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"The more people get to know her, the more they like her."

Morgan is talking about Sarah Palin:

However, hesitant as I may be to condemn them...since I have friends, co-workers, acquaintances I consider to be brainy, et cetera, who count themselves proudly among the Palin bashers...

...the actual point is intellectually vacuous. That Sarah Palin is some kind of a lightweight or a dimbulb. They all set out confidently, ready to "participate in debate," really lay the smack down on her. But in the end, they can make it convincing only by hurriedly changing the subject to "I wonder if you can help me with a problem I'm having with my computer" or "So have you seen that new Avatar movie?"

The more people get to know her, the more they like her.

And the more people get to know Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, Chuck Schumer and Ben Nelson...the more they like her.

He's got a Dennis Miller video up that gives some context.  Go now and get your fill.

And go Sarah go, keep gettin' under their thin skins.



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Comments (10)

Sarah Palin is the maam.</p... (Below threshold)

Sarah Palin is the maam.

This is prime demented left... (Below threshold)
Dr Carlo Lombardi:

This is prime demented lefty troll bait.

Wait for it...wait for it..... (Below threshold)

Wait for it...wait for it...

For someone supposedly 'stu... (Below threshold)

For someone supposedly 'stupid' and 'inexperienced' and 'shows no leadership'; Palin sure gets the Obamabot leftie's panties all twisted.

How is that supposed to happen? Or could it just be projection from what they see in Barry?

Right on GarandFan, <... (Below threshold)

Right on GarandFan,

All the things they rubbed their Unicorns for while esconsing Barry on a pedastal are present in Sarah.. How poetic.

This is gonna be fun!

What most in the Ivory Towe... (Below threshold)

What most in the Ivory Towers of Washington and Acedemia, or the hard core facists, that's what the modern "progressive" movement is, pure and simple facism, don't "get" about Palin is her appeal to the common man.

When looking at the great middle class in flyover country, ask yourself, who do they have more in common with? The lower middle-class, soccer mom, who has worked her way up from the bottom through hard work and unwavering convictions or the Elite acedemic who has never worked hard and lived a life of privalage?

They work so hard to demonize her, constantly pointing to her as being dumb, flighty, etc., I don't know about all that but what she may lack in Harvard backed education she makes up for in good ole Common Sense, the kind of common sense that tells you to poor water out of your boot before you put it on, the kind of sense that is lacking in Washington from our career politicians and the whole bunch of Ivy League educated idiots that know what is "good" for us, whether they have a D or an R after their name. It's the kind of common sense we need a WHOLE LOT more of in that cesspool.

Degrees are a great indicat... (Below threshold)

Degrees are a great indicator:

BS (we know that one)

MS - more of the same

PHD - piled higher and deeper

I hate to disappoint, but I... (Below threshold)

I hate to disappoint, but I'm with you fellers. Go Sarahcuda!

Palin/Bachmann 2012!!!!!

They work so hard to dem... (Below threshold)
John S:

They work so hard to demonize her, constantly pointing to her as being dumb, flighty, etc...

It's just sexism. Liberal are often blatant bigots.

How about Palin and JUDGE N... (Below threshold)

How about Palin and JUDGE Napolitano in 2012??






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