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Homeschoolers... the new terrorists

The liberal elite see homeschoolers as more of a threat than your typical fruit of kaboom jihadist...  or so it seems:

Fundamentalist Protestant adults who were homeschooled over the last thirty years are not politically disengaged, far from it. They vote in far higher percentages than the rest of the population. They mobilize readily. The "army" in which adult homeschooled citizens are soldiers has enormous clout: homeschoolers were called "Bush's Army" in 2000 and 2004 for good reason. Their capacity for political action is palpable and admirable, although doubly constrained: it is triggered by a call for action by church leaders, and in substance, it is limited to political action the aim of which is to undermine,limit, or destroy state functions that interfere with family and parental rights. Nevertheless, and by their own accountings, these citizen-soldiers in the "homeschooling movement" and the various political campaigns in which they are enlisted have no clout in the army in which they serve. They are as effective as they are, and as successful as they are, because they engage in politics in the same way that soldiers participate in combat. They don't question authority, and they can't go AWOL. With little education, few if any job skills, and scant resources, their power either to influence the lines of authority within their own sphere, or to leave that sphere, is virtually nil.

Homeschoolers as mindless soldiers doing the will of sops like Bush... that from Robin West, a professor at the Georgetown University Law Center, primarily concerned with gender issues and feminist legal theory (whatever the hell that is).  Hey, with those credentials, we have to believe she knows of what she speaks.

Or not:

... make no mistake, West is an intellectual thug: "Homeschooling" she laments, "is now such an entrenched practice, recriminalization is not a viable option in any event."

At the dark heart of her thinking is the notion that home-schooled children are imprisoned. No sports teams, no church activities, no Boy and Girl Scouts, no summer jobs, no sleepovers with friends. Thus will abuse go undetected, self-esteem unnurtured. Worse, these children become part of an unthinking Republican army.

Which pre-empts, of course, the ability of professors like West to turn them into soldiers for the unthinking Democratic army. Which is why we need regulation. Forced testing and immunizations. Home inspections by state regulators.

I propose a deal, Professor West. I'm happy to have my sons enrolled in school, should they fail a standardized test, so long as the public schools commit to testing teachers, and firing the ones who fail. I'm happy to let inspectors assess our home curriculum, if we can do the same to the hodgepodge of theories and dry-as-dust, dumbed-down, modernized materials that get bandied about under the guise of pedagogy in public schools. If you're nice, we might even let you borrow some of our classroom materials.

Finally, when my kids are older, I'll match them up against any precious little free-thinking high-school radicals you perceive as unshackled from the lockstep conservative brainwashing you imagine goes on under my roof, and we'll have ourselves a debate on philosophy, theology, and politics. If your kids win, I'll pay your Georgetown salary for a year. If my kids win, you resign.

How's that grab you, Doc?

My money's on Woodlief's kids.



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Comments (24)

Homeschoolers are independe... (Below threshold)

Homeschoolers are independent thinkers. That makes us a major threat to the Marxists. My home state of Texas continues to lead the way in supporting homeschool without government intervention. Most other states have provisions for homeschool that still involve the Board of Education.

A majority of homeschoolers may be religious and conservative, but not all.

$20 says Robin West is from... (Below threshold)

$20 says Robin West is from the Isle of Lesbos.

Please please post an updat... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Please please post an update and link this article


Let's get this out of the way. You might not want to vote for Martha Coakley. You might think she deserves what's she's getting after an absentee, self-satisfied campaign (why should I bail her out?). You likely want to send a message to everyone from the attorney general all the way to every Democratic official in Washington, DC. Odds are you didn't vote for her in the primary. And, you might be wondering if it'll make a difference who wins this Tuesday.

You got every reason to be pissed, but it needs to be clear: not voting for Coakley is the same as voting for Brown. And voting for Brown is a very, very bad thing.

sabutai :: Yes it sucks. Yes you have to vote Coakley.

