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What Scott Brown is Up Against

Ed Schultz said he would cheat to keep Scott Brown from winning on Tuesday.

Don't delude yourself into thinking this is going to be a fair vote. If Brown wins by less than 5 percent, you can take it to the bank that the Democrats will pull an Al Franken and challenge the results in court. They will find ballots that mysteriously appeared in some Democratic official's trunk. They'll insist that absentee ballots that were incorrectly filled out must be counted anyway. Militant Democrats like Ed Schultz are so convinced of their own political and moral superiority that they will feel completely justified in breaking whatever law is necessary to "keep these bastards out."


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After Washington and Minnes... (Below threshold)

After Washington and Minnesota losses due to democrat dirty tactics, no Republican can get a close victory anymore. You are right, expect the worst, over prepare for the best.

The Left is SO convinced th... (Below threshold)

The Left is SO convinced that they know what is best for all of us, that they are justified in using any and all tactics...including flat out CHEATING through ballot-box stuffing...to win!

F**K 'EM!!

jeez, ed, not all that sure... (Below threshold)

jeez, ed, not all that sure that your parents were married. then again, maybe you were just a spot on a fence the sun hatched.

nah, scumbag son of a whore more like it.

I don't know who this guy i... (Below threshold)

I don't know who this guy is, but I've heard this view of the world before: he thinks the GOP is evil, and so anything is justified in preventing the GOP from winning elections. There are a lot of people on the Left that don't believe in free speech, justice, or voting rights. If they can win with their ideas, then they'll cheat.

You can expect that if Brown wins by less than 5% there will be several recounts, the process will take a long, long time. That should prevent him from being seated long enough for the Democrats to get a good try at getting the healthcare plan vote through the Senate.

They might get the election turned around, but 5% is a pretty big margin of victory. I'm not sure that even the Democratic machine can hide that big a margin of victory and declare Coakley the winner. 2 or 3% is very possible.

Following on the titles the... (Below threshold)

Following on the titles theme "What Scott Brown is Up Against"

Slick Willie Clinton weighed in with this gem as it relates to Haiti, the Coakley/Brown election and the "Slickster" being criticized for stumping in Mass:

"Who?" he challenged, "who is criticizing me? It's your problem if you can't see how these things aren't mutually exclusive." Electing Coakley, he said, will"help lead to good governance"

He says "bastards" as thoug... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

He says "bastards" as though it's a bad thing. He's clearly racist, since ca. two-thirds of African-Americans are born out of wedlock. What does Schultz have against black people? He should apologize immediately.

What a slimy pig! Admits he... (Below threshold)

What a slimy pig! Admits he'd commit voter fraud intentionally if he could.. Damn liberal pukes.

wow, ed needs to take his l... (Below threshold)

wow, ed needs to take his lithium and lie down. dems are in full freak out mode.

If Dems pull another cheat ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

If Dems pull another cheat out of the bag I believe you will see a huge backlash over it. This, IMO, would serve to mobilize republicans and turn off moderates like there is no tomorrow for the mid terms.

I believe if it looks bad for the dems as the vote count comes in they will accept the loss and just go with the 51 vote nuclear option or get a vote prior to the swearing in. They can always count on Collins and Snowe for the 60th vote on other matters. Or Reid and the dems can always change the rules of the senate to say 55 votes rather than 60 to end discussion and then bump it back to 60 prior to Nov stating they felt that it didnt work at 55.

Dont put anything past them. the one thing about this past year people are seeing exactly who the dems are with the SEIU thugs, Franken appearing votes, ACORN, etc

Eddie, just another 'intell... (Below threshold)

Eddie, just another 'intellectual elite' who knows what's best for you. So you better vote Eddie's way. After all, the Democrats are all about representative government.

Electing Coakley, ... (Below threshold)
Electing Coakley, he said, will"help lead to good governance"
This means that if Coakley is elected to the Senate she will be out of Massachusette(e)s and an honest Attorney General can get in. That could lead to "good governance" there (though of course it will make things worse in the Senate.
Last night on Red Eye Steph... (Below threshold)

Last night on Red Eye Stephen Kruiser warned that the election was still within the margin of ACORN.

Hopefully his extremism and... (Below threshold)

Hopefully his extremism and hate begats a more vicious response from a right-side extremist. It's very hard to cheat when you're hospitalized.

What he said is so insulting and offensive, he deserves that type of thing to happen.

Can you imagine the reactio... (Below threshold)

Can you imagine the reaction if Rush said the same thing. In fact, maybe he should say exactly, word for word, the same thing Ed schultz said and compare the reactions.

Come on fascist stevie stur... (Below threshold)

Come on fascist stevie sturm and rascist stevie green defend this douche bag Shultz...I dare ya.

And the left always gets in... (Below threshold)

And the left always gets in a tizzy over Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh? Neither of those two men have ever said anything as outrageous as this fool but he will probably be given a pass for promoting election fraud because as we all know the left has no standards. That is why I get so tired of their outrage over far less controversial statements if they are uttered by a libertarian or a conservative.

The fact that Ed Schultz is comfortable promoting this kind of thing only confirms what conservatives and other thinking Americans have always known: real election fraud has always been committed by Democrats while at the same time the left concocts baseless conspiracy theories (Diebold voting machines, etc.) about Republican election shenanigans just so they can try to make the claim that they are above this sort of thing. I hope this is a fair election but past experience tells me that we are in for the fix. Just watch ACORN and SEIU and what they try to pull off if this thing is close enough. If it is - I guarantee an attempt will be made to steal this election and they will probably be successful.

On the plus side, the Democ... (Below threshold)
John S:

On the plus side, the Democrats (and U.S. taxpayers in the case of today's Obama visit) have spend 100s of millions to defend a seat they should be winning by 40 points and will spend millions more in legal fees to steal the seat after Brown wins.

That's a lot of money the Dems won't have for the fall when voters set out to destroy the party in the mid-term elections.






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