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Video: Massachusetts Miracle

I've seen links to this all over Facebook and Twitter and just saw it for the first time at Michelle's. Sit and watch. It will send chills up your spine.

The Massachusetts Miracle:

To the voters of Massachusetts: With the Democrats set to cram down our throats a health care bill, cap and trade legislation, and a massive government that will enact greater control over our lives, I don't think it's hyperbole to say that welfare of the American Republic may be in your hands on Tuesday.


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Super!... (Below threshold)


Wow, that is good.... (Below threshold)

Wow, that is good.

VOTE conservative, the life... (Below threshold)

VOTE conservative, the life you save may be your own.

I suspect that our future w... (Below threshold)

I suspect that our future will be decided by lawyers, election judges and party hacks, with an able assist from Washington. The closer the election, the more likely it will be.

But that's just the voices in my head.

I hate this cynicism thing. I hope I'm wrong.

Americans were freed after ... (Below threshold)

Americans were freed after 9/11 to once again fly the National Colors without thuggery damage and were surprised that they were not the minority but the Great American majority.
Tax Day '09 once again Americans arose against a govorment of eggheads & pols who knew better then they and again were surprised at the huge turnout.
The photos show your neighbors, parents, even grandparents not terrorist of the usual property destructive, feces throwing, trashing "peace marchers" seen so often in our streets. Instead pof burning cars, damaged buildings, scattered trash there were clean streets, smiling people, open shop doors. Americans.
But there is a tripwire and Iran may be the next step...

The only thing I hate about... (Below threshold)

The only thing I hate about videos like that is that it reminds me that at one time in our history, and sprinkled throughout, we've had selfless, humble, GREAT leadership.

It's been a long time, since Reagan, that we've had truly inspired, selfless leadership. It's been 30 years since America has had someone they can truly stand behind and be proud of, I wonder when it will happen again.

Thank you for posting this!... (Below threshold)

Thank you for posting this! We have 5 Scott Brown Videos posted on Common Cents...


Need a Scott Brown runn... (Below threshold)

Need a Scott Brown running in the next presidential election

The music is from Conan the... (Below threshold)
Jack Wilson:

The music is from Conan the Barbarian and Last of the Mohegians.

I don't think this is from ... (Below threshold)
Jack Selber:

I don't think this is from either Conan or Mohegians. No one has been able to identify it. Not from Batman Begins, Dark Knight or Lord of the Rings.






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