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How to Drive Rush from Radio

Every so often I look through the threads at the Democratic Underground discussion forums to see what those on the wacky left are saying. Last night I went in search of any discussion of the latest John Edwards National Enquirer scandal and didn't find much of anything on that front. Maybe they haven't heard about it? What I did find was a brilliant idea about how to drive Rush from radio.

Find out which radio station(s) in your area broadcasting his show - then email/call the station, let them know about Rush's hateful and racist comments, and inform them you will be calling all of the advertisers the station has (not only during Rush's show) and tell them the boycott starts NOW - until they stop supporting the station(s) that supports Rush...We need to start hitting back where Rush lives - I am so sick of doing nothing while this gas-barge spews garbage daily. I will be calling radio stations in my area starting tomorrow.
What a brilliant idea. I'm sure no one has ever tried that. Okay, I'll stop mocking the probably very young liberal-in-training. The people at DU are already doing enough of that. And that is what caught my attention. Here's the first comment:
You are wasting your time.

Really, we can't even get people on DU to stop listening to Rush everyday which would do the most damage. People hate him so much they have to listen so that they can be outraged by whatever he says next.
I somehow doubt that losing the DU demographic is what would "do the most damage," but I thought the commenter had a pretty good point -- that there are a lot of people who disagree with Rush, but find themselves listening regularly. Do they do it just to be outraged or to find out what the opposition is doing? Maybe a little bit, but if that were the case, wouldn't Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews also be experiencing huge ratings with the help of conservatives who just can't stop watching? And there is where the difference is and why liberals have not yet been able to experience the success of a Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck. People listen because Rush is entertaining. Love him or hate him, he produces a quality product. He makes excellent points and says things people are thinking and often don't hear anywhere else in the media, but that could be done in a style and format that would put people to sleep. It is the way he presents the information that results in even many of those who can't stand him tuning in daily.

Another thing of note in the DU comments is idea that all these advertisers don't know what Rush is saying. Some of them believe that if advertisers only knew all the hate Rush spews they would have to drop their support. A couple of ironies -- first, that anyone saying Rush spews hate obviously doesn't know much about the actual content of his show. Second, it doesn't get much more ironic than for people at Democratic Underground to be talking about others spewing hate. Just look at what some at Democratic Underground spewed at Rush during his recent hospitalization. These are the people who think the idiotic, hateful stuff Olbermann and Matthews say is just great.

I don't think Rush has much to worry about.


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They're just like moths wit... (Below threshold)

They're just like moths with a bug zapper.

I really like how Rush puts through to the front of the line, any liberals that call in to his show. The loonie left must love that attention.

I don't begin to understand... (Below threshold)

I don't begin to understand some of the hatey, sociopathic comments here either sometimes, but I know it's real, like schizophrenia. I'm not adequately trained to begin to explain it.

Probably something sexual...

On those few occasions that... (Below threshold)
James H:

On those few occasions that I listen to Rush, I tune in to his show mainly for entertainment. I agree with nothing he says, but he says it in a much more entertaining way than other hosts, liberal or conservative. And quite frankly, I don't think Rush or his advertisers care whether I agree with his show. They just care that I watch the show, then go out and buy a hot water heater and a sleep number mattress.

The biggest problem I've se... (Below threshold)

The biggest problem I've seen with the 'progressives' is that they won't allow any possibility that they may not be as right as they think they are. They do not test their ideas against reality - their opinion seems to be that if they screech and rail long and hard enough against what they dislike (or, as with Steve G., vigorously deny video of what actually has happened) that somehow reality itself will bend to their perceptions of 'reality' and they will get what they want.

And when it doesn't - it's not THEIR ideas that are at fault.

Plus, their idea of 'persuasion' is to hit you over the head with the spiked club of their anger until you do what they want. If you disagree with them, you're a hate-filled bastard who's not smart enough to understand just why their ideas are superior and yours are inferior, neither are you smart enough to actually be communicated with like you're a human being on an equivalent level with them. You're just plain stupid, and if you weren't stupid you'd understand the basis of their intellectual and moral superiority. That you don't just confirms how stupid you are, because if you WEREN'T stupid you'd agree with them.

