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Breaking: Scott Brown Filing Criminal Complaint Against Massachusetts Democratic Party

Update: The Brown campaign responds to the malicious rape mailer:

Republican Scott Brown charged Saturday that a Democratic mailing against his U.S. Senate campaign violates a Massachusetts law prohibiting false statements against a political candidate.

The cover of a four-page mailer sent by the Massachusetts Democratic Party says, "1,736 women were raped in Massachusetts in 2008. Scott Brown wants hospitals to turn them all away."

Brown is a state senator, and in 2005 he filed an amendment that would have allowed workers at religious hospitals or with firmly held religious beliefs to avoid giving emergency contraception to rape victims. The amendment failed, and Brown voted in favor of a bill allowing the contraception. He also voted to override a veto issued by his fellow Republican, then-Gov. Mitt Romney.

A section of the Massachusetts General Laws prohibits false statements against political candidates that are designed or tend "to aid or to injure or defeat such candidate," with a penalty of to $1,000 fine and up to six months in prison.

This article doesn't even tell the entire story, which is par for the course in the mainstream media. The amendment that Brown submitted said that if a doctor or nurse had a sincerely held religious belief against administering contraception, then he or she could get another practitioner to administer it or the hospital could transfer the patient to another facility at no cost. This is not even close to that accusation that "Scott Brown wants hospitals to turn them all away," which is why the Brown camp has to respond aggressively to it.

The Coakley camp is also treading tough legal waters with its UPS ad as well.


The Massachusetts Democratic Party sent out this flier that smeared Scott Brown. Even the Ben Smith at the Politico thinks it's over the top.


The Democrats say this ad is appropriate because of Scott Brown's support for a provision in a law that would exempt religious employees of religious hospitals from giving out the morning after pill. This somehow can morph into Scott Brown wanting to turn "all" rape victims away? As you can tell by just reading the ad, it is completely divorced from the truth and devoid of any standard of decency. Scott Brown's camp thinks so as well and is filing a criminal complaint:


Dan Winslow, counsel for the Scott Brown for U.S. Senate campaign, will hold a media availability to announce the filing of a criminal complaint against the Massachusetts Democratic Party regarding a recent mailing paid for and sent by the Massachusetts Democratic Party. Winslow will make a statement and take reporters' questions at MassGOP Headquarters in Boston TODAY at 4:00 PM.

Massachusetts GOP Headquarters
85 Merrimac Street, 4th Floor

Kathryn Lopez thinks the criminal complaint is fully justified and I agree with her:

Not only is it absolutely false -- again, he sponsored an amendment that would exempt religious hospitals and religious medical personnel from a law mandating the distribution of emergency contraception in all hospital emergency rooms --it's dumb. Why would you include the word "all"? Just because you can't keep from going absolutely over the top while in the gutter? (Or because you are happy to win at any cost?)


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Why does Kathryn Lopez call... (Below threshold)

Why does Kathryn Lopez call the morning after pill emergency contraception? It is an abortaficient right? If you take a pill 24 hours after sex, that's not preventing contraception, it is expelling an embryo. A tiny living and growing human being.

You're kind of missing the ... (Below threshold)

You're kind of missing the point.

"he sponsored an a... (Below threshold)
"he sponsored an amendment that would exempt religious hospitals and religious medical personnel from a law mandating the distribution of emergency contraception in all hospital emergency rooms...."
Am I the only one that sees the irony here?

Coakley in the last couple days, in one of her many gaffs, said that devout Catholics have no business working in hospital emergency rooms.

It may have taken a gaff that only joe biden could applaud and appreciate, but she and Brown are on the same page here.

And btw, it's a smart polit... (Below threshold)

And btw, it's a smart political move on brown's part to file the criminal complaint, it'll get fairly widespread coverage and counter her BS, but legally I'm guessing it won't go anywhere.

