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Public Display of Affection responsible for Newark terminal shutdown

Yep... a dastardly goodbye kiss:

The security scare that shut Newark airport for hours and delayed thousands of passengers was caused by a man who slipped into a secure area to give a woman one last goodbye kiss, a newspaper reported on Thursday.

The breach at Newark Liberty International Airport, one of three major airports serving the New York City area, rattled security officials and the airline industry because it came so soon after the attempted Christmas Day bombing of a Detroit-bound airliner.

A videotape of the Newark incident shows the man embracing a woman at the C-1 security checkpoint before she passes through passenger screening, the Star-Ledger newspaper of New Jersey said, citing unnamed security officials who have viewed the tape.

The man, who was not a passenger, walks past a spot where a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officer should have been stationed to move closer to the woman, the paper said.

The woman holds up a rope meant to keep unscreened people out of the secure area so that the man can passes underneath, and they walk hand-in-hand toward the boarding area before disappearing from view, the paper reported.

Wow... that's seriously... threatening... to anyone lacking common sense.


TSA - Too Stupid Administration.



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Comments (19)

Sorry, can't side with you ... (Below threshold)

Sorry, can't side with you on this one. Someone went past the secured area and no matter what it appeared to be, it needed to be dealt with properly.

Perhaps we should mine the ... (Below threshold)

Perhaps we should mine the restricted areas. It would be a one-time cost including a bunch of signs and some barbed wire, but these things are cheap and require no staffing once installed, beyond the janitorial service to mop up the mess when an attempted breach occurs.

I do agree with you Dwayne, all smartass comments aside. It should be dealt with, including a review of security procedures. It seems to me that if an area is out of bounds, it should be protected by more than an unattended rope if an innocent breach like this provokes an entire full pucker airport shutdown.

I've also wondered, for som... (Below threshold)

I've also wondered, for some time, why the airports use ropes and a guard instead of a door with a badge reader.

Your average IT server room has better security than this...

Sounds like screwups all ar... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Sounds like screwups all around.

But this part jumps out at me for some reason:
"The woman holds up a rope meant to keep unscreened people out of the secure area so that the man can passes underneath,.."

What kind of f'n idiot does that?

I hate to be another echo i... (Below threshold)

I hate to be another echo in the room, but yes he should have been stopped and both should have had everything they had with them go back through the screening process. You cannot go past the security lines.

Perhaps someone should call... (Below threshold)

Perhaps someone should call and/or email Senator DeMint about this.

Sorry, but I'm with the TSA... (Below threshold)
James H:

Sorry, but I'm with the TSA here. If a guy breaches crosses security and deliberately avoids guards to kiss his girlfriend good-bye, what ELSE could he be doing? While kissing her, he could slip her any number of banned items, some threatening, some not.

Or maybe he could carry a bag similar to her carry-on bag, hand her his carry-on, then take her original bag back with him when security sends him back over the rope.

When somebody deliberately circumvents security, you have to assume they're doing it for no good reason.

Just to add my 2 cents, you... (Below threshold)

Just to add my 2 cents, you can't have it both ways. I also side with the TSA on this one.

Has the TSA ever caught som... (Below threshold)

Has the TSA ever caught someone attempting to take down a flight? And why do they get badges - for graduating the rigorous training program or for graduating high school? (Wait - do you need high school equivalency?)

The funniest and most idiot... (Below threshold)

The funniest and most idiotic line:

The woman holds up a rope meant to keep unscreened people out of the secure area so that the man can passes underneath

That is all the TSA deems is needed from keeping unscreened people out of the terminals. Gosh! This Obama is a hoot. ww

Good job TSA.. "The man lef... (Below threshold)

Good job TSA.. "The man left the airport and has not been identified. The TSA officer who was working that area has been placed on administrative leave"

Evidently the Too Stupid Attendant was already on leave while the lovebirds were smooching?

There so effective, really need to unionize

Didn't the Lockerbie bomber... (Below threshold)

Didn't the Lockerbie bomber hide the bomb in a radio that he gave to his "girlfriend"/dupe?

The enemy also hides bombs ... (Below threshold)

The enemy also hides bombs in baby carriages. The fault is still with the missing TSA rope-a-dope.

Same over the top response ... (Below threshold)

Same over the top response to gun ownership when a nut job goes on a rampage at work or school.

Is that a box cutter is you... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Is that a box cutter is your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

We've got this airline secu... (Below threshold)
John S:

We've got this airline security system that costs taxpayer more than NASA, has so far screened 4.5 billion passengers and has never caught a terrorist.

Let's send these jokers to run our medical system. Oh right -- we're doing that.

And the happy couple walked... (Below threshold)
jim m:

And the happy couple walked off hand in hand to commit their martyrdom together on a jumbo jet.

You have to be a complete ass to believe that just because they look harmless that they necessarily are harmless. I suppose you voted for Obama because he was clean and articulate too.

There shouldn't be any access that isn't protected by either a hard barrier with key-card access or continuously staffed by multiple security personnel. The only non-hard barrier ares should be passenger screening and the exit, both of which should be guarded anyway.

Good grief is there absolutely no one with an ounce of sense in the TSA? (Yes it's rhetorical)

This is why I feel safer at... (Below threshold)

This is why I feel safer at Disney land than I do at an airport.
Seriously, who do you think treats security more seriously, Florida theme parks, Vegas/AC casinos or the nation's largest airports?

They needed to shutdown... (Below threshold)

They needed to shutdown

The TSA is at fault. There was a guard on station. He left the area unattended after seeing the person move toward the secure area and directing him away.

If the guard needed to leave his post he should have gotten another TSA guard to relieve him.

The TSA did not have access to the Video for over an hour .

PDA could be used as distraction to smuggle contraband.






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