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About Those Audio Ads...

A couple people have e-mailed me about advertisments on Wizbang playing audio. I myself did not see (or hear) the ads that included audio, but I have acted to remove all of our ads from the network I suspect served the ads. Their ads were not supposed to include audio unless it was user requested, which clearly appears not to have been the case. The ads, as well as the entire network, are gone from this site, and will not return.


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Comments (16)

Thanks,They were bug... (Below threshold)

They were buggy to say the least.

Thank you.... (Below threshold)

Thank you.

TY, annoying little suckers... (Below threshold)

TY, annoying little suckers.

Good for you! I didn't run ... (Below threshold)

Good for you! I didn't run into any of the ads, myself, but it's good that you put the consideration of your audience above mere commercialism.

Thank God! I was trying to ... (Below threshold)
Brett Buck:

Thank God! I was trying to find a place to complain about it.

Good move, Kevin. Those ads... (Below threshold)

Good move, Kevin. Those ads were obnoxious.

I know I'm good, but when t... (Below threshold)

I know I'm good, but when they announced that I had one before I had even wrote my caption contest entry, I knew something was up.

Thanks! I appreciate that!... (Below threshold)

Thanks! I appreciate that!

Thanks, Kevin. The ones I ... (Below threshold)

Thanks, Kevin. The ones I hated were the mini-Youtube ads - you couldn't mute them!

Thanks Kevin. I know you g... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Thanks Kevin. I know you got to make money, but some ads drive readers away. Besides the audio ads, the ones that flash insistently go beyond any reasonable standard. In particular the one that keeps proclaiming the same lie that I'm the 100,000 visitor.

Some sites. such as Weather Underground, use the ad annoyance effect to sell an ad free annual membership for $5.00. A price I gladly pay.

I'm not sure that model would work on a blog, but besides no ads you could offer other "member only" functionality such as being able to post images within comments.

Thank you!... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Thank you!

Steve Green did it. Ban him... (Below threshold)

Steve Green did it. Ban him. ;) ww



Sigh, now I no longer can s... (Below threshold)

Sigh, now I no longer can start or end each day knowing I'm a winner.

Now, now, Epador. In the a... (Below threshold)

Now, now, Epador. In the age of self-esteem we're ALL winners.

Excellent. Well done.... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Excellent. Well done.

Kudos Kevin.And no... (Below threshold)

Kudos Kevin.

And noticifiers.

Personally, I've been driven to the more tailored Opera browser (with its handy Quick Preferences menu) when viewing Wizbang for the last few weeks. Java script:OFF.

P.S. Keep Maggie Whitten and Odin impersonators buried and I'll help you on the click-side!






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