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On Haiti

I've been watching the coverage of the devastation in Haiti and I'm having a hard time wrapping head around how awful it is. The only characterization that comes close is hell on earth. Imagine what it must be like there right now. People are buried under rubble and calling out for help as other people work to dig them out with their bare hands. Over the next few days, because it is so difficult for rescuers to work their way to help the victims, those calls will become fewer and further between. That has got to be the worst part for the survivors right now, knowing that people - including children - are dying underneath the rubble but those are unable to dig them all out.

On Fox News today, Shepard Smith was talking to Steve Harrigan about a mother who had lost all five of her children in the earthquake. This woman was in such despair that her husband was doing all he could to keep her from doing something rash from the grief. While discussing this mother's loss, Harrigan commented that what made this tragedy even worse was that she was alone. No one could come to help relieve her pain. That was when he had to stop speaking in order to maintain control over his own emotions.

Over the coming days as the bodies rot in the 90 degree heat, those who have survived will have to deal with dysentery and cholera. Unless doctors and other aid workers can get anti-biotics, other medicines, and fresh water to survivors, many more will die painful, drawn out deaths. I am being honest when I say I could not handle being surrounded by the death, desperation, and chaos without going insane. Those missionaries who have dedicated their lives to relieving the suffering in disaster areas like Haiti have my total respect.

If you are able, please consider donating to Haiti through a reputable charity. I donated to Samaritan's Purse, which is Franklin Graham's organization. For something this devastating, charities are the most efficient means to distribute monies and supplies because they have much lower overhead and many already have missionaries embedded in the country. Charity Navigator is a useful resource for finding good charities. You can search for your favorite and see how efficient it is with its money.

For up to date information and commentary on Haiti see The Anchoress. She has so much information. Much of it is unbelievably sad, but if you're looking for a comprehensive source, she's it.


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Comments (10)

Haiti was a hell hole BEFOR... (Below threshold)

Haiti was a hell hole BEFORE the earthquake. If past catastrophes are any guide, they've got 3-4 days to get set up with security on the ground to get the job organized and functioning. After that, the shock wears off and the bad guys who've been living off the population for the last 20 years will start coming out of the woodwork demanding 'their share' before anything gets done for the rest of the people.

The Haiti situation must be... (Below threshold)

The Haiti situation must be awful for the conservatives. I mean, our tax dollars will be going to help foreigners rather than torture them??? Wow!

Highlander, You're a real j... (Below threshold)

Highlander, You're a real jerk, though I'm sure you already know that. People in Haiti are dying and all you care about is making a mocking accusation against conservatives.

It says much about you and nothing about conservatives.

Conservatives have always been generous with charity in disaster situations. And they have been much more generous with their OWN money than liberals who think it's the governments job.

So Highlander, how do you e... (Below threshold)

So Highlander, how do you explain G W Bush spending more to prevent the spread of AIDS in Africa than his predecessor Billy Bob. Does this mean Bill Bob HATED AFRICANS?

Do us all a favor, shove your head up your ass and leave it there. You'll be more comfortable that way.

"Haiti was a hell hole BEFO... (Below threshold)

"Haiti was a hell hole BEFORE the earthquake"
Yup and it will continue to be a hell after it, be a great place to move the gitmo folks, think we could get a square mile or two for all the billion we have spend and I'm sure will spend on this. Just saying.

highlander "The Haiti... (Below threshold)

highlander "The Haiti situation must be awful for the conservatives. I mean, our tax dollars will be going to help foreigners rather than torture them???"

Yeah "terrible" isn't a hole.

But puzzle me this, Slick Willie Clinton poured so much taxpayer cash in [eight years] into Haiti they could have floated the place as if were a cruise ship.

You tell me what good did it do?

Hell look up slick willie's cash for guns program in Haiti, that did nothing but take weapons from the poor who used them to protect themselves from thugs and drug runners, shortly thereafter the place was racked with more violence than before to the point tht UN had to send in thousands of "peacekeepers."

And BTW, there was 9,000 of those UN troops on the ground the DAY BEFORE the quake have you seen any of them on any TV channel since?

And to add to GarandFan's point who was it that was first on the scene after the Sumatra quake?

It was that "evil rethuglian" Bush who dispatched a carrier and all its support ships to the LARGEST MUSLIM country in the world.

For nearly two weeks the US and it's Navy and Marines were the ONLY gov or private group that could get anything done there.

To make this long story shorter, FOAD highlander.

If my memory serves, I seem... (Below threshold)

If my memory serves, I seem to recall dire predictions of utter chaos and rampant disease are the normative predictions at about this stage of most significant disasters. I can not recall any coverage of this actually happening in the past 50 years or so, however.

Granted Haiti may indeed be an exception. I pray otherwise and am confident the aid provided will be sufficient to the need.

Thanks for the appeal to give for much will be needed regardless.

God's strength to all that suffer in this life!
God's blessing to all that give regardless of their own plight.

Thanks for the information ... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

Thanks for the information on finding reputable charities. We want to help, but have been concerned about the money actually getting where it is intended.

Olaf's Hammer needed aisle ... (Below threshold)

Olaf's Hammer needed aisle two.

If I may, a suggestion: <a ... (Below threshold)

If I may, a suggestion: Christian Aid Ministries (with 20 years in Haiti...and according to Charity Navigator, 98.7% goes to program expenses!)






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