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Strike 3 for Coakley?

Despite all the press the Brown vs. Coakley race has gotten in recent days, I really didn't hold out any hope that Brown could win. I mean, this is Massachusetts we are talking about here. Republicans just don't win elections in MA, in the recent history anyway.

However, I stumbled across this story today and I am almost without words.

The Massachusetts special election continues to amaze. Democratic candidate Martha Coakley has taken a swipe at Fenway Park fans:
Coakley bristles at the suggestion that, with so little time left, in an election with such high stakes, she is being too passive.

"As opposed to standing outside Fenway Park? In the cold? Shaking hands?'' she fires back, in an apparent reference to a Brown online video of him doing just that.

Well yes, politicians go out to meet the voters even if it means standing out in the cold. At least politicians who want to win in Massachusetts.
What amazes me here is the lack of awareness by Coakley and her staff. Baseball holds a special level of importance in Boston and in Massachusetts. Fenway Park isn't just some place that some silly local team plays. It is Fenway. Home of the beloved Red Sox. If you spend any time out and among the people of Boston you will hear and be invited to join conversations about the the Red Sox. It is part of the fabric of the city. To dismiss Fenway and the cold (and the people that it represents) as being beneath you is a staggeringly dumb thing to say in Boston. As expected, it is not playing well.
Coakley's slap shot at Fenway fans was the talk of the popular local Howie Carr radio show in Boston today. Carr is a Brown supporter, and Coakley's refusal to greet the fans outside Fenway was a focus of the show.

Maybe Coakley forgot how near and dear Fenway was to Ted Kennedy, who threw out the first pitch last season in what everyone knew would be his last opening day. Or the Tribute to Kennedy in August at Fenway.

Insulting Fenway fans. Now that's a plan.

I still don't hold out much hope that Brown can win this election. By all rights he should, but when the playing field is so far away from level it is almost vertical there is only so much you can do. But Coakley as continues to panic and continues to blunder, the chance of a walk-off home run for Brown increases, however small it may be.


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Comments (26)

Today Brown received the en... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Today Brown received the endorsement of two major MA police unions. You know it's bad when the police unions abandon the sitting Atty General and endorse her opponent as better on crime and national security.

Coakley is circling the drain. THe Dem House campaign cmte is giving her money. They are in a full out panic. They have a crappy candidate and they might lose in the friendliest dem state in the union.

Are you sure it was Fenway?... (Below threshold)

Are you sure it was Fenway? I thought it was the Patriots/Ravens game at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro. Either way, Coakley is a tone deaf liberal crap weasel

Completely aside from parti... (Below threshold)

Completely aside from partisan politics this woman deserves to lose and lose badly.

OH, and it's not just baseb... (Below threshold)
jim m:

OH, and it's not just baseball. The Winter Classic for the NHL was played there and then Boston College and Boston University hockey teams played each other there.

SO she managed to insult not just Red Sox fans, but Bruins fans and BC/BU fans and alums. People are absolutely NUTS about their sports teams here.

And unlike some inner city stadiums, Fenway is right next to the Longwood Medical Area with several major hospitals, Harvard Med School, Northeastern U, and several other colleges. 80,000 people commute to that neighborhood every day. Wouldn't want to go out and meet your constituents would you Ms Coakley?

Coakley knows that this fix... (Below threshold)
retired miloitary:

Coakley knows that this fix is in and she will get elected.

Hopefully the same way that Hillary knew she would get the dem nomination.

I haven't confirmed this, b... (Below threshold)

I haven't confirmed this, but one report says an SEIU affiliated union has endorsed Scott Brown

Oh ye of little faith :) D... (Below threshold)

Oh ye of little faith :) Dream big, Brown has a great shot at winning.

Here's the article from the... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Here's the article from the Worcester Telegram:


It doesn't say which one is affiliated, but who cares? The point is that unions are starting to line up behind Brown. Not to mention that the membership is already going that way.

rasmussen 01/12/2010<... (Below threshold)
Robin Marie:
Sorry, it's the Internation... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Sorry, it's the International Brotherhood of Police Officers that is the SEIU affiliate.

From Rasmussen:<bloc... (Below threshold)
jim m:

From Rasmussen:

Turnout will be the key, and Brown's voters appear to be more energized.

All polling indicates that a lower turnout is better for the Republican. The new Rasmussen Reports poll shows that Brown is ahead by two percentage points among those who are absolutely certain they will vote. A week ago, he trailed by two among those certain to vote.