I doubt this is their "best... (Below threshold)

I doubt this is their "best shot" but it is rather pathetic.

The Dems are scumbags when ... (Below threshold)

The Dems are scumbags when they're NOT desperate...and now THIS when are desperate.

God I do pray that Brown's criminal complaint goes forward!

This is not going to help t... (Below threshold)

This is not going to help them. When Dims are this desperate...it means they have already lost.

Ummmm.The truth he... (Below threshold)
jim m:


The truth here is that Brown sponsored an amendment which would allow doctors and nurses who felt that prescribing and administering such a drug was against their religious and moral convictions that they wouldn't have to.

The amendment failed. He voted to pass the bill anyway because it was still needed.

Coakley's ad is dishonest on multiple levels. Brown hasn't run away from this issue and he is in line with the majority of Catholics, who make up nearly 60% of the state.

Is there any part of the Cr... (Below threshold)

Is there any part of the Croakley campaign that doesnt reek of amatuerism and desperation?

It is an abortaficient r... (Below threshold)

It is an abortaficient right?

No. It's not supposed to do anything to fertilized eggs. It only works if you're not pregnant, in other words, it's contraception.

So ... Do you think any d-b... (Below threshold)

So ... Do you think any d-bag mainstream reporters are going to ask Obama the Magnificent about this when he visits Massachusettes on Sunday?

"So ... Do you think any... (Below threshold)

"So ... Do you think any d-bag mainstream reporters are going to ask Obama the Magnificent about this when he visits Massachusettes on Sunday"

Nah, they will ask him about Haiti, Chewy and the jobless recovery and get a straight answer on none.

Seeing the ugly desperation... (Below threshold)

Seeing the ugly desperation over this race, does anyone else doubt there will be democrat sponsored violence in the mid-terms and Pres. elections?

Falze:The morning ... (Below threshold)
jim m:


The morning after pill, as it's called, prevents a fertilized egg from implanting successfully in the endometrium. It does nothing to prevent the egg from being fertilized. That makes it by definition an abortafacient.

Ask any Catholic Priest. The Church says life begins at conception. Anything which terminates a pregnancy or stops development of the egg is considered an abortion by the church.

It is sad that the use of p... (Below threshold)

It is sad that the use of post-coital contraception has become such a religious hot-point.

How the morning after pill works is thought to depend upon what part of the woman's ovulatory cycle she is in when the pill is taken. It can prevent implantation of a fertilized egg, but it more likely prevents ovulation so there is nothing to fertilize, makes the environment for the sperm and egg hostile to prevent fertilization. As it can be effective up to 5 days after sexual contact, but is most effective taken as soon as possible, before fertilization is likely to have occurred.

The IUD works by causing a hostile environment to sperm and eggs in the uterus and fallopian tubes, preventing fertilization. It was originally felt to prevent implantation of a fertilized egg, but recent research does not support this. Adding copper or hormones adds to this effect.

Inserting a Copper-7 IUD so... (Below threshold)

Inserting a Copper-7 IUD soon after intercourse also can prevent pregnancy - mechanism unclear but could be the prevent fertilization or prevent implantation mechanism.

Jim, while a priest may have the credentials to make theologic pronouncements, he usually isn't a medical professional.

And no jokes about us thinking we're God.

Now you can abort an egg... (Below threshold)

Now you can abort an egg?? What's next? Aborting a female fetus is also aborting all the children they might have had?

Not buying it.

Sheesh, the Democrat party ... (Below threshold)

Sheesh, the Democrat party is an ongoing train wreck in slow motion as they self destruct with their support of a candidate that has all the appeal of a dead possum.

Martha JOKELEYMartha... (Below threshold)
K T:


Everyone join me in calling her this everywhere you post a comment. Make her the target of derision & ridicule she deserves to be. Thank you!

Hopefully we will only have... (Below threshold)

Hopefully we will only have to call Martha Jokely history after tuesday.

