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You would think that the feminist movement would be all over this

You would be wrong:

One of the defining features of Islam is its obsession with sex.  Every rule regarding women is based upon a driving need to control their sexuality.  They are married off as children, sequestered, dressed in clothes that rob them of any hint of femininity, deprived of any opportunities to function outside the reproductive sphere, and fearfully abused, with stonings, hangings, beheadings and beatings if they transgress in any way Islamic rules regarding their sexual or even merely feminine behavior.

A large part of the Islamic world's hatred for America specifically, and the West generally, is premised upon the fact that the West gives women sexual freedom.  And by sexual freedom, I don't simply mean the freedom to have sex.  I mean the freedom to be feminine in public.


Now, word is coming out of Afghanistan that an Af/Pak warlord, both to feed his lust (which includes both pedophilia and rape) and to fund his war chest, arranged to have local women raped, with the rapes filmed and distributed for profit.  When word leaked out that he was involved, he responded by murdering the participants, both the men who carried out the raping and filming, and the innocent young girls who were brutalized.  He also destroyed all the videos, or so he thought.  In fact, a video landed in the hands of one Imam who actually has a conscience and prepared a video speaking out against these loathsome moral transgressions.  Author Brad Thor got a hold of the video, and you can now read the whole sordid story and see the video at The Jawa Report.  I should warn you that the video is very graphic, and that's despite the fact that much of it is edited out.

Because the video and the story behind it so perfectly illustrate the dangerous pathologies that drive radical Islam, Rusty would like his post to go viral.  (He actually asked that the video go viral, but I think his post is a sufficiently important backdrop that you really shouldn't have one without the other.)  So, I'm doing my bit, and I hope that you do yours.

I've done my part... you do yours by passing this on... and on... and on...

Especially to those who claim to care about women.



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Comments (12)

Hate to say this but I woul... (Below threshold)

Hate to say this but I would rather be aborted than live in that sick society.

You would think that... (Below threshold)
jim m:

You would think that.

However, the feminist movement is not really about woman's rights and freedom anymore (assuming that at one point it was). The movement is now just part of the progressive/liberal political agenda and that movement itself is little more than a vehicle for the political careers of its leaders.

So they will continue to support the pretend grievances of muslims because they are in the business of using the victimhood of others to advance their own agenda. That muslims want the destruction of the American way of life is to them a happy coincidence because that is what they seek too, except that istead of replacing it with an islamic state the left wants a socialist one. Unfortunately for us all the left is too shortsighted to see that the enemy of their enemy, is their enemy as well.

Feminists do care about thi... (Below threshold)

Feminists do care about this. They're the ones who were protesting supposed "female circumcision" back probably before you were born (the 1970s).

They protested the Taliban when Bush was propping them up in Afghanistan.

Not to mention that there have been Islamic feminists for quite some time now.

But if you don't know anything about feminism, it's easy to miss that.

And we can hear all that pr... (Below threshold)

And we can hear all that protest going on today?
Oh wait you can't.......
They Only protested it when it was in the best interests of the Democrat party....

<a href="http://www.thenati... (Below threshold) This is all correct. Why d... (Below threshold)

This is all correct. Why do you think it is that when Muslims step in to take control of any area the first thing they do is cover the women and deny them liberties?

oldfeminist,There ma... (Below threshold)

There may still be some true believers out there still, but the current wave (I forget, are we on 3rd, fourth or fifth now?!?) certainly seems more interested in politics and power for their own sake than an agenda the empowers women. Some of the coalitions still give lip service to access, opportunity and freedom of choice, but only if you make the pre-approved choices.

Oh that's right I forgot, A... (Below threshold)

Oh that's right I forgot, Afghanistan was a paradise before the evil CIA convinced the Taliban to attack the Russians.
I'm glad to see some people who believe in justice and freedom for all people speaking out against Islam. Your second link is very motivating.

"1. Posted by 914 | Janu... (Below threshold)

"1. Posted by 914 | January 9, 2010 1:20 PM | Score: 2 (4 votes cast"

Ok idiot... Your terrorist # 3666.. FOAD

Yes, but his heart is in th... (Below threshold)

Yes, but his heart is in the right place so we shouldn't let something so minor distract us from Health Care Refornm(TM).

"But if you don't know a... (Below threshold)

"But if you don't know anything about feminism, it's easy to miss that."

It's easy to miss because it's merely incidental to other current feminist priorities. I HAVE been around long enough to remember. Feminism today isn't even recognizable to feminism 30 or 40 years ago.

But even then they were doing stupid things to turn people off to the idea of feminism. Childish displays of bra burning, showing indignation at men for holding a door open, hyperbole abounded and many people just couldn't take them seriously as a result.

It's really gone on past it's usefulness in its current guise though. They've lost their focus. "Real" victims exist and should be a priority over politics. I don't see it happening. Especially when feminists attack people like Sarah Palin who has proven we don't need gender politics, special considerations or pity.

Oyster: "even then they we... (Below threshold)

Oyster: "even then they were doing stupid things to turn people off to the idea of feminism. Childish displays of bra burning, showing indignation at men for holding a door open, hyperbole abounded and many people just couldn't take them seriously as a result."

Bra burning? Was pretty much a one-time event. I certainly never attended one. It was a media focus because, wow, boobies.

Indignation at men for holding a door open? Rarely if ever happened. If I'm there first, I'll open it. If you're there first, you'll open it. Neither of us should let the door slam in the other's face. That's just simple manners.

That certainly wasn't what we talked about at the women's center. We were too busy discussing how we could get paid the same for the same work, how we could even get interviewed to try out for the same work and be considered seriously, and how to help ourselves or each other if we got raped, unintentionally pregnant or abused.

And that's what most feminists are still concerned with today.






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