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Prepare to be shocked

A report on the Christmas day underwear bomber is due out and the White House national security adviser James Jones says that Americans should be prepared to be shocked.

Americans will feel "a certain shock" when a report is released today detailing the intelligence failures that could have prevented the alleged Christmas Day airline bomber from ever boarding the plane.

In an interview published Thursday in USA Today, White House national security adviser James Jones said President Obama "is legitimately and correctly alarmed that things that were available, bits of information that were available, patterns of behavior that were available, were not acted on."

"That's two strikes," he was quoted as saying, referring to the failed Northwest jet attack and the shooting massacre at Fort Hood, Texas, in November. The Army base attack left 13 dead after officials failed to act on intelligence identifying suspected gunman Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan as a threat to fellow soldiers.

I'm detecting a disturbing trend on what some people are shocked by.

They are shocked by the fact that a Muslim man with contacts to Al Qeada, who was on a terrorist watch list, and who's own father warned was ready to carry out an attack would attempt to blow up a plane over U.S. soil.

They are shocked by the fact that a Muslim man with a record of making threatening statements and with contacts to radical figures in Yemen would go on a shooting spree on a U.S. military base.

They are shocked by the fact that a humongous stimulus plan and a series of bailouts have yet to turn around the economy. Instead they are forced to focus on imaginary "jobs that would have hypothetically been lost" when looking at unemployment numbers.

They are shocked when monthly indicators show that unemployment remains high and that housing starts and housing sales continue to drop. Such data is labeled as "unexpected". The meme is that we are in a recovery--how could indicators be negative?

They are shocked by the fact that a majority of Americans don't like the current version of the health care bill after it was achieved with a series of blatant vote buying and corruption. They are so shocked that they feel the need to complete the passage of the bill behind closed doors.

They are shocked by the fact that massive funding opportunities supporting research and associated technologies led scientists to obscure and falsify climate data to support a view that such funding was paramount.

Personally, the thing I am most shocked by is that they continue to be shocked by these "unexpected" events.


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Comments (14)

To use a now-overused term:... (Below threshold)

To use a now-overused term:

It's 'unprecedented' at how many times this Administration has been 'shocked'.

I'm shocked that Obama and ... (Below threshold)

I'm shocked that Obama and company still does not get it....we do...they don't.

I would'nt be shocked to fi... (Below threshold)

I would'nt be shocked to find that the media are in cahoots fudging Barry and companys fake approval numbers.

Worst joke as a President ever.

They will be shocked when t... (Below threshold)

They will be shocked when they are voted out of office in 2012. ww

According to the recently r... (Below threshold)

According to the recently released intelligence report, approved personally by President Obama, the perpetrator of the failed Christmas airline bombing was none other than George W. Bush in black face.

Senate Intelligenc... (Below threshold)
Senate Intelligence Chairman Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., said a "very comprehensive no-fly list" would be "the greatest protection our country has." In an interview, she said the definition of who can be included should be expanded to include anyone about whom there is "a reasonable suspicion." LINK

No, Mz. Feinstein! Elimination/exterminating EVERY al-Qaeda cell and their affiliates on the planet would be the greatest protection. Until this nation and the rest of the world wakes up and collectively unites in exterminating this ideology, these attacks against America and the west WILL NEVER END.

Counterterrorism my ass!

It's time that we employ the mindset that Israel embraced after the Munich assassinations, and become the "hunter" instead of the meek and the hunted. Bush understood that to prevent another 9/11, direct pressure had to be brought upon the perpetrators to disrupt and KILL our sworn enemies. Perhaps his biggest mistake was having the compassion/humanity to imprison these parasites intead of extracting intell and then executing--ending their lives.

I know this sounds barbaric to our dear friends on the left that think passing out a little love and compassion will some how "re-educate" our enemies, (Obama's Cairo speech), but this is a fatal character flaw the left embraces, ignorantly disregarding reality. And, unfortunatly, more will die before this reality sets in.

(cue the trolls....)

Apparently someone in Borde... (Below threshold)

Apparently someone in Border Security planned on "interviewing" the pants bomber AFTER he arrived in Detroit. Of course nobody thought it neccessary to notify the filght crew that they had a person on interest on their flight.

Think about what this means. In the middle of the night, US Homeland Security personel knew this guy was someone of interest which means they knew he bought a one way ticket, knew he didn't have any carryon bags and knew he was connected to radicals. At that point they didn't:
1) notify the flight crew ...
2) direct the plane to land elsewhere ...

doing either of these things should have triggered the next item.

3) notify the President that they were diverting a flight ...

The questions I have are:

Did someone want to notify the crew and or/divert the plane ? If no, why not, if yes, who overrode that request ? Did having to notify the President in the middle of the night on his "vacation" factor into the decision ?

I'm betting someone in Border Security wanted to do those things.

I'm shocked that Teh Messia... (Below threshold)

I'm shocked that Teh Messiah's administration would own up to any failure on its part.

Well Tim, you know they wil... (Below threshold)

Well Tim, you know they will simply say :

"It was all Bush's fault!"

SOP for this Administration.

I'll be shocked, shocked if... (Below threshold)

I'll be shocked, shocked if the 0 doesn't blame it all on Bush.

I am "shocked" that there i... (Below threshold)

I am "shocked" that there is gambling at Rick's Place.

The President/Administratio... (Below threshold)

The President/Administration is on a real misdirection play here. The real question - that is apparently not getting asked - is WHY are we treating this guy like a criminal? This "prepare to be shocked" meme is THE clinching piece of evidence.

If you check the last several days of headlines you see a pattern - "Prez says mistakes may have been made", "There were LAPSES", "Prez is having a meeting in the situation room", etc. Kind of like motherhood and apple pie. So the PR is working. Stay on this item for as long as you want Mr President. Emphasize your efforts to keep the American People SAFE from the, uh, "isolated extremists"(?) and keep the press focused on THAT.

And never mind about that huge piece of legislation that is getting hammered out behind closed-to-CSPAN-doors or that CASE OF VODKA that got dumped in the dumped in the FANNIE and FREDDIE punch bowl on Christmas.

There is absolutly positivl... (Below threshold)

There is absolutly positivly no intellegence left in OBAMA or any of his vile memebers of the LEGION OF DUMB

I AM "SHOCKED" THAT VIC, BR... (Below threshold)








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