Somehow though I think trunks will be working overtime for Jokely's cause.

Screw this guy.<a href="htt... (Below threshold)

Screw this guy.jdmswap

Coakley's ad has nothing to... (Below threshold)

Coakley's ad has nothing to do with abortion or contraception. It's just a gutter tactic so common from Democratic candidates during campaigns they're worried about. The subject matter is almost irrelevant. We'll see other outrageous claims hit the news between now and Tuesday.

Hell, David Axelrod had Obama's opponent's divorce records unsealed in 2004 and then leaked the contents to the Chicago Tribune. His opponent, a guy named Blair Hull, withdrew in disgrace instead, leaving Obama running unopposed. There was an earlier campaing against a Republican named Jack Ryan, who also withdrew following a sordid charge just prior to an election.

Back on point, I'm impressed with the way that Brown is handling all the shit tactics and attacks Coakley's campaign, the party elders and the media has tried. We don't often see a candidate that can tap dance in a minefield like this.

I get absolutely sick and h... (Below threshold)

I get absolutely sick and how Democrats get away with this kind of outright lying in campaign ads they produce yet they have the gall to claim that somehow they are above this kind of thing and this was the stuff Republicans invented and perfected. There is zero truth to this ad but several of the most prominent ads cited by Democrats as somehow being the worst (do I need to remind everybody of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ads?) are the ones that actually were true! Did John Kerry ever refute any of those ads with facts of his own? He did everything he could to hide the real facts about his military service record except the information he chose fit to provide yet the popular misconception exists to this day that was he was unfairly "swiftboated" by veterans who actually served their country honorably.

Should be interesting to se... (Below threshold)

Should be interesting to see if criminal charges are filed against some in the Brown camp...

Don't kill the messenger here, I'm just reporting what I've found. haha.


Mike C.OK let me s... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Mike C.

OK let me see if I have this straight: Brown supporters on Facebook say that Kennedy should get out because they feel that Kennedy votes would otherwise go to Brown. Kennedy then posts on his Facebook page that he has received unspecified threats of violence.

This is somehow supposed to warrant criminal charges against the Brown campaign?

Compare that to the Actual criminal conduct of Coakley staff and SEIU members who used state government computers, email lists and employees to create a solicitation asking for volunteers and donations for the Coakley campaign.

There is hard evidence of a crime actually being committed in the latter case. In the case of Kennedy's claim there is his unsubstantiated word as far as I can tell.

I come from Chicago. Claims of death threats are commonly used by failing campaigns to generate publicity and energy for their campaigns. If he has been threatened it's despicable.

Finally, the suggestion that Kennedy is taking votes from Brown is suspect. People who vote for him based on name recognition are ignorant and unthinking and would be more likely to vote for the democrat once they got the name thing straightened out. Apart from that, one of his big issues is marijuana legalization. Since Brown is on the polar opposite end of the issue it's not likely they'd switch to him.

And how does Kennedy know that the people supposedly threatening him are Brown supporters? Are hey calling him and telling him that? Sounds more like a democrat dirty trick to me.

SO anybody want to make a w... (Below threshold)
jim m:

SO anybody want to make a wager as to how seriously the Attorney General's office pursues this complaint?

On one leftist site this wa... (Below threshold)
retired military:

On one leftist site this was a comment left there

"The danger here is that the media will clarify Brown's actual postition and, given the posture of the campaign, report this as a last-minute smear by a desperate candidate. And does Obama want to enter that sort of atmosphere? I'm not a big fan of ads/mailers like this, but I agree with sgwhiteinfla that if you're going to do it, you need to do it early. Whose idea was this?"

I mean heaven forbid the truth come out. Heaven forbid the media actually report the truth about a republican's candidate.

Steve Green and company must be proud of posters like this.

I think anything can be ha... (Below threshold)

I think anything can be happened, So, we have to wait some to see what is waiting for us actually. Thanks for nice information.






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