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Promises, promises. Every politician makes them. And every politicians eventually breaks those campaign promises. Whether as a matter of convenience or the opportunity to snatch more power or due to the intrusion of reality, any pol who stays in the game will violate their sacred pledges to the voters.

So it's no surprise President Obama is stepping all over Candidate Obama's toes. President Obama can't help but break Candidate Obama's promises. Candidate Obama promised a whole lot to a whole lot of folks. The promise of Candidate Obama has given way to the reality of President Obama. Hence his harrowing decline in approval and ham-fisted attempts to defect blame.

The promise of Obama was bigger than any particular campaign promise: carefully scripted as a judicious, common-sense, non-partisan, populist phoenix who would rise above the partisan squabbles that divide Washington to unite Americans - nay, the world.

Now anyone who bothered to look past Candidate Obama at Illinois Politician Obama and Senator Obama knew this campaign facade was the biggest load of horseshit ever foisted on America. His record and his roots are as doctrinaire liberal as there are. Ted Kennedy if he were younger, black, free of swirling involuntary manslaughter allegations, and less susceptible to the siren song of lady liquor. And more liberal. He is the leftyist President the United States will ever elect.

Throw in the whole Chicago politics thing and President Obama resembles Candidate Obama like little Star Search Britney Spears resembles all-grown-up pantyless Britney Spears.

But you can only fool people for a limited amount of time. Obama proved that focus group-tested platitudes repeated often enough by an unaccomplished but clean and articulate man can become accepted wisdom by a large enough number of people to win an election. At least once, in a prefect storm. With a...well, sympathetic doesn't accurately describe it...emotionally invested media and (sigh) The Maverick running against him, there was no need for Candidate Obama to go overboard on the promises. But he did, and in dogged pursuit of any bill christened Health Care Reform he's on the cusp of breaking half a dozen promises of which we were repeatedly and sternly reminded.

If you like your current plan you won't have to change...no one making under $250,000 will pay a dime more taxes...McCain wants to tax health insurance for the first time ever...cutting costs...clear and transparentest ever. And for what? Health Care Reform than neither reforms nor improves health care a majority of Americans oppose.

He's on a kamikaze mission to permanently lurch the country leftward. A scorched-earth, crash-and-burn one-term Presidency we'll rue for generations as our children and our childrens' children are crushed under a mountain of debt. And bureaucracy. Lots and lots of bureaucracy.

Obama's still got to lug health care across the finish line and he's shown no propensity to lead at any point in his political career. As willing as he may be to fall on his sword so that he can put his Hancock on some "signature" health care bill, the mood of the electorate is so foul their razor-thin margin of error for getting a Pukinstein bill through committee and another vote just might evaporate.

That sublimation point gets lower as the polls drop and each broken promise chips away at Obama's credibility. We all knew every Obama promise comes with an expiration date. Pretty much anyone who's paying attention knows it now. Obama lied. But if you like your current health care plan and want to keep it we need to stay strong, weather the next 12 months, and force Obama to the center after the midterms.

And in 2012? Who's going to believe his promises?


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"Promises, promises. Eve... (Below threshold)

"Promises, promises. Every politician makes them. And every politicians eventually breaks those campaign promises."

Yeah maybe, but this one did'nt let eventual reality catch up with His pawnsy ass..He broke 'em from day one and continues to do so just like a southside hustler should.

Slit their throats in 2010,... (Below threshold)

Slit their throats in 2010, and kick his lying fucking socialist ass out in 2012. Then keep the rat-bastard "progressives" out of office.

Barry may "sign" a health care bill (no way will I call it 'reform') - but it won't be going into effect for several more years. AFTER HE'S OUT OF OFFICE. It might pass, but it won't live very long.

Hmmm. Watching Live or Die... (Below threshold)

Hmmm. Watching Live or Die Hard. I think there's a parallel somewhere, but I'm not sure anyone is gonna get to yippie-kay-ai at the end of the real story here.

Great song selection, lol I... (Below threshold)

Great song selection, lol I'd not heard that tune for years.

