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Obama Was an Incompetent State Senator-- His Transcripts on the Floor

Thanks to Matt at Jumping in Pools for allowing me to post this article:

I was digging around the President's Illinois State Senate Record and found an interesting exchange from 1997, when he proposed a bill to help community college students. All of this can be found here, the official record of the Illinois State Senate. This is undoctored and direct from the record:

Obama Transcript 1.jpg


Obama Transcript 2.jpg


Obama Transcript 3.jpg


Obama Transcript 4.jpg

These are all from the March 13th, 1997 session. His further records can be looked up on the state database. See what you can find!

UPDATE: Senator Caroll is a Democrat!


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Comments (17)

Oh my god. Has someone cont... (Below threshold)

Oh my god. Has someone contacted Seymour Hersh? This is bigger than the Pentagon Papers. With this kind of sleuthing and important investigative journalism, why are you at Wizbang instead of the Post or Fox News?

Incompetency is Barry's str... (Below threshold)

Incompetency is Barry's strong suit..

Barry NEVER wrote any legis... (Below threshold)

Barry NEVER wrote any legislation on his own. When it was time for him to run for the US Senate, his handlers got hold of the Democratic honchos in the state house. Bills that had been written and pushed by others, that were going to be passed, suddenly had Obama's name on them as author and sponsor. State Senator PRESENT now had 'a body of work' that HE accomplished and could reference. Those who did the actual work just bit their lips and kept their mouths shut 'for the good of the party'.

Just like the rest of Barry's career, it's all rested on BULLSHIT!

Oops. Forgot the link:... (Below threshold)

Oops. Forgot the link:


A leopard doesn't change it's spots, and past practice is a damned good indicator of future performance. So far, Barry is living up to my limited expectations of him. He's a bullshit artist.

Oh my jp2, I AM shocked by ... (Below threshold)

Oh my jp2, I AM shocked by this exposé, as well you should be! This must be a doctored script. Call in the experts!

Paul, Kevin, whaddya say?

Sen. Rickey Hendon (IL-5) w... (Below threshold)

Sen. Rickey Hendon (IL-5) was once one of Obama's biggest critics, he tempered his criticism in late 2003 or early 2004, Sen. Hendon was never happy that many of the bills he wrote were attributed Obama. The sex line question is classic, way to go Rickey.

Senator Ricky Hendon refere... (Below threshold)

Senator Ricky Hendon referenced in the above legislation is also a democrat. Illinois State Senate President Emil Jones (D) actually took bills away from Ricky Hendon and gave them to Obama to "sponsor", so that Obama would have a record of accomplishment. (Other than printing pamphlets of community college attendees)

Read the whole thing here:

This certainly demonstrates... (Below threshold)

This certainly demonstrates his statist mentality. Why leave anything undone when the state can do it less efficiently and at a higher cost?

What did community colleges... (Below threshold)

What did community colleges do before Barry was there to "authorize" them to do stuff?

jp2 ...the ... (Below threshold)

jp2 ...

the sad fact is this post increased your knowledge of Obamas legislative record by 100 percent ... thats how little you know about the man ...

jp2 "Oh my god. Has so... (Below threshold)

jp2 "Oh my god. Has someone contacted Seymour Hersh?"

I agree, obama and hersh should campare notes on all the phony shit they've written.

Well, this was so difficult... (Below threshold)

Well, this was so difficult to find.. it's no wonder that no one from the press, or especially from the McCain campaign, was able to turn it up!

What did Glenn Beck say the other day, "John McCain is a Progressive." One begins to wonder how deeply the conspiracy to get Obama elected permeated. Was the selection of Sarah Palin a supposed losing strategy that almost backfired?

How's THAT for conspiracies within conspiracies?

Obviously pre-teleprompter.... (Below threshold)

Obviously pre-teleprompter.

I second GarandFan's commen... (Below threshold)

I second GarandFan's comment about Obama's stellar early career. The reason Obama seemed dumbstruck by the questions is he didn't write the legislation. He was taking somebody else's final exam without showing up for class, and he got caught at it.

It was Emil Jones, a former sewer inspector for the city of Chicago and the visibly corrupt president of the Illinois State Senate that engineered the bill-jacking - bills developed by others were magically "sponsored" by Obama by the time they were introduced.

I remember it clearly, because I know one of Emil Jones' family. Obama's early legislative career was manufactured out of whole cloth. His US Senate career was run by remote control. Other names associated with Jones include Tony Rezko (Guilty as hell, convicted, and still walking around free as a bird, natch) and Rod Blagojevich.

This whole political situat... (Below threshold)

This whole political situation would make a good sitcom if it weren't happening for real in the US. Ranks right up there with "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas".

"..the sad fact is this pos... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"..the sad fact is this post increased your knowledge of Obamas legislative record by 100 percent ... thats how little you know about the man ..."

His hidden academic transcripts are probably just as inept, otherwise we would have seen them.

Affirmative Action president.

"His hidden academic transc... (Below threshold)

"His hidden academic transcripts are probably just as inept, otherwise we would have seen them."

Yeah, funny thing about those "records". Everyone knows Gore and Bush's grades, but no one knows what Barry's were. Suddenly there are "privacy" issues. And the FUCKING MSM went along with it. Never once did they headline that since Barry wanted to play coy on his past "accomplishments" maybe the American public should also decline to consider him a viable candidate.

Like I said earlier. A career based on BULLSHIT!






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