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Summary of White House Terrorism Review

You can read it here.


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WJBWYNH?Can we rea... (Below threshold)


Can we really wait until Sun Jan 17?

/sarcaster off

Hmmmm.. failure of analysi... (Below threshold)

Hmmmm.. failure of analysis, so we sent the guy in charge of analysis off skiing.

The system is big and overlapping, but it didn't work, so we need to make it bigger.

I call BS! We need to take a few folks to the woodshed and then send them packing. I KNOW it would be damaging to their self-esteem, but gee.. sometimes we have to punish the failure.

Can hardly wait for the BIG... (Below threshold)

Can hardly wait for the BIG BUREAUCRACY to run my health care.

So the guy went skiing. So... (Below threshold)
jim m:

So the guy went skiing. So what?

It's not like Obama's going to listen to what he says anyway. Obama, if he hasn't already made up his mind on what he will do, will almost certainly do so base on purely ideological grounds and NOT on facts or intelligence information.

The summary shows that Barr... (Below threshold)

The summary shows that Barry is angry at having to go thru the motions of performing this pesky little part of His job.

RELAX! Dammit folks, we ha... (Below threshold)

RELAX! Dammit folks, we have 300 million Americans...if a few hundred get blown up by the poor Jihadis in response to the Crusades (or whatever) then hey, we've got it coming!

Barry, you Da Man! Party on, Dude...most of us will survive!

So, the Won has admitted th... (Below threshold)

So, the Won has admitted that we are at war with Al Qaeda.

Yet, he still intends to give Al Queda terrorists full Constitutional protections, including civilian trials, Miranda Rights, etc.

He can't say that the 'Buck' stops with him, and yet claim that having the KSM trials in NYC was solely the decision by Holder.

The problems here is that <... (Below threshold)

The problems here is that
1) Field agents should be empowered to start coordination of information at lowest level.
2) They should be over cautious, pull all Visa that relate age, weight and biometric and nationality and to a comparative search.
What if he had obtain an Visa under false name?
3) Immediate coordination of other governments on this SOI should have been done.
4) They need fuzzy logic searches.

System has way too much Top heavy management and is way to specific.

Also we know that while a terrorist like to strike at American interest where they can. The striking a blow against the homeland is the great prize. So once a terrorist is ID he should be on the no fly list until he is Dead, captured or otherwise incapacitated for some time.






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