As Baron O notes, anyone wh... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

As Baron O notes, anyone who gave so much as a cursory gaze at Obama's actual record would not have been fooled by his "post-racial, post-partisan" pretenses. He was always a beneficiary of affirmative action (as demonstrated by his refusal to release undergrad transcripts, which only had to equal the "Gentleman's C" average posted by Gore, Bush, and Kerry to be acceptable), a parrot of leftist talking points, and willing to accept whatever benefit his half-black heritage could bring - despite the fact his own ancestors were more likely to have sold blacks into slavery than to have been slaves themselves.

There was never anything remarkable about Obama. He's an inside-the-box prototypical leftist pseudo-intellectual academic type, just ethnic enough to get the PC benefits without ever having suffered the hardships of "oppression" himself, spoon-fed liberal pablum from birth and pampered to the point of infantile narcissism, and a near-obsessive refusal to ever admit fault at anything.

So he's no big surprise to anyone who was paying the slightest attention. That's the biggest disappointment.

I hate it when any analysis... (Below threshold)

I hate it when any analysis of the 2008 election ignores the role of the MSM. The MSM lied to the American people about Obama. They connived in his election from the beginning. You knew Obama would be the most left wing president in American history but people who watch ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN are only now finding this out. People who get their news from the New York Times may never learn.

While we can't know the act... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

While we can't know the actual contents of Obamacare at this point, one of its financial foundations is requiring everyone to be insured. If that mandate stands court challenges then the millions of mostly young people who choose not to buy health insurance are going to have to buy it or at least pay a token fine. Beyond the mandate, the bills also seek to level insurance premiums between young and old. In the free market older people pay six times as much for health insurance as the 20 something group, but the house bill limits that ratio to no more than three times and the senate bill to no more than two times.

Basically, young people will pay far more for their health insurance than they do now and they are not going to like it. However, it was young adults who came out of the woodwork to both fund and vote for Obama, so in a sense, they are paying for their stupidity in voting for a candidate promising unspecified change. Hopefully, many will learn from that mistake and the "change and hope" shtick won't work so well in the future.

If he were Pinnochio, he'd ... (Below threshold)

If he were Pinnochio, he'd have to put a wheel on the end of his nose to keep from scraping it on the pavement.

Comparing pantyless Britney... (Below threshold)

Comparing pantyless Britney to Obama was quite interesting.

This may be the first elect... (Below threshold)

This may be the first election where over 70% of voters KNEW the candidate was lying and yet that candidate still won. A good 25% of the voters are as hard left as Obama and they knew his moderate stances were lies. They knew they were voting for a radical leftist. McCains 45% also knew the man was lying. Its the 30% of Independents who got conned and they are starting to realize not just that Obama is lying now but has been lying since 2007. That tends to make people very upset that they got conned and the recent record of Independents fleeing the democrats shows they are no longer in denial.
I'm sure there were alot of awkward discussions over holidays family gatherings with alot of "I told you so" being served.

The lying isn't surprising ... (Below threshold)

The lying isn't surprising and dems don't care.
I suppose it comes down the what the meaning of lie is.

They (dems) all do it with remarkable ease (witness Pelosi stating how open the health care talks were) but Barry seems to have elevated it to an art form. And why not? The MSM won't call them on it (Tapper excepted) and they'll simply turn around and accuse the repubs of lying, in which case the MSM is all over it.

And, of course, is all else fails, they'll just claim they mis-spoke and brag about their nuance.

Jeff is spot on with that. ... (Below threshold)

Jeff is spot on with that. My brother and his wife said they knew Obama was making empty promises (ie lying) and still voted for him and still like him.

Which campaign promise has ... (Below threshold)

Which campaign promise has he kept?

As we used to say as kids w... (Below threshold)

As we used to say as kids we say to OBAMA and thats LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE HANGING FROM A TELEPHONE WIRE

Still can't understand thos... (Below threshold)

Still can't understand those who 'like Obama', but his policies suck. You don't get one without the other, and he sure as hell isn't going to change.






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