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The Home Stretch

Well, the race for the right to fill Ted Kennedy's (voluminous, rum-soaked) seat in the US Senate (yes, I know it isn't "Ted Kennedy's seat," but "the people of Massachusetts' seat," but Ted-bashing is NEVER inappropriate) is almost at an end, and it's becoming clear that current Bay State Attorney General Martha Coakley (D) wants that seat in the worst possible way.

Which is exactly how she's trying to get it.

I'm trying to remember the last time a candidate for major office made so many unforced errors. I can recall times when a candidate makes a single game-ending gaffe (my colleague Baron Von Ottomatic cited the example of Clayton Williams), but I don't know of a case like Coakley -- where the leading candidate just steadily self-destructs with a never-ending stream of blunders, misstatements, mistakes, gaffes, flubs, and missteps.

In just the last few weeks Coakley has done the following:

  • Referred to Boston Red Sox legend (and demigod in the eyes of Red Sox Nation) Curt Schilling as a "Yankees fan."
  • Mocked Brown for campaigning in the snow outside Fenway Park (where a Bruins hockey game was being played as a publicity stunt).
  • Released an ad that blasted her opponent, Scott Brown, as a supporter of corporate bigwigs and featured an image of the World Trade Center on the day Rudy Giuliani was coming to Massachusetts to campaign for Brown, handing "America's Mayor" -- who once was mocked for including in every sentence "a noun, a verb, and 9/11" -- an instant point of outrage.
  • Declared that devout Catholics have no business working in hospital emergency rooms.
  • Declared in a debate with Brown (oh, and independent Joseph Kennedy) that the Taliban had been defeated and driven out of Afghanistan.
  • Skipped campaigning in Massachusetts to go to a big fund-raiser in DC held for her by Big Insurance and Big Pharma.
  • After the event, watched as a staffer of hers (an Obama nominee and "loaner" from the Democratic National Committee) shoved a reporter into a fence and to the ground for asking impertinent questions.
  • Released an ad that referred to "Massachusettes" in the fine print at the end.
  • Got Ted Kennedy's widow, Victoria Reggie Kennedy, to cut an ad endorsing her -- where Kennedy repeated Scott Brown's famous line that "it isn't Ted Kennedy's seat, it's the people's seat."
  • Got Bill Clinton to drop everything and come to Massachusetts to campaign for her -- immediately after President Obama named former presidents Clinton and George W. Bush to head up fundraising on behalf of Haiti.

This is in addition to her own almost criminally inept career as a prosecutor in Massachusetts, folks. This is the best the Bay State's Democrats could scrape up.

Fortunately for Coakley (and unfortunately for the rest of us), the race isn't over until Tuesday. And there's still time for her supporters to pull some kind of shenanigans to drag her across the finish line.

I'm going to make a prediction: Coakley's rumpswabs at the Boston Globe (who endorsed her both in the primary and in this election) will unleash a "hit piece" on Brown tomorrow that will attempt to smear him and render him unelectable.

I'll go even further and speculate on the angle they'll attack Brown on.

Brown is a career member of the National Guard, and Colonel Brown is the leading defense counsel for New England. He's been involved in a lot of cases, and the Globe will try to tie Brown to something they seem as unseemly about the military. It might be the "don't ask - don't tell" policy about gays in the service, it might be about alleged war crimes committed in Iraq or Afghanistan, it might be about cases involving deserting war protesters, it might even be something to the Fort Hood shooting.

Yeah, I'm going out on a limb here, but I've been an amateur scholar of the Glob's political shenanigans for years and years. And the secret to predicting their actions in cases like this, it's simple: think of the most unprincipled, underhanded, dishonorable, disgusting smear tactic that they think they can pull off with a straight face, and wait for them to do it.

Check back in tomorrow, when I'll post a followup -- after perusing the Glob online.


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Comments (13)

she is an abyssmal candidat... (Below threshold)

she is an abyssmal candidate, and in any other State would not even be the nominee. But this is Massachusett(e)s.

If you haven't listened to the Curt Schilling clip yet folks you're in for a treat. The friendly radio host interviewing her is FLABERGASTED!

