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"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."

George Orwell wrote that very powerful and truthful statement, which was personified in my nephew Ryan, who enlisted in the Army and took the military oath to defend the Constitution of the United States yesterday. My sister-in-law took some photos and I highly recommend you head on over and read her post. But I warn you. It has a powerful emotional punch so make sure you have tissues nearby. Here's a portion:

[T]hey ask the recruits to state their name, what branch they are joining, job training and why they wanted to join. Ryan was the fourth guy to speak. The three guys prior to him were embarrassed and couldn't think of a reason why they joined other than, "it was something to do,' etc. I wondered what Ryan would say because he gets very uncomfortable with any type of public speaking. But he calmly stated his name, branch, job, and then gave his reason for joining.

"I want to serve my country."

Ahhh...the tears started to roll. About half of the recruits ended up giving the same reason and it was so touching. So, so, so humbling.

Ryan_Oath Ceremony 016

Thank you for your service, Ryan. Be safe and Godspeed.


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GOD bless your nephew and a... (Below threshold)

GOD bless your nephew and all the other brave young men who serve and protect America.

Despite the attempts by the current administration to destroy it, there are many who understand the greatness of America lies in freedom.

"People sleep peaceably in ... (Below threshold)
CDR G (ret):

"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."

That's only partly true. A better reading would be this: "People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because their children stand ready to do violence on their behalf."

I worked with these young men and women for almost 30 years. They are outstanding people. Thank God for them all.

Kim-My son has also ... (Below threshold)

My son has also enlisted; he will graduate Air Force Basic in 2 weeks, and I plan on being there as he marches across the tarmac. I am sure that you feel seem the same pride in your nephew that I feel for my son.

God Bless this young man. ... (Below threshold)

God Bless this young man. I have two nephews who serve in the Marines, I'm a Navy Brat and a Brother in Law in the Army National Guard. I have so much respect for these men and women who put their lives on the line for my freedom.

God bless him Kim. I am pro... (Below threshold)

God bless him Kim. I am proud of him also as I am of all the diciplined men and women who serve in our military. Very proud. ww

I hope that G-d watches ove... (Below threshold)

I hope that G-d watches over him and all of the other members of the armed forces, and a great big HOOAH to your nephew, Ryan.

Thank You all and Gods bles... (Below threshold)

Thank You all and Gods blessings..

I understand your pride and... (Below threshold)

I understand your pride and, to some degree, "fear." My son was commissioned as a 2nd LT last month.

Jesse Jackson would be shoc... (Below threshold)

Jesse Jackson would be shocked to see all of those minorities signing up./s I remember taking my oath, a proud day.

God speed Ryan. I ... (Below threshold)

God speed Ryan.

I had breakfast with a WWII vet at McDees this morning and thanked him for giving me a free country to live in for my 57 years. I met him and his wife in line. He was wearing a cap with his insignia and date on the front. They needed a little assist with their coffee and such. Being the crusty ole coot that I am, there is a soft spot in my heart for those who have served, so I helped them along with their ordeal.
Wonderful people.

God bless and protect that ... (Below threshold)

God bless and protect that young man, and all our brave men & women who protect all of us!

I also still remember taking my oath on entering the Marines...a very proud day.

May your nephew someday have a Commander in Chief worthy of him!!

"May your nephew someday... (Below threshold)

"May your nephew someday have a Commander in Chief worthy of him!!"

Would be hilarious if it were not so true.

I have a son that joined th... (Below threshold)

I have a son that joined the Navy and one that joined the Marines. I'm so proud of them and all who served in the military. Sometimes I don't have room for all that pride in my chest, so it leaks out my eyes and runs down my cheeks.

I am Ryan's mom and I want ... (Below threshold)

I am Ryan's mom and I want to thank you all for your encouraging, kind comments. It is so nice to know that his service is appreciated.

Again, I wore the u... (Below threshold)

Again, I wore the uniform with PRIDE,yet when I see these young men and women serving today, I feel humbled.

It'd be an honor beyond measure to to wear that uniform again with them.

And a HUGE THANK YOU to all the parents of these young people---well done.

Kim, I'm very proud of you... (Below threshold)

Kim, I'm very proud of your nephew Ryan. I enlisted three years ago and I am on my second tour. Your family has had a few members join the military. I took the oath about a month after the loss of SFC Priestap. I'm now 45 years old. I serve along side young men and women not much older than Ryan. Whatever reason they give, they serve with honor! I am constantly amazed by our young people who volunteer during a time of war, knowing full well that they will serve in a combat zone. There is something special about them and I don't think many of them will realize it at this point in their lives. God willing, they will be able to see it when they're older.

Take care!

We can only pray to deserve... (Below threshold)

We can only pray to deserve such men and women.






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