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Danny Glover channels Pat Robertson

Let's see if Mr. Glover's idiotic comments come under fire as quickly and broadly as Mr. Robertson's did... the money quote comes around the 1:50 mark or so:

"When we see what we did at the climate summit in Copenhagen, this is the response, this is what happens, you know what I'm sayin'?"



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Glover gave up any pretense... (Below threshold)

Glover gave up any pretense of intelligence years ago.

Is this an attempt to defle... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

Is this an attempt to deflect away and avoid Rush Limbaugh's latest asshattery and embarrassment?


In the race to say something stupid about the tragedy in Haiti, the competition has been fierce. A proud British entry, John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, spent a full five minutes yesterday waffling on the Today Programme in response to an increasingly bewildered John Humphrys asking him how he reconciled belief in a loving God with the devastation. Then another man of the cloth, US Christian fundamentalist preacher Pat Robertson, weighed in with a history lesson: back in the 19th century, the Haitian people "got together and swore a pact to the devil. They said, we will serve you if you'll get us free from the French. True story. And so, the devil said, OK it's a deal."

And while it is easy, and even necessary, for the sake of sanity, to remind ourselves that Pat Robertson is a deluded old man who also thought that the attacks on the World Trade Centre were divine retribution for the legalisation of abortion and gay marriage, and that Hurricane Katrina was just God's way of evening up the score after too much bonne temps roulez on Bourbon Street, the same can't be said of the most promising entrant so far in this dismal race to the bottom. Rush Limbaugh may be a recovering painkiller addict, but he's also the chief ideologue of the Republican party in the US. With his fellow shock-jock Glenn Beck, Limbaugh has waged a fierce and largely successful campaign to drive the few remaining moderates out of the party. So when he says that Americans should feel no need to contribute to Haitian Earthquake relief, since "We've already donated to Haiti. It's called the US income tax," it matters.

Limbaugh has his own pathology, and you don't have to be Sigmund Freud to think that a man in whose luggage DEA agents found a bottle of Viagra on his way back from a trip to the Dominican Republic might have picked another way to express his disdain for the Haitian people than by observing last year: "Haiti? You can't even pick up a prostitute down there without genuine fear of Aids." But crude racism - the same crude racism that scotched Limbaugh's plans to buy the St Louis Rams football team - is only part of what's going on here.

Racism, the benchmark of right wing politics, rears it's ugly head on a regular basis.

Haitians, people of color, are just the latest victims but Limbaugh and the dittoheaded bobbleheaded racists that follow and defend him

Good to see that Steve is s... (Below threshold)

Good to see that Steve is still listening to Rush.

And what Glover says is rel... (Below threshold)

And what Glover says is relevant? The fact that this gets into the news is evidence of just how far the media has fallen. This gutter is getting crowded.

Danny Glover once he starte... (Below threshold)

Danny Glover once he started trashing this nation i will never watch any of his worthless worthless movies

Steve Green, what liberal p... (Below threshold)
Green Bob:

Steve Green, what liberal pablum. The earthquake is OBAMA's fault. He owns it now baby. He should be fixin tings with cash from da stash, ya dig.

It is entertaining to watch these left wing extremist regressives wet their pants as their ideology is exposed for the fraud that it is.

Keep pluckin that chicken Green Stevie!

FIRE MAKE SEA GODS ANGRY!</... (Below threshold)


IowaHawk rocks.

"When we see what we did... (Below threshold)

"When we see what we did at the climate summit in Copenhagen, this is the response, this is what happens, you know what I'm sayin'?"

Another tool. Another day.

Glover's, Limbaugh's and Ro... (Below threshold)

Glover's, Limbaugh's and Robertson's words are so not helpful. Wrong place, wrong time, wrong words. All of 'em just need STFU and raise money. The politisizing and proseltizing can wait....

Steve, you boob... you know... (Below threshold)

Steve, you boob... you know the quote that has you outraged is from May of 2009, right? Even at the time, MediaMatters didn't call it racist, they called it an attack on Bill Clinton, who at the time was named envoy to Haiti.
Your fellow traveler at the Guardian had to Dowd the quote to even get it say what he, and you, claim it does.
Full Quote:

Envoy to Haiti? You can't even pick up a prostitute down there without genuine fear of AIDS. This is not Clinton's place.

Since the core of the earth... (Below threshold)

Since the core of the earth is several million degrees (by Al Gore's statement), scientists may come to realize that in releasing all of that heat, earthquakes are the number one cause of global warming (that is unless the earth starts cooling).

Progressive nit-wits are being exposed for their fraud and stupidity every day.

I'd like to see a cage matc... (Below threshold)

I'd like to see a cage match between Pat Robertson and Danny Glover, with the cage not only locked but welded shut.

