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Pete Carroll Leaves USC; Will Coach Seattle Seahawks

This story by the AP states Pete Carroll left USC to become the coach of the Seattle Seahawks because he loves a challenge and the NFL.

Pete Carroll loves challenges and the NFL game. The Seattle Seahawks offered both, and not even Southern California could compete.

Carroll ended his nine-year tenure with the Trojans on Monday, leaving behind a program facing multiple woes for a lucrative deal to coach the Seahawks.

"If you know anything about me, you know I can't pass up this challenge," Carroll said.

But there's one angle to this story that the AP leaves out. Carroll will get to love a lot more of his income because he's moving from a state that rapes the rich to a state with no income tax to speak of. He'll be laughing all the way to the bank while California goes bankrupt. When you treat the wealthy like the goose that lays the golden eggs, you can't be surprised when they fly the coop.


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But there's one an... (Below threshold)
But there's one angle to this story that the AP leaves out.

Why would the AP leave tax issues out of an NFL coaching story?! Absolutely horrible writing.

Kim - deep breaths. Carroll bragged about voting for Obama. He's a Democrat. I'm so sorry for your loss.

'As for Carroll, he said he... (Below threshold)

'As for Carroll, he said he was voting for Barack Obama."It's time," Carroll said. "I'm excited for it, for everybody. Most of all, I'm excited to be represented by him around the world." '

As cited in November of 2008. No one has gotten an opinion from him recently on whether he regrets his vote or not. He may be a Democrat but as a football coach I would expect Barry has not impressed him since the hand on the Lincoln Bible thing.

And anyway, Kim didn't mention Obama in her post. California was raping the golden goose long before Barry was inaugurated.

I'm betting Paul Allen (and... (Below threshold)

I'm betting Paul Allen (and the rest of us 'hawk fans) really don't give a rat's rear end who Carroll voted for.

btw, Old governor Snake Eyes is pushing hard for a state income tax as we speak.

It has been written that US... (Below threshold)
KCrouch Author Profile Page:

It has been written that USC may be facing serious NCAA sanctions. Could that be a factor?

Democrats don't pay taxes. ... (Below threshold)

Democrats don't pay taxes. Just ask the Kennedy's.

Most people who'll give an ... (Below threshold)

Most people who'll give an 'I voted for the big eared puppet' quote to a reporter probably didnt.

You've got to figure USC's ... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

You've got to figure USC's about to get hammered by the NCAA, either that or he's steamed at Garret for hanging him out to dry. Otherwise he's a dope for leaving. He's got a lot more first round draft picks in LA than he'll have in Seattle. Who leaves Malibu for Seattle?

You must not pay close atte... (Below threshold)

You must not pay close attention to college football and especially the long ongoing "probe" of the USC program by the NCAA. Most fans of the other Pac-10 teams have been rather bitter about the fact that the Trojans kept seeming to slide despite what appeared to be major violations of the NCAA rules. Recent reports indicate that the NCAA is close to issuing sanctions, and many people believe Pete jumped to the Seahawks as a way of avoiding the punishment that is soon to be issued to the USC program.

While WA has no income tax ... (Below threshold)

While WA has no income tax to speak of, it taxes just about everything else and is in a HUGE shortfall situation. I doubt that any of the politicians will swallow a poison pill and start one up, its been trial ballooned lately. But what you don't send to Olympia in an annual income tax you pay for everyday in a huge amount of taxes and fees, increased costs (highest minimum wage in the country), etc.

No, taxes had NOTHING to do with it.

Ah, The Poodle is going to ... (Below threshold)

Ah, The Poodle is going to take another stab at the pros. Last time he did that, neither he nor the Patriots were very happy about the results. Can he do better in Seattle? Time will tell.

Agree with epador. Taxes ha... (Below threshold)

Agree with epador. Taxes had nothing to do with it. We're taxed out the wazoo in other ways.

And escaping/avoiding the various and bubbling USC scandals might have had something to do with his departing the University of Spoiled Children.

Who???... (Below threshold)







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