Pissed? Me, too. Not just because I supported Mike Capuano. I'm frankly pissed about Washington, DC. Things are going very wrong -- President Obama was absent from the process as the public option was killed, and would rather tax public servants in the middle class with so-called "Cadillac health insurance" then ask the wealthy to pay their fair share. Health care reform is heading toward a route where more money comes from the middle class, with about half going to people who need health care, and half going to the insurance companies. Oh, and Guantanamo is still open while American soldiers walk the streets in Baghdad and Kabul. Remember Employee Free Choice? Meanwhile, Harry Reid races to catch Ben Nelson's and Joe Lieberman's farts on Capitol Hill.

For more than a generation ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

For more than a generation statists on the left have held to the idea that if you herd the country's children into schools and teach them not how to think, but rather what to think, that they will be able o control and manipulate society into a worker's paradise.

The roblem with the vilification of conservatives is simply that there are still a not insignificant number of anti-statist left wingers out there who home school. Yes, conservative got far more organized about it and they have done far more to change the legal landscape with regard to home schooling.

What the unions and the left are really afraid of is that people will realize that it doesn't take a special degree to be a good teacher. You just have to be dedicated to actually teaching children, something many unionized teachers have lost if they ever even had it.

The reality of it all is that home schooled kids learn more, more often go on to college, are over-represented at many of the most competitive of universities, have done more in terms of volunteer activities and have a broader experience base than most public school kids.

homeschoolers were calle... (Below threshold)

homeschoolers were called "Bush's Army" in 2000 and 2004

They were? This is the first time I've ever heard it...anybody else?

First time for me.... (Below threshold)
jim m:

First time for me.

Home Schoolers are by their nature NOT easily lead. They think for themselves. There is even quite a divergence of opinion as to how to home school and what style of schooling and curriculum to use.

The left isn't interested in home schooling. They want to control education to control what people can know and think. Home schoolers are therefore the enemy because they cannot be manipulated. The left not being able to understand them, just lumps them into a group and presumes them to be monolithic.

There are a lot of home schoolers that eschew politics apart from Home School issues.

One thing is for certain: The home schooler is far more likely than the average person to educate themselves on the issues and make a ballot decision based on the issues and an informed understanding of those issues. THAT is very scary for the left, which wants to tell everyone what to think and how to act.

My wife and I are very much... (Below threshold)

My wife and I are very much considering homeschooling our son for a few more years. He is learning so quickly and easily at home. We do like involving him with other kids, we just do that in other ways. He is a very happy boy.

Let's see-my homeschooled 1... (Below threshold)

Let's see-my homeschooled 12 year old son is in Boy Scouts, on a track team, and has-gasp!- friends. He also understands cause and effect, which is more than can be said, it appears, for Professor West.

"...these children become p... (Below threshold)

"...these children become part of an unthinking Republican army."

What a bunch of freaking bullshit.


Fixed it for ya.

Go read up on the opinions ... (Below threshold)

Go read up on the opinions and thinking of the intelligentsia that came up with the idea of public education in the first place. The public education system was never intended nor designed to even attempt to educate each student to the maximum of their individual capacity.

My wife and I are homeschooling all of our children.

This dum-dum homeschooling ... (Below threshold)

This dum-dum homeschooling soldier says Ms. West is a doody-headed numbskull!

This kind of illegitimately... (Below threshold)

This kind of illegitimately sourced tripe with it's liberally held stereotypes of homeschoolers is nothing new. Liberals have always held a great deal of disdain for anyone not willing to stamp out another ill prepared and undereducated public school clone. Take for example the not so veiled attempt to call homeschoolers child abusers, the woman admits homeschooled students outperform publicly schooled students but for the sake of her political ideology she ties homeschooling to abuse.

I bet this same woman would whole heartedly approve of Mr. Obama's choice for "safe schools czar."

I'm sorry, but this is tota... (Below threshold)

I'm sorry, but this is totally off topic. But it has been bugging me and I have to comment.

Would you please stop putting your block quotes in italic? Italic is harder to read than standard text and the darn quote is already highlighted in a quote box!

There. I've said it.

"Would you please stop putt... (Below threshold)

"Would you please stop putting your block quotes in italic?"-clavius

Italics have that breathless appearance which helps the poster's own typed words appear more calm and almost rational.


We home schooled our son fo... (Below threshold)

We home schooled our son for the first seven grades.

A rich do-gooder offered us a scholarship to a Friends' School. Seemed okay...I like the Quakers' philosophy & he'd meet more kids.

