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"It's not the Kennedy's seat, it's not the Democrats' seat, it's the people's seat"

In what may become the political line of this election season, Scott Brown delivers:

Hats off to Mr. Brown who apparently gets it.

He best represents, certainly in the near term, hope and change to believe in.



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It reminds me of this <a hr... (Below threshold)

It reminds me of this video of Mitt Romney reminding a Boston Globe reporter about who actually represents the people.

I think this shows, without... (Below threshold)

I think this shows, without argument, the way liberals feel about seats in the house and senate. There may be some carry over to the republicans but by far and away a seat is a possession for liberals. mpw

Love it! Good answer back ... (Below threshold)

Love it! Good answer back to DG.

I like to see this carved on the chest of all career politicans, just so they don't forget....WE THE PEOPLE and NOT we the politicans.

Great line by Scott Brown a... (Below threshold)

Great line by Scott Brown and refreshingly correct. He should use this in any new commercials he runs.

And he might also consider adding that Coakley can't even spell Massachusetts correctly.

How dare he think politicia... (Below threshold)

How dare he think politicians should look out for the interests of liberals and their lobbyists/donors.

How long til he starts to get attacked?

This is enough to drive Ted... (Below threshold)

This is enough to drive Teddy to drinking.

I just hope that he wins wi... (Below threshold)

I just hope that he wins with a large enough margin that Acorn can't swoop in with trunkloads of ballots for Coakley and recounts until she wins. I am remembering Franken.

And I think his use of "Wit... (Below threshold)

And I think his use of "With all due respect" in this instance means "with absolutely none because that's all a hack like you is due."

#7I dont think the... (Below threshold)


I dont think there is a margin big enough in a leftist controlled state..Florida was thankfully not leftist controlled.

Here in MN the leftists kept counting and recounting & opening trunks & magically each time Franken got closer.

As leftist as Taxachusetts seems to be, look forward to month's of litigation, voter fraud, race card playing and Brown being accused of raping a minor or some such leftwing trash.

#9, And the Colema... (Below threshold)


And the Coleman camp lacked the testicular fortitude to fight as dirty and as nasty as the Franken camp, IMO.

The "intellectual elites" o... (Below threshold)

The "intellectual elites" of Taxachusetts aren't going to like the idea of the commoners thinking that they run things.

We need to clone this guy a... (Below threshold)

We need to clone this guy all over the USA this summer.

Term limits for Senators. 8... (Below threshold)

Term limits for Senators. 8 years and no more.

Vagabond: Senatori... (Below threshold)
Lurking Observer:


Senatorial terms are six years. How would your 8 year idea work?

Are you suggesting changing the Senate's terms?

Or are you thinking of Representatives (who have 2 year terms)?

Bingo Mr. Brown! Here's hop... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

Bingo Mr. Brown! Here's hoping you are on your
way to Washington.

Gergen's Adam's apple was in free fall as you
snapped out your answer.

I live here behind enemy li... (Below threshold)

I live here behind enemy lines in MA.
I'm going to be in sunny Jamaica next week, so I voted for Brown at my town hall today.
I have a couple of very liberal relatives who, while not voting for Brown, are not the least bit motivated or inclined to vote for Coakley. They're sitting this one out. I hope that's a Dem trend. I'll be checking the Web early Wednesday morning with my fingers crossed. If it works out they way I hope, it will be irie, mon!

Coakley has major trouble h... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Coakley has major trouble here. She hasn't been impressive as AG. The unions aren't backing her because of obamacare and the fear that their health care plans would be taxed.

Smaller newspapers (The Lowell Sun) outside of Boston are endorsing Brown. The Boston Herald (which also endorsed Brown) ripped her today for going after Garden clubs for failing to file financial disclosure forms while doing seemingly little about other issues like prostitution.

She completely blew the debate last night. Not only did Brown get the quote of the evening, but she got caught essentially claiming that there are no more terrorists in Afghanistan.

Her only argument for election is "I'm a Democrat elect me", while openly promising to vote for higher taxes, an unpopular health care plan, she offers nothing that even the main stream democratic voters here are interested in. If she wins it is because voters are simply in the habit of voting democrat without thinking.

This via a Twitter feed:</p... (Below threshold)

This via a Twitter feed:

"Coakley campaign staffer knocks down Weekly Standard reporter outside of DC bar after asking Afghan question. Video to come."

And BTW Coakley must be as ignorant as Napolitano.

In her debate with Brown she declared there are no terrorists left in Afghanistan because they've all gone to Yemen or Pakistan.

Vagabond has a good idea, b... (Below threshold)

Vagabond has a good idea, but it seems to me that 12 year term limits make more sense because a constitutional amendment would not be required (read: snowball's chance in hell).

Two six year terms for Senators or six two year terms for Representatives ought to allow more than enough time for most of our politicians to retire rich. Most of them (90% of all senators, for example) are millionaires already. Maybe it's time to get them to back away from the trough.

Trouble is, it would require our aristocrat legislators to commit mass political seppuku and vote themselves out of office.

That ain't happening without an enormous push from the electorate, but I love the idea.

I think you would have to a... (Below threshold)

I think you would have to amend the constitution for term limits, no? We had to for presidential term limits.

Maybe, now that you mention... (Below threshold)

Maybe, now that you mention it, Brad. My thought was that only the length of each term was defined in the Constitution, not the number of terms. I was thinking that it could be accomplished in secret behind closed doors, with no public debate, but I'm just projecting here.

I still like the idea.

Roy, #12, says we need to c... (Below threshold)

Roy, #12, says we need to clone this guy all over America.

Too bad around two of every three "Republicans" are to conservatism what cabin poofters are to what we used to call "aircrew."

On the one hand but wait staff in faux aeroplane-driver costumes -- and on the other, actual "Democrats" in rented RINO suits.






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