The only person that would benefit from Coakley in the Senate would be Barbara Boxer. Why? Because then Boxer would be the SECOND DUMBEST Senator!

Legal Insurrection just nam... (Below threshold)

Legal Insurrection just named yet another of Coakley's gaffes. In a mailer, she uses the UPS "brown" slogan, complete with Scott Brown dressed in an UPS uniform. UPS is very much not happy and demanded they cease mailing this out. Her campaign staff is incompetent.

Martha Croaklys missteps... (Below threshold)

Martha Croaklys missteps remind me of Kathleen Kennedy Townsends run for the 2002 Maryland governors race.

I'm sure glad you made that... (Below threshold)

I'm sure glad you made that prediction Jay. Saved me doing it and I don't touch type.

I don't know of a case l... (Below threshold)

I don't know of a case like Coakley -- where the leading candidate just steadily self-destructs with a never-ending stream of blunders, misstatements, mistakes, gaffes, flubs, and missteps.

Short memory, Jay. It happened just six years ago: Kerry vs. Bush. Bush was very beatable. A good campaigner would have won that election. But the Dems picked Kerry, who promptly self-destructed in almost exactly the same way Coakley is self-destructing .... and he almost won anyway.

Is there something about Massachusetts Dems?

I believe that there will b... (Below threshold)
retired military:

I believe that there will be thousands of questionable ballots show up. Literally THOUSANDS if not more than 20,000.

I agree that the Dems will ... (Below threshold)

I agree that the Dems will try to steal it...and may actually do so. Still it'd be like playing Chess with your toddler...and having to cheat to win.

Even if you chalk up a "W" by switches pieces around when the toddler is distracted by a butterfly...it's still gotta make ya wonder, eh?

And a TIDAL WAVE of rejection of Big Government IS coming...whether it swamps the Bay State first or not!

I'm really not too worried ... (Below threshold)
Victory is Mao's:

I'm really not too worried about Coakley's blunders. Thanks to our loyal Democrat MSM, most of our Democratic voters won't ever hear about any of them. I'm worried that too many of our loyal Democrats will automatically vote for the Kennedy. That would look bad.

But, no matter what the voters say, our loyal Democrat Massachusettes judges will award the seat to Coakley. You neocon filth can rely on that! Go cry yourself to sleep, losers.


Victory is Mao's: "You n... (Below threshold)

Victory is Mao's: "You neocon filth..."

Ed Schultz, MSNBC host:
"I'll tell you what, if I lived in Massachusetts, I'd try to vote 10 times - I don't know if they would let me or not, but I'd try to. Yeah, that's right - I'd cheat"

Filth? Yup...Democrat filth.

Justrand, this Vic is riffi... (Below threshold)

Justrand, this Vic is riffing on irregular troll "Victory Is Ours." Feel free to add a /sarc tag to all of Victory Is Mao's comments.

The disturbing part is how accurately VIM portrays the actual Lefties. There's hardly any exaggeration.


Whew! Wow...it's impossibl... (Below threshold)

Whew! Wow...it's impossible to tell Parody from the Left any more! :)

Ed Schultz is the victim he... (Below threshold)
Victory is Mao's:

Ed Schultz is the victim here. He wouldn't have to trouble to vote even once if it weren't for you neocons sending your filthy profits to the evil baby killer Colonel Brown. Normally the loyal deceased Democrat voters of Massachusettes would be more than enough to put Coakley in office. You, neocon filth, you are the ones who are to blame.

Besides, Schultz is ten times the manly man's man any of you neocon filth are. He should get ten votes for your one; it's only fair. Any Kennedy deserves 1000 votes to your one!


Notice the closer the elect... (Below threshold)

Notice the closer the election is getting, the more vitriolic the left is getting? One would think that they are on the edge of the cliff looking down and waiting for someone to shove them over the precipice. That could very well be Scott Brown that gives that final little push. Be real interesting to see how many Rats jump the good ship Obama, if Brown is elected to take the place of the Swimmer. Watch people like Steve Strum, Steve Green and VIC go absolutely ape shit. Got the popcorn ready for the occasion.






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