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Jack is Back. Tonight!

I started watching 24 in its first season and have seen every single episode since. I even contributed to a book about the series. For some reason, though, I have not been excited about the new season starting. I guess I was too wrapped up in Chuck and Dexter and Pants on the Ground to find out much about the upcoming season.

I hear we will see a softer, gentler Jack Bauer. Hmmm. Not so sure how that will go over, but I'll give it a chance. I am even going to give Kim a chance since she saved his life last season. I do really like the fact that this season takes place in New York. That will change things up a bit. I watched a nice little season 8 "featurette" on the Fox website and found out that Renee is back and Freddie Prinze, Jr. is in the cast. Those are both positive things. I also learned the President is the same as last season. I'm not so crazy about that, but I guess they can't have a new president every season.

The season premiere airs tonight on Fox at 9 p.m. Eastern. My DVR is set. For a humorous take, check out Dave Barry's blog.

Update: Live blogging at Blogs4Bauer.

Update II: This season premiere is an hour and a half in and my main observation is that it is not as fast paced as most past season openers, but I haven't been bored. That little girl playing Jack's granddaughter is adorable. She needs to be in as many episodes as possible. Ditto for Kim's hot husband. So far my favorite line has been "Who's Jack Bauer?" That and "Let me be clear." Ha! I really liked that Fox ran an American Idol commercial featuring "Pants on the Ground." I was in need of my daily pants on the ground fix.

Update III: Those 24 writers know how to hit all the bases -- someone gets shot in the thigh in the final minutes of premiere tonight.


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Project Runway season 7(?) ... (Below threshold)

Project Runway season 7(?) premiered last night on Lifetime.
It's one damn interesting show with real people in unscripted situations doing real things such as designing and constructing *fashionable* garments.

Granted, it's the editors' job to hep things up, but the proof's in the pudding, anyway.

The designer, surname: Lynette, is very cute, but I haven't yet got a clear look at her bottom half. She will thus remain firmly Cute, but she has Ga-Ga potential. Pending....

Lorie, I think you're the o... (Below threshold)

Lorie, I think you're the one who got me started on "24" a few years ago. I like to follow it on Dave's blog, but only his updates. The other comments are too many, and too off topic much of the time.

Lorie, my wife and I haven'... (Below threshold)

Lorie, my wife and I haven't missed a season, but last years was so contrived and bad we passed this year. Have fun though. :) ww






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