Big mistake. Full of very wealthy atheist liberal spoiled brats who hated the Quiet Hour on Wednesday...and I quote, "religion sucks, man."

WE got outta there, but found a great rural school where his AP Bio was taught by the former head of a college Biology Dept. The guy just wanted to "keep his hand in"...

...I believe the Obama children attend a Friends' school? They ought to fit right in.

Our home-schooler was an Eagle Scout, plays several musical instruments and is well-read.

In college, for fun, he went to the ROTC military history/strategy classes. He couldn't join up because of his asthma but he was and is a military history buff (he was enough of a diplomat not to correct the instructor, though). He got to see his friends take their officer's comission from SecDef Gates who was an alum of the college.

BTW, when we were shopping once, years ago, someone asked if we homeschooled. I said yes and she remarked that she could pick out the homeschoolers bec. the kids are so much calmer and focused.

If you observe when you're in public, you'll notice what she said is true.

What's the matter with ever... (Below threshold)

What's the matter with everyone? Don't you know that Ms. West doesn't have any children and that she desperately wants to impart her ideology on young, impressionable minds? C'mon, let her regulate you just a little bit. Let a bureaucrat into your home to teach morally repugnant ideas to your children. It's only fair. After all, West and her ilk are too busy with their careers to have kids of their own.

I spent a couple of years f... (Below threshold)

I spent a couple of years fixing computers in school classrooms. Got to see a LOT of varying environments - from where the teachers had control to places on the ragged edge of chaos, and decided then that any kids I might have wouldn't go to public school if we could help it. And I had friends who were public school teachers who reinforced that idea, recommending the little guy NOT go the PS route.

(This wasn't hard to accept - since the school we were initially zoned for was in the bottom third of state rankings, and we were ranked the 47th or 49th state at the time...)

With their help, we found an affordable, academically rigorous private school and moved relatively close to it. It's much more disciplined than the local PS system - yet not terribly so, they only use chains on alternate days and cattle prods are prohibited two weeks out of the month. (/sarc) It's a Methodist school, so the little guy's getting some religion but not an excessive amount, and the academics are considerably more stringent than the local school system.

We've basically got one chance to give him a good educational start - why shove him into a failing educational environment?

I wish poor bryan had been ... (Below threshold)

I wish poor bryan had been homeschooled by Woodlief.

My wife and I homeschooled ... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

My wife and I homeschooled our three sons.

The eldest went through college on a full academic scholarship, got a degree in engineering, and is employed at a major aerospace electronics company. He just finished leading the testing of a next-generation earth observation satellite.

My middle son is currently a senior at Texas A&M. He is majoring in civil engineering, and is a member of an academic honor society.

My youngest son is just starting college. He is studying robotics. He is also an Eagle Scout.

Your mileage might vary. And for those that say that my kids would have done all that anyway?

We started homeschooling when we discovered that my middle son - then in fourth grade - was functionally illiterate. He was getting "A's" in English at the time. Why? Because he was being taught to memorize the words in the books, rather than being taught phonetics. He has a good memory, so he could "read" all of the books he was assigned. But he could not read *anything* else.

Today he is the best writer among my sons.

Robin West wants your child... (Below threshold)

Robin West wants your child to be Just another Brick in the Wall of her socialist gulag.

Their targeting home school... (Below threshold)

Their targeting home schoolers becuase they refusing to send their kids to the NEA and its indoctrination centers to be brainwashed with this new world order

Our homeschooled son has tr... (Below threshold)

Our homeschooled son has traveled all over the U.S., and visited other countries, with us. He's learned more about the world by traveling than he would sitting in a classroom for hours on end.

Ursula At least your son is... (Below threshold)

Ursula At least your son isnt being tuaght to be a tree hugger granola munching animal rights wacko

If anyone will care to take... (Below threshold)

If anyone will care to take a look at Robin's qualifications to make these statements, you will see that she has exactly none. She is exactly a professor of law with a strong interest in feminism and gender philosophy. Period. She's no better informed than my doctor or dentist. Or the guy who runs the local grocery store. Bury her. Forget her. She is not the first detractor, she certainly won't be the last.






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