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Democrats' Next Assault on America: Universal Voter Registration

Democrat Senators Charles Schumer and Barney Frank are poised to introduce a bill this month supporting federal mandates on voter registration that would override most state laws. The Universal Voter Registration legislation would require all citizens enrolled in any state government programs to automatically be registered to vote, regardless of their wishes. Thus, welfare recipients, those receiving unemployment benefits or possibly everyone who even possesses a drivers license would be registered to vote... alongside convicted felons and illegal immigrants who receive those same services.

Wall Street Journal columnist John Fund predicts the Democrats will try to sneak this stealth legislation into law at breakneck speed to avoid public outrage. Fund speaks about Universal Voter Registration in chilling detail:


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Comments (10)

This will be ruled unconsti... (Below threshold)

This will be ruled unconstitutional! No dobt about it.

It has got to be stopped be... (Below threshold)

It has got to be stopped before it becomes law.
Look at McCain Finegold it passed and was not ruled unconstitutional though it expressly limit free speech.

Let the idiots try. With He... (Below threshold)

Let the idiots try. With Healthcare,and the potential illegal alien amnesty...the Dems will only destroy themselves. This proposal if passed, will create a huge protest in the public, cause the Dems nothing but headaches because it will just get bogged down in state and Federal courts...stall and will then clealy illustrate to the American peolple what fascists the Dems are.

Whoever thought Obama amd the Dems were smart? They are infantile.

Does the left even care an ... (Below threshold)

Does the left even care an iota about our country? ww

The average Democrat is so ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

The average Democrat is so lazy and pathetic that they practically have to be forced to expend the effort to vote.

If they'd mandate your SHOW... (Below threshold)

If they'd mandate your SHOW your ID when you vote, that might be a consolation.

Given the tanking poll numb... (Below threshold)

Given the tanking poll numbers for Democrats, I can see why they'd want to pull a stunt like this. They could then turn the voter lists over to ACORN to insure that 'the right vote got cast'.

Leave it to CHUCKY SCHUMER ... (Below threshold)

Leave it to CHUCKY SCHUMER and BARNSMELL FREAK to make sure everyone is registered and vote for the demacrook party WHEN SOON CAN BOTH OF THESE SCOUNDRELS CAN BE BOOTED OUT OF THE NATION AND SENT TO OUTER SIBERIA?

I would think an election i... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

I would think an election in which the electorate thought it was cheated, here in the U.S. would make the reaction in Iran seem like childs play. They need to take away our guns before they can try this sh*t. If they try, I predict the elimination of a number of carbon emitters.

Nice try Barney the pedophi... (Below threshold)

Nice try Barney the pedophile Frank and Chuckie the joker Scheemer. Trying an unconstitutional end around to continue ACORNS thick as thieves illegal vote gathering will not work You phychic delusional vampires.






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