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Saturday Morning Comedy

It's been quite a while since I've posted a series of classic comedy clips, so I felt it was time for another round. We'll start with Moe Howard's classic appearance on the Mike Douglas Show in the mid 1970's. Moe gives Mike and guest Ted Knight lessons on how to properly throw a pie.

What could possibly go wrong?

(Embedding has been disabled -- click here to watch.)

Next, here is Dom DeLuise's classic Tonight Show appearance, featuring his trick with raw eggs and glasses of water. Johnny Carson, Dom DeLuise, raw eggs ... again, what could possibly go wrong?

Finally, my favorite impressionist, Frank Gorshin, performing one of his best routines ever on the Ed Sullivan show, from the early 1960's. Gorshin does Broderick Crawford, Dean Martin, Anthony Quinn, Marlon Brando, Bert Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, and a wordless Alec Guiness. Sheer genius.


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Talent. Just what isn't on... (Below threshold)

Talent. Just what isn't on TV today. Today it's all four letter words to mask what isn't there. Talent.

Thanks, Michael.Go... (Below threshold)

Thanks, Michael.

Good, clean fun that you just don't see in modern comedy.

Timeless, too. My brothers and I practiced all the Three Stooges routines in the 50s. In the 80s, my own kids saw a Three Stooges video and loved it.

GarandFan:Kinda me... (Below threshold)


Kinda metaphor for politics today, especially in light of Frank Gorshin's theme...

Funny stuff from the good o... (Below threshold)

Funny stuff from the good old day's.. The lack of vulgarity is so refreshing.

Great Stuff Mike. Keep 'em ... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Great Stuff Mike. Keep 'em comin'.

The comedians of today cant... (Below threshold)

The comedians of today cant open their mouths without uttering toilet talk and bathroom humor which is realy distressing






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