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Gallup now as biased as Rasmussen

A few weeks ago we learned that Rasmussen was in the tank for the Republican right and those radical tea party activists. Rasmussen continued to show falling support for President Obama and his policies and naturally that can't be correct. The criticism doesn't seem to have forced Rasmussen to adjust it's methodology. Worse, it now seems the Gallup has joined Rasmussen in this bias by reporting negative results. New polling released today paints a pretty ugly picture of public opposition to Obamacare. (Click the thumbnail below for a larger image.)

Certainly such data must be biased. By all means, Harry Reid should continue to push the health care bill in the Senate. The data coming out of Rasmussen can't possible be correct.
A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of likely voters in Nevada finds Reid earning just 36% of the vote against his two top Republican challengers. That's a seven-point drop from 43% a month ago. Reid, who is seeking a fifth term, received 61% of the final vote in 2004.
One can only imagine how foolish these pollsters will seem this November when the public lovingly embraces the incumbents in Washington.


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The fact is that bias is at... (Below threshold)

The fact is that bias is attributed everywhere dilutes the point when it is made. It is irrefutable however that bias has been very much one-sided for the last 50 years, and that is in favor of the left. Cantor believes that even the 94' results can be exceeded this November. At first it was maybe hoping for gain of a few seats, then being able to substantially reduce teh minority status, then possibly overtaking the majority, and now it is actually possible to consider overtaking the majority and padding the margin by quite a bit (therefore Cantor's reference in possibly even outdoing 94').

Let the left scream bias and keep calling Alaskans caribous (while acting like they are morally superior and with class). That Caribou will kick your ass, starting with the joke we have in the WH.

So its a race neck-n-neck b... (Below threshold)

So its a race neck-n-neck between Harry and Barry to see who can achieve the lowest approval numbers and chance for re-election.

My money's on the Dunce in chief.

Oops! Qinnipiac too. Here a... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Oops! Qinnipiac too. Here are their latest approval/disapproval number on specific topics:

* 41 - 54 percent for his handling of the economy;
* 34 - 59 percent for creating jobs;
* 35 - 58 percent for health care;
* 48 - 44 percent for handling terrorism.

Is this another evil Rove plot? Maybe one of our friends from the left side of the aisle can clear this up for us.

Obama released a news bulle... (Below threshold)

Obama released a news bullentin stating that Polls will now be called "interpretations of personal beliefs and/or racist numbers. The White House press pool applauded the statement. (sarcasm off) What a putz. ww

Gibbsy's next proclamation:... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

Gibbsy's next proclamation: "The White House
realizes that polls are just a snapshot in time
and are NOT a predictor of the results on voting day.......and plans are to appoint
a "Polling Czar" to oversee all political polls
prior to public consumption of the data."

Now, I KNOW these polls MUS... (Below threshold)

Now, I KNOW these polls MUST be wrong on healthcare. I heard a Democrat Congressman on Fox just this morning insisting that Americans want this bill by a huge majority, and if we don't pass it now, it will be 15 years before we get another chance to do it.

He said it. I heard it on tee-vee.

It must be true.

Oh where oh where are Fasci... (Below threshold)

Oh where oh where are Fascist Stevie Sturm and rascist stevie green to dispute these numbers?

"Oh where oh where are F... (Below threshold)

"Oh where oh where are Fascist Stevie Sturm and rascist stevie green to dispute these numbers?"

Hiding in the shadows waiting for further sock puppeted marching orders...

Washington DC has been rena... (Below threshold)

Washington DC has been renamed "FantasyLand". Must be the water, or the Democrats, despite Billy Bob's assertion, actually do inhale.

LMAO with snickers thrown i... (Below threshold)

LMAO with snickers thrown in for good measure.

bobdog "and if we don'... (Below threshold)

bobdog "and if we don't pass it now, it will be 15 years before we get another chance to do it."

Off topic but related...

Saw a vid of the Brown/Coakley debate.

Nitwit David Gergan asked Brown [paraphrased] if he voted no on health care, and given last time it failed [ShillaryCare] if he thought it would be another 15 years before addressing the issue again.

It pissed me off Brown didn't smackdown the asshole for the question, on the other hand it resulted in his line about it being the "people's seat."

You do realize, of course, ... (Below threshold)

You do realize, of course, that a good portion of those disapproving of the healthcare proposal are progressives. In other words, those who think the healthcare is not nearly progressive *enough*.

So I wouldn't count them as pro-GOP votes any time soon. Just sayin'.






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