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Video: How Long Did it Take You to Realize the System Failed?

I saw this at Bookworm Room and knew immediately that I had to share it with Wizbang's readers:


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hey, MOST of the airplanes ... (Below threshold)

hey, MOST of the airplanes DIDN'T have terrorists on them! So there!

Besides, we have Dutch film students taking care of air-safety, and they're cheaper (Free!] than those costly Air Marshalls.

Everybody played their role... (Below threshold)

Everybody played their role as the system worked. Barry's role was improving His +17 handicap while perusing about pet goat's, Gibb's was polishing up the media knob's and Napolitano's is yet to be defined beyond incompetent.

The only success to be attributed in this is to the flying Dutchman and the incompetent firecracker skill's of the Nigerian Al Quaeda..

In a parallel universe Obam... (Below threshold)
jim m:

In a parallel universe Obama, Gibbs and Napolitano are falling through the sky after the undie bomber has blown up their plane and they are assuring everyone, "Don't worry. The system is working the way it is supposed to!"

Hey, not fair! Barry didn'... (Below threshold)

Hey, not fair! Barry didn't have his focus groups with him in Hawaii. Hence, 'systemic failure'. I'm sure they'll correct that next time around. Lord knows, AF1 has enough room on it.

jim m-In said para... (Below threshold)

jim m-

In said parallel universe, I'd agree!

Jim M, 914; truth is, they'... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Jim M, 914; truth is, they're falling through the sky in this universe as well. Just look at the job approval numbers.

I apologize to all of you if the above remark sets TinaS off again.

The system worked perfectly... (Below threshold)

The system worked perfectly - as political theater.

"We care! We'll spend literally billions of dollars, checking everyone from infants to elderly people in wheelchairs to make sure nobody feels left out, put in insane restrictions that we can point at to say "We're Doing Something!" to make you feel like we've got everything covered."

However, when tested it's shown the system DOESN'T work.

And the folks looking to do harm laugh at the expense and effort (not to mention the pissed-off conditions of people who've gone through security) and then never try the things they're protecting against again. Think there's going to be more underwear bombers?

You know what I think would work best? Explosive-screen the luggage. Drop personal screening except for knives over 6 inches and guns. The restrictions on fingernail clippers and the like were ridiculous to begin with - and another example of how it was more important to LOOK like they were doing a good job than actually DO a good job.

Announce at the beginning of each flight the following...

"Do we have any Marines on board? Wonderful. Okay, Army? Great. Any Black belts in Karate? Tai Kwan Do? Good. Crips, Bloods, other gangbangers? Great - guys, lay off each other on the flight okay?

"Now - in the event of anyone doing anything crazy, like trying to set off a bomb or hijack the plane or whatever - you guys are in charge of stopping them, okay? If there's a CONFIRMED attempt, and you stop them, we'll give you a 1-year AirPass good for travel anywhere in the world for up to 5 people, and $100,000 cash - and we'll pay your taxes on that.

"And don't kill them. The manifest paperwork when that happens is a real pain, 'k?

"Now, if you're settling a grudge (You Crips and Bloods especially) or just being an asshole and thinking you can get a free ride, this WILL be checked out when we land. We're looking for legit hijackings or bomb attempts only - so if you tackle a granny or a kid, you'd better have a darn good reason or you're going to jail for five to ten for assault.

"Now we'll continue with our preflight briefing. Thank you for choosing Alert&Aware Air, where we depend on YOU - since the TSA's not got a clue!"
That'd cut a lot of the cost out and cut the need for a lot of TSA folk.

comment @post #7Ta... (Below threshold)

comment @post #7

Take a bow that was brilliant.

Re: #7That has to ... (Below threshold)

Re: #7

That has to start way before boarding, me friends, if we really want to protect us all from terrorism. And it includes protection from fat lip accusations promoted by fat heads.

Expect harsh remonstrations from TS, SG, WC, SAUD, etc. soon.

[pin drops]Actuall... (Below threshold)

[pin drops]

Actually I figured out the system was broken somewhere around Nov 3, 2009.

of course it took 3 hours t... (Below threshold)

of course it took 3 hours to notify barry...it took them that long to walk around michelle's ass....






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