Also of note: This poll was taken the same night as the debate so it didn't really have a chance to effect the numbers, nor had Coakley's campaign staffer assaulted the journalist. Brown supporters can't wait to go vote. Coakley supporters aren't even talking.

It is a long shot but possi... (Below threshold)

It is a long shot but possible. It would also be a wake up call for both parties to start representing the people instead of their parties. The strongest message I would like to rise up from the people is the days of partisanship is over. It would be great to get back to civil debate and compromise. ww

One of the videos showed a ... (Below threshold)

One of the videos showed a union member holding a Coakley sign telling a Brown supporter that the only reason he was there was because he was getting paid. He then whispered that he would be voting for Brown himself.

"It would be great to get b... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"It would be great to get back to civil debate and compromise."

Unfortunately, I don't see that happening unless the dems dramatically change their ideology. They leave no room for discussion.

If Brown wins, Democratic W... (Below threshold)

If Brown wins, Democratic Washington is going to get the shakes REAL BAD.

The irony of Teddy's seat being the one to crash that misbegotten "Health Care Reform" is priceless!

And order plenty of popcorn while you watch the Democrats in dear old Mass try everythhing they can to delay his certification and swearing in.

Wonder how many votes Drun... (Below threshold)

Wonder how many votes Drunken Ted will be casting next week?

No dog in this fight.... (Below threshold)

No dog in this fight.

But the baseball bench-butts deserve ignoration in the most public way.

For being bench-butts and jock sniffers, mainly.

Still, I favor Brown.

If Massachusetts were to ma... (Below threshold)

If Massachusetts were to make it illegal to open any car trunks until the election is certified Brown wins..

Will Maryjo get to cast Her... (Below threshold)

Will Maryjo get to cast Her vote in absentia?

I think it was outside Fenw... (Below threshold)

I think it was outside Fenway at the Winter Classic NHL game, no?

By the way, I'm no coakley fan, but I wouldn't exactly call Howard Carr the best pulse to check on things up here. He's a clear and admitted right-wing radio personality, and so I'm really not surprised he spent most of his show highlighting this.

Apparently in Mass. a warm ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Apparently in Mass. a warm bucket of spit with a Democrat label slapped on it is electable.

Jeff Blogworthy: "Appare... (Below threshold)

Jeff Blogworthy: "Apparently in Mass. a warm bucket of spit with a Democrat label slapped on it is electable."

Hell, Jeff, Teddy proved that over and over again. I was actually surprised that the Dems let a little thing like Teddy's death keep them from running HIM again!

It has been exciting to see... (Below threshold)

It has been exciting to see the race get this close, but you know the Democrats will not let this seat slip away. Expect a rash of negative advertising and some pleas from big name Dems and perhaps the Kenndy clan to rally the troops. If all else fails, the Democrats who control the state will find the votes to win. Only chance for Brown is to win so big that it cannot be stolen. Just reminds me too much of the NY congressional race.

Any victory by Coakley of l... (Below threshold)
John S.:

Any victory by Coakley of less than 20 percent is a devastating loss for the Democrats as the 2010 mid-term Donkey Shoot gets underway.

My prediction: Brown wins narrowly in a draw and the Dems will face the humiliation of stealing the election with lawyers and installing Coakley 9 months from now.

"" I still don't hold out m... (Below threshold)

"" I still don't hold out much hope that Brown can win this election. By all rights he should ... ""

That Mr Brown will win the election, there is no doubt.

But that the manifestation of evil running on the "Democratic" potty's ticket will be off to DC -- aux the Minnesota criminal, Franken and a la Louisiana crook, Landau -- there is even less.

For although Mr Brown will win the votes of more eligible American voters than will the "Democrat," by the time the "Democratic" potty-activist-operated electoral machine gets done stuffing the boxes with the "votes" of all those too damned stupid to know they're being lied to AND counted twice and/or who are too damned mean-spirited and/or greedy to care and of the thousands of those who are criminal aliens and/or felons and/or have long been dead and/or are sufficiently fascistic or crypto-fascistic -- and/or have been flown in for the day from San Francisco, Key West and Manhattan?

Poor ol' Mr Brown will be the loser!

Just like America.

If there is one thing that ... (Below threshold)

If there is one thing that will please Massachusetts more than seeing Scott win, its seeing Martha lose.

Aren't most of our Dem politicians in jail at the moment anyway?






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