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Democrats Stripping Republican Amendments from Health Care Bill

So according to Nancy Pelosi the negotiations surrounding health care have been the most open for any piece of legislation, huh? The Democrats are all for bipartisanship, huh? Right now Pelosi and Reid are stripping Republican amendments from the health care bill after they were approved in committee. By the time they are done with the health care bill, it will be a wholly Democrat bill. Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit has video of Oregon Rep. Greg Walden on Greta last night:

I hope you are not surprised by this. And I hope you don't live in a rural area of America because the amendment that would require rural representation on the committees that will determine how this new health care system will work was completely taken out of the House version of the bill. In other words, the new health care bill will favor those who live in cities and metropolitan areas and those who live in rural are not going to get their health care needs met.


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Concerned about the "how" y... (Below threshold)

Concerned about the "how" yet, Sturm?

A totally Democratic bill! ... (Below threshold)

A totally Democratic bill! Great! Then it will be a total failure, and the Democrats can take full responsibility for the results: exploding healthcare costs, higher taxes for middle-income families, lower quality of care, and less innovation in the healthcare industry.

Uh, no Kevino! They'll blam... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Uh, no Kevino! They'll blame Bush or the lack of bipartisanship shown by the Congressional Republicans.

This is representative gove... (Below threshold)

This is representative government?

The last time somebody tried this, it started the American Revolution. I had an ancestor in that one. Maybe it's our turn this time. I'm starting to wonder if we can afford to wait another 11 months.

Most open, most honest, mos... (Below threshold)

Most open, most honest, most transparent, most ethical Congress, evah! And don't you forget it.

Has Nancy ordered the Brown Shirts yet?

GarandFan: "Most open, m... (Below threshold)

GarandFan: "Most open, most honest, most transparent, most ethical Congress, evah! And don't you forget it."

Aye Aye, Sir!

I am bizzzy updating my Dictionary with Queen Nancy's definition of:

Once the ink dries I will be fully on board! (i.e., no need to re-educate me!)

Those clowns really don't g... (Below threshold)

Those clowns really don't get it, do they? Just because they pass a bill into law, doesn't mean that it won't be repealed next year by a new Congress. In fact, most of the changes are years out, except the costs and taxes. Next November will be a bloodbath.

Roy, that's why they tried ... (Below threshold)

Roy, that's why they tried to slip in a provision to require a super-majority to repeal or ammend, regardless of the rules in place at the time.

I agree with UOG but would ... (Below threshold)

I agree with UOG but would add that the MSM would use that as the narrative for the story.

You can be sure when this d... (Below threshold)

You can be sure when this disaster fails, the Dems will blame the Republicans, whom by the way did not want anything to do with this crap to start with. As other posters here have said, the Dims are in for a rude shock come November. Most of them will walking down the road kicking cans and mumbling to themselves.

In other words, the new hea... (Below threshold)
just bob:

In other words, the new health care bill will favor those who live in cities and metropolitan areas and those who live in rural are not going to get their health care needs met.

In other words take care of the inner city people who do not work,have more kids than they can afford and live on the government teat. Redistribution of wealth plain and simple!



....a HIGH CRIME is one which seeks the overthrow of the country, which gives aid or comfort to it's enemies, OR WHICH INJURES THE COUNTRY TO THE PROFIT OF AN INDIVIDUAL OR GROUP.....it also includes crimes which attempt to alter the outcome of elections. Know anyone in DC this might apply to?


Well it's a good thing I do... (Below threshold)

Well it's a good thing I dont have any health care concerns to meet cause I sure would'nt sign on to this illegitimate monstrosity.

Barack Seizer Obama, mmmm' mmmm' mmmm'

In their evil's every manif... (Below threshold)

In their evil's every manifestation -- including especially in the feral-gummint's every treacherously-subversive agency, bureau and department and every tyrannically-fiat court -- the vast RICO-racketeering criminal enterprises that "collectivist=ly" prefer we call them by their street name, the "Democrats," is stripping away our beloved fraternal republic's and every last Sovereign American's Constitutional Protection.

After a century of post-Christian (il)Liberal subversion, multi-culturalism, moral relativity and political-correctness, our nation has already become a Xerox copy of your typical Euro-peon-Neo-Soviet-ized sh*thole.

And are well on the way to being, as is Eurabia, already, just another third world Islamanazi sh*thole!







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