breath for that.

This is going to work out a... (Below threshold)

This is going to work out as well as when Tom Daschle said we need to federalize the airport security people in order to "professionalize" them.

Could be fodder for a new P... (Below threshold)

Could be fodder for a new Police Academy sequel.

Or better yet "Chi-town 911"

Philadelphia, PA used to ha... (Below threshold)

Philadelphia, PA used to have a policy to accept people on a percentage basis based on the total pool of applicants, by race.
If 10% of the applicants were lilliputian, 10% of the accepted must be lilliputians, and so on. But if this meant that there say 30 lilliputian slots, but only 25 out of a hundred passed the exams, they took the next "best" 5 who failed, even if there were other applicants of other ethnic backgrounds with well above passing scores.

After some very high profile police incompetance and misbehaivor cases came to light and the public became aware of the policy (in the early to mid 90s, IIRc), it was altered. But there are still holdovers in the city that were hired this way, but union membership and city politics have protected from being drummed out. Luckily most are pushing papers or enforcing litter laws now.

As I recall, the dropout ra... (Below threshold)

As I recall, the dropout rate in the Chicago Public Skool Sistem is over 50%.

That's where half my property taxes go. The other half goes into La Machine.

hahahaha...sorry folks, the... (Below threshold)

hahahaha...sorry folks, the jokes on all the rest of you now too! the former ceo of the Chicago Public School system, Arne Duncan, is now your US secretary of education!

And the citizens of chicaga... (Below threshold)

And the citizens of chicaga seriously need to dump RICHARD DAILEY and his goon squads right on their nads

"As I recall, the dropout r... (Below threshold)

"As I recall, the dropout rate in the Chicago Public Skool Sistem is over 50%."

That's "Pubblik Skool Sistern", if were going to quote accurately..

"ceo of the Chicago Public ... (Below threshold)

"ceo of the Chicago Public School system, Arne Duncan, is now your US secretary of education! "
I'd forgotten that. LOL

Same PC crap. If a PC group... (Below threshold)

Same PC crap. If a PC group can't meet the requirements, lower or do away with the standards. It happened in Army Airborne School a long time ago when most women couldn't meet the physical and\or training requirements.

I hear the pilots' union is... (Below threshold)

I hear the pilots' union is considering doing the same thing.

Note to self: Stay out of C... (Below threshold)

Note to self: Stay out of Chicago!






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