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Blue Meanies, Part I: With Friends Like These...

Ah, the Massachusetts Senate Race, to see who will fill the (voluminous and high-octane) seat vacated by Ted Kennedy. Could one ask for a better snapshot into the massively corrupt Democratic machine that owns the Bay State?

The Democratic nominee is Martha Coakley, career prosecutor. She's the favorite to win the seat, almost entirely because of the (D) after her name. It's certainly not based on her performance as a law-enforcement professional.

The Boston Globe, who has endorsed her and cheerfully carried her water, found that even they couldn't whitewash all she's done (or hasn't done). Last week, they discussed the case of a police officer who raped his 23-month-old niece with a curling iron -- a case where Coakley did pretty much everything she could to make go away.

There have also been a string of political corruption scandals in Massachusetts. Two consecutive House Speakers have been convicted of corruption, and the third has just been indicted -- all by federal officials, not by Coakley's office.

Numerous other state and local officials (including two Boston City Councilors) have also run afoul of the law in recent years -- but not Martha's law. It's been other agencies that have been trying to clean up the Augean stables that is Massachusetts politics. Hell, when it was revealed that aides to Boston's mayor had deleted e-mails in violation of the law, she refused to investigate.

On the other hand, she has been resolute in keeping one convicted sex offender from seeking his freedom. The case in the Fells Acres Day Care sex abuse scandal has utterly collapsed, but Coakley refused to let one of the women convicted be released until she had signed an extensive agreement -- including a pledge to never give interviews on the subject. And another convict -- Gerald Amirault -- remains still behind bars, largely on the basis of Coakley's obstinancy.

There is exactly one compelling reason to elect Coakley to the Senate: it would get her the hell out of the AG's office. The only question is whether or not she could cause less harm in the United States Senate than she's currently causing.

On the other hand, in her current job, she's pretty much limited to causing problems for her fellow Bay Staters...


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Comments (10)

Sounds like Coakley will fi... (Below threshold)

Sounds like Coakley will fit right in with the rest of the incompetents in Washington.

Coakley is just a typical D... (Below threshold)

Coakley is just a typical Dem fascist.

I think that as one of 100 ... (Below threshold)

I think that as one of 100 seniority obsessed members, (and the most junior), she will tend to shut up and do what she is told. As a result, she might do less damage than she has as the head of the "Justice Department" of the state of Massachusetts. Of course, if she leaves office as a result of the race, and loses the Senate race, it will be a win-win situation.

What do you expect from the... (Below threshold)
jim m:

What do you expect from the same legal system that gave you the Amirault case, where, when it was revealed that he was convicted wrongly, the MA supreme court ruled that they would not vacate this injustice on the basis that it was better for the state for the whole thing to just go away?

Coakley is doing what all politicians do: protecting their own.

Ok, ok! Meeting may of the ... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Ok, ok! Meeting may of the requirements. Now just tell us she has a drinking problem and we can rest secure in the knowledge that her election is a foregone conclusion.

She will never live up to t... (Below threshold)

She will never live up to the legacy of Teddy... All that legendary drinking is a tough road to navigate.

I dunno. It's hard trying ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I dunno. It's hard trying to see her continuing his legacy of sexual assault.

Your typical liberal demacr... (Below threshold)

Your typical liberal demacratic fascsist

Fascistchusetts, first refu... (Below threshold)

Fascistchusetts, first refuge of lying, looting, thieving, recidivist, treasonous war-profiteering scoundrels.

And of other Kennedys.

Gerry Amirault was r... (Below threshold)

Gerry Amirault was released in 2004, numbnut. It doesn't matter what letter a politician has before their name--if they behave like scum, they are scum. Coakley is scum, Dem or not.






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