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Miracle in Haiti

This piece (and the accompanying pics) are your feel good story of the day:

miracle in Haiti.jpg
Amid the horror and devastation in Haiti, there were stories too of hope and joy as the prayers of those hunting for their missing loved ones were answered.

For two days Daphnee Plaisin and her husband Reginald Claude had searched with their bare hands among the twisted rubble of their collapsed home for their two-year-old son Redjeson.

They could hear his increasingly weak cries but were unable to move the giant concrete and metal sheets that consumed him somewhere below.

For the international rescue teams operating in the heart of the broken Haiti capital Port-au-Prince it was a moment of relief and achievement as they worked, often in wreckage containing bodies, in a race against time to find those still alive.

But then came the moment they had prayed for but feared they would never see as specialist Belgian and Spanish rescue workers, burrowing deep into the rubble, head torches picking out their route, edged their way to the young boy.

A human chain of rescue workers passed Redjeson forward, his head scarred by dried blood and face pitted with flesh wounds. 

He looked bewlidered until the moment his face saw his mother.  Then, his eyes lit up and face creased with a smile as she reached forward to cuddle him.

Oh Lord, may there be more stories like this one we pray. 

Do go see the other pics at the link.



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If its Americans doing the ... (Below threshold)

If its Americans doing the rescuing, don't expect to see the photos or hear the news on the international, or national, MSM.






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