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The new bipartisanship

From CNN:

President Obama and congressional Democratic leaders decided Tuesday to bypass a formal House and Senate conference to meld their health care bills, according to two congressional Democratic leadership sources.

The two told CNN that Obama and Democratic congressional leaders will instead hold informal negotiations to sidestep possible Republican delays of the process.

Avoiding a formal conference has long been expected, but one of the Democratic leadership sources said the president used Tuesday evening's White House meeting with Democratic congressional leaders to formally clear the idea.

To hold a formal conference, conferees -- members of the House and Senate -- must be appointed by both bodies with resolutions passed by the Senate and the House.

Democratic leadership aides said getting those resolutions passed could delay and even derail Democratic efforts, because Republicans would be allowed to offer amendments and hold lengthy debates on the resolutions to appoint conferees.

Instead, White House, House and Senate Democratic leaders and their key committee chairmen will informally meet to find compromise between the two health care bills.

And of course, they will meet behind closed doors.

Some would call this a coup.



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Comments (6)

"And of course, they will m... (Below threshold)

"And of course, they will meet behind closed doors."

Cue the late great Charlie Rich ...

Hopefully Republicans will make "most ethical, most transparent" vs "behind closed doors" a major campaign theme this year.

This is going to hurt a lot... (Below threshold)
Victory is Mao's:

This is going to hurt a lot the first time but you'll get used to it eventually, Sweetie. After all this is really your fault: You knew what I wanted when you picked me.


Makes me wonder what other ... (Below threshold)

Makes me wonder what other plans are going on behind closed doors.

bho keeps reminding us that he won. I say America LOST.

"Bi-partisanship". Since J... (Below threshold)

"Bi-partisanship". Since Jan 20, 2009, George Orwell has been laughing his ass off.

Rescind and Repeal.<p... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Rescind and Repeal.

The Repubs/Tea Partiers have to push the RnR theme.

"And of course, they wil... (Below threshold)

"And of course, they will meet behind closed doors.

Some would call this a coup."

Whatever it is? It does'nt resemble a democracy. A Thugocracy, for sure.






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