Two men enter, No men leave.

I've never typed nor spoken... (Below threshold)

I've never typed nor spoken the words "Danny Glover" before. I suppose I considered him intermittently while semi-trapped for 100 minutes while his and Mel Gibson's stunt men spazzed across the big screen amidst a mindless succession of orange Hollywood fauxplosions; running, jumping, yelling, trampolining, running some more.

Now he's babbling. Significant of nothing that I can think of. I do see that Laura of the Lesser Cockburns has a video gig. She makes me sleepy, too.

Rick's topic makes me long for a big fat cuppa joe! Namely, one of JayTea's Lt.Uhura testimonials. Now THAT'S entertainment! (And at least as newsworthy as Manny--I mean, Danny Glover.

It is nice to see the liber... (Below threshold)

It is nice to see the liberals still lying about Rush. What is amazing is how many fools who don't listen to Rush believe what liberals sources say about him.

Danny Glover can go back to... (Below threshold)

Danny Glover can go back to the silver screen, if anyone wants to hire him for a worn out genre that lost it's appeal in the 90's.

Personally?, I'd tell him to STFU, he's fringe material. He's essentially letting his inner moonbat off the leash.

What a fuckin idiot! You to... (Below threshold)

What a fuckin idiot! You too Green!

It's hard to believe Glover... (Below threshold)

It's hard to believe Glover topped Robertson's insanity so fast. But it's not hard to believe liberals would LIE about Rush. While I work and can't always hear his show, Rush's web site carries a prominent link to information about the earthquake and how to donate to relief efforts. Assuming that Rush was correctly quoted, he spoke accurately if he said that AIDS has been a major problem in Haiti and that picking up a prostitute would be a life-risking activity. I'm sure Rush would agree that the Haitian people are poor because they have had a series of corrupt and oppressive governments, not because they are black. Painting him as a racist is BS.

You'll have to forgive Stev... (Below threshold)

You'll have to forgive Steve Green. It's very likely he is not a light-skinned guy and has a negro accent.

Steve, as a light-skinned guy without a negro accent, your probably lucky to be spending all of your time serving us drinks.

Perhaps if you were clean as a whistle and articulate, things were have turned out differently.

Alas, 'tis not to be.

Note to self: never comment... (Below threshold)

Note to self: never comment on a blog site while working spreadsheets and speaking on the phone. Too many grammatical, spelling and syntax errors.

WHEW!I'm sure glad D... (Below threshold)

I'm sure glad Danny Glover cleared that up.
I thought earthquakes were cause by fighting dinosaurs in a lost world deep in the earth.

"Note to self:...Too many g... (Below threshold)

"Note to self:...Too many grammatical, spelling and syntax errors."
19. Posted by Drago

Observation: NEVER employ the word "articulate" in a belligerent post.

"...Never comment on a blog site while working spreadsheets and speaking on the phone."
19. Posted by Drago

You are so fired!/ don't bill me for that!/ fix the dripping faucet!

s green Haitians, peop... (Below threshold)

s green Haitians, people of color, are just the latest victims but Limbaugh and the dittoheaded bobbleheaded racists that follow and defend him

What's "racist" about the following green?

Envoy to Haiti? You can't even pick up a prostitute down there without genuine fear of AIDS. This is not Clinton's place.
Can't the same be said of any country whether the prostitutes are black, brown or white?

Not to mention in Haiti "AIDS is now one of the leading causes of death in some of these countries, with Haiti being the worst affected. An estimated 7,500 lives are lost each year to AIDS in Haiti, and thousands of children have been orphaned by the epidemic."

s green I'm sure you've heard this before but it bears repeating... you're a dumbass twit.

So now global warming cause... (Below threshold)

So now global warming causes earthquakes Danny? You really need to have your meds changed.

No, I don't know what your ... (Below threshold)

No, I don't know what your sayin', Danny, and frankly neither do you.

The idiots at GREENPEACE tr... (Below threshold)

The idiots at GREENPEACE tried to blame the 2004 tsunami on GLOBAL WARMING and AL GORE tried to blame HURRICANES on GLOBAL WARMING and at one time they blammed above ground atomic tests for the increase in tornados

Glover, and fat man michael... (Below threshold)

Glover, and fat man michael moore, you have a call waiting on the pinko courtesy phone.

Twenty-six patients at a mental hospital died during a cold snap this week, the government said Friday. A Health Ministry communiqué blamed "prolonged low temperatures that fell to 38 degrees," but the ministry also said it was starting an investigation that could lead to criminal proceedings. The independent Cuban Commission on Human Rights said that at least 24 patients at the Psychiatric Hospital in Havana died of hypothermia, and that the hospital did not do enough to protect them because of problems like faulty windows.







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