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Blue Meanies, Part II: By Hook And By Crook

Back in 2004, the Democrats who own Massachusetts got a rude shock, on the eve of what could have been their greatest triumph. One of their own, Senator John Kerry, was looking more and more like the next president of the United States.

But then someone actually read the laws governing the state and saw a red shadow over their blue fantasies: should Kerry win that November, his Senate seat would be vacant -- and under the current law, the governor would appoint his successor. And that governor was Mitt Romney, a Republican. The odds that he would "respect" the party's "right" to that seat were somewhere between "fat chance" and "slim chance."

So the law got changed. Not much of a surprise; while the governor was a Republican, the Democrats held the legislature to an obscene degree: over 85% in each House. So the law was changed to "special election" should a Senate seat become vacant.

All the drama came to nought; Kerry, naturally, lost, and held on to his Senate seat.

But then a few years later Kerry's colleague, Ted Kennedy, announced that he had terminal brain cancer. And in the meantime, the governorship had shifted back to Democratic hands (the astonishingly weak and inept Deval Patrick). That meant that the best chance of keeping a Senate seat in Democratic hands wasn't in a special election, but in a gubernatorial appointment -- so they started changing the law back. If that meant suddenly abandoning all the arguments they made in 2004 and adopting those of their opponents, so what?

The rank hypocrisy was almost too much, even for Massachusetts. They struck a few copromises. Yes, the governor got to appoint a Senator to fill a vacancy, but only until a special election could be held. That appointee was not only not eligible to run, but couldn't campaign for or even endorse a candidate.

And that's how it played out. Longtime Kennedy apparatchik Paul Kirk got tapped for the temporary slot, and the primaries and election were set.

And then it went askew, as the Democrats started to realize that there was a chance they might actually lose the seat. So, of course, they did what Massachusetts Democrats do whenever they might not get their way: they tossed the rulebook.

First up, Kirk defied the (admittedly non-binding) stated position of the legislature and not only endorsed the Democratic nominee, Martha Coakley, but made a few campaign appearances for her. And now they're saying that should the Republican, Scott Brown, win, they might stall certifying his election for as long as possible to keep him out of the Senate -- possibly in time for the health care reform bill to pass.

What would be the legal justification for the delay, you might ask? You naive fool. This is Massachusetts! That barely two years ago Niki Tsongas won a special House election that was certified within 48 hours is irrelevant. You see, she's a Democrat, and therefore there's a different standard.

In Massachusetts, the Democrats are showing that they are prepared to do almost anything to keep the Senate seat in their hands.

The one thing they are not prepared to do -- the one thing that they simply are incapable of doing -- is demonstrating to the voters that they ought to be trusted with the office.

But then again, this is Massachusetts. There's every single chance that the subjects voters of Massachusetts will continue to be sheep, guided by the criminally inept Democratic machine.

If only we could keep them from inflicting their damage on the rest of the nation.


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Comments (8)

Sounds like a great place t... (Below threshold)

Sounds like a great place to live if you enjoy being lorded over by a bunch of aritocratic bluebloods.

Having moved here recently ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Having moved here recently I can say that my early impression is that while there are a whole lot of crazy libs in the bay state, there are a lot more of very unhappy people who would love to get out from under heir stupid policies. The problem is that with a moribund GOP that can only produce RINO's there isn't any real alternative most of the time.

Gee, is anyone surprised?</... (Below threshold)

Gee, is anyone surprised?

Keep in mind the shenanigans in NY23, the Dem won the seat but the election wasn't certified by the State as a result his vote on health care wasn't strictly legal.

Consider Roland Burris, app... (Below threshold)

Consider Roland Burris, appointed by the indicted Illinois Governor as his parting shot.

And then Minnesota's junior Senator Stewart Smalley, selected by Democrat insiders and some very friendly judges.

And now Massachusetts...

A single vote from one of these "elected" positions would have undone the healthcare juggernaut months ago.

I don't expect our government to run based on a plebiscite, but it seems to me we should have SOME say in our own future. Instead, we're governed "by any means necessary", whether we like it or not.

There's something very wrong going on here.

Maybe the citizens (the rem... (Below threshold)

Maybe the citizens (the remaining ones) need to get their pitchforks, tar and feathers, and torches and go visit the statehouse.

Of course the Dems could be... (Below threshold)

Of course the Dems could be honest for once and just pass a law that says that the "Hereditary Kennedy Senate Seat" will be filled by whomever the Kennedy family decides should sit there. At least the intellectual elite would be honest that they're pissing on the people.

Why don't they just write t... (Below threshold)
Joe Miller:

Why don't they just write the law so that a democrat governor gets to do what he wants and a republican doesn't?

"Why don't they just wri... (Below threshold)

"Why don't they just write the law so that a democrat governor gets to do what he wants and a republican doesn't?"

Its an unwritten law of liberalism. Liberals are all knowing public ( self ) do gooder's that never benefit from their generosity with others money.






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