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Pelosi throws Obama under the bus

This, from TPM via Larwyn, is indicative of the inner turmoil the Dems are suffering:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi had little to say this afternoon at a press conference following a meeting between House leaders and health care principals. She and other members acknowledged that a number of differences must be resolved between House and Senate bills before a final reform package can be signed in to law--and all are aware that too much tinkering could upset a delicate balance in the Senate, where legislation often must meet a supermajority threshold.

But Pelosi did toss a jab President Obama's way.

Referring explicitly to one of Obama's campaign pledges, a reporter asked Pelosi whether C-SPAN cameras would be allowed to film the House-Senate negotiations.

"There are a number of things he was for on the campaign trail," she said, without addressing the question.

And there's this:

Bad news comes in threes. Just hours after Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND) announced his retirement, Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter notified his campaign that he, too, would not seek re-election. Late tonight, aides to Chris Dodd sent word that the long-time Connecticut senator would also be stepping aside.


Botton line: from a micro perspective, the GOP gains nothing from today. From a macro perspective, anytime three major Democratic party figures retire...ain't good for that party.

Hope and change to believe in.



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Comments (6)

The dems are all running sc... (Below threshold)
jim m:

The dems are all running scared, and for good reason

"If the election were held today, we'd lose the House," Democratic campaign consultant Tom King told the Huffington Post this week - via instapundit

Obama may find a lot of his fellow dems trying to stuff him under the bus.

Frankly, I think the best t... (Below threshold)

Frankly, I think the best thing that could happen to Obama right now WOULD be for the Republicans to make very significant legislative gains in 2010. Whether one can rationalize it or not, the polls say Obama continues to maintain a favorable impression on a personal level among the electorate. Pelosi and Reid are definitely perceived as losers. The Republicans (along with a robust economy) seemed to enhance Clinton's standing politically after the 1994 midterms and I think they would do the same for Obama providing they could project a cooperative and reasoned tone if they increase their power. I think Pelosi overstepped an already high level of hubris with this poorly veiled potshot at Obama although Barry himself is not that much of an innocent in the transparency department either. I used to consider myself a moderate but I'm not so sure right now. Even with a moderate inclination I would be pissed by seeing the Democrat Party ready to enact the most far reaching and surely damaging pieces of legislation in my memory and at the same time preparing to jump ship en masse even before it is functioning. One would have to be an idiot not to see the implications.

First rule of being a Dem R... (Below threshold)

First rule of being a Dem Republican are Evil
Second rule of being Dem End justify the means We give you health care disregard any promises that where made. Any questions see first rule.
Third rule Being a hypocrite as Dem is OK because of the first rule.
Fourth rule we Dem are always open and honest because of First rule.

Are they running scared or are they getting while the gettins good?

These guys really believe they have accomplished a great thing, something that FDR Johnson and Clinton tried. While I would like to believe it over I think these folks are saying my Job here is done. Also this gives them enough time to put in New nominee for the position which eliminates the anti-incumbent problem. With Dodd it eliminates the Friend of Anglo issue.

That person will run like all Democrats run when the chips are down as pseudo conservative.

If we get good Republican candidates that can articulate a clear vision then we have a good chance , if we just get ones that are running against Dems we will have a problem. However if we get a mush middle guy then Dem will retain all their seats.

A (D) in the White House an... (Below threshold)

A (D) in the White House and two (R)s in the Legislative Branch. Federal Government paralysis? "Gridlock" in Washington?

Sounds like heaven to me!

Normally the senior Dems di... (Below threshold)

Normally the senior Dems die in office. Maybe they DO see the handwriting on the wall!

A lot more Democrats will b... (Below threshold)

A lot more Democrats will be "retiring" this coming November. And not by choice.






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