And did I mention their missing sense of humor? I tried listening to Air America a number of years back, and between the screechy female host railing about how horrible Bush was, and how everything wrong in the world was our fault, and how stupid everyone who DIDN'T agree with that view point was, there wasn't much worth listening to. It wasn't, as was pointed out in the post - ENTERTAINING at all!

It's perhaps no surprise that Rush and Hannity do so well - they understand that hate isn't attractive, and that disagreement isn't hate - and that people can choose for themselves what they want to listen to or watch.

The folks on the 'progressive' end of the spectrum haven't grasped those simple ideas. Perhaps they're simply insufficiently nuanced to be understood by the complexity of the leftist brain.

That first DU comment makes... (Below threshold)

That first DU comment makes perfect sense.

After all, if one's approach is simply to yell "down" or "black" when a certain person says "up" or "white", respectively, one has little choice but to listen to that person to get one's cues.

the old saying "preception ... (Below threshold)

the old saying "preception is reality" only holds up if you stay in preception mode ...

its like being in a big game of musical chairs (a game we are not told we are involved in), as long as the Media and the White House keep waving thier hands and playing the music nobody notices there are not enough chairs.

Every once in a while the music stops (pants bomber, CSPAN promise, etc) and most folks just sit down. But some people find they don't have a seat anymore and those around them realize how lucky they are to have a seat this time and are realize they are actually in a game of musical chairs. Over time everyone realizes that we are in this game and starts demanding they administration do something about getting more chairs.

For a time the adiministration says fine, here's some more chairs, that they magically produce for one side of the room.

Of course they don't mention that they took those chairs from the other side of the room and in the process broke a few so on net we have even less chairs than before.

And god help you if you are a chair builder. You simply can't be allowed to have extra chairs, they need to be re-distributed for the greater good. Of course once they take your "extra" chairs without just compensation you may decide you don't want to be a chair builder anymore.

Sigh...The people ... (Below threshold)


The people who support Rush know what he says.

The people who hate Rush know what he says.

And they're both so damned loud that those of us who don't give a rat's ass about Rush know what he says.

"Education" is NOT the solution, you morons. Simply telling everyone what Rush says won't change a damned thing.


DU - now there's a conglome... (Below threshold)

DU - now there's a conglomeration of idiots.

"People hate him so much th... (Below threshold)

"People hate him so much they have to listen so that they can be outraged by whatever he says next."

Not exactly the sign of a healthy mind.

Problem is, deep down, deep in their subconscious, they know he's right.

Garandfan -I hate ... (Below threshold)

Garandfan -

I hate to disagree with you there. I think as a whole they're quite intelligent - they just don't believe anyone ELSE can be if they don't adhere to the proper ideologies.

LawsonYou have just ... (Below threshold)

You have just defined the difference between intelligence and wisdom when describing liberals.

You might have a point ther... (Below threshold)

You might have a point there, Grace.

I don't care what Rush says... (Below threshold)

I don't care what Rush says. He can defend himself.

""People listen because Rus... (Below threshold)

""People listen because Rush is entertaining.""


Americans listen to Mr Limbaugh because he knows what the vast majority of those of us with moral integrity and above room-temperature IQs believe -- and what we think -- and speaks directly to to those moral certainties, to those beliefs and to those ideas.

And anyone else who figgers that out and does the same will enjoy a similar success.

Brian Richard Allen
Lost Angels - Califobambicated 90028
And the Very Far Abroad

WOW that is really horrible... (Below threshold)

WOW that is really horrible!

More than 1000 posts on how to destroy a man's carreer just because they disagree with his politics is sickening to me........Now, that is HATE and should come under the Hate crime legislation they keep talking about!

I hope Rush drives into a t... (Below threshold)

I hope Rush drives into a tree going about 200mph he deserves it! He is a discusting person. GOD help him.

And so one more sweet, kind... (Below threshold)

And so one more sweet, kind, tolerant liberal pops up to show just how sweet, kind, and tolerant they constantly are to those who disagree with them...

It'd be funny, if it weren't so sad, how they cannot see the hate they themselves display constantly, yet accuse others of.






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