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The White House is Predicting a Coakley Loss?


Take a look at the images from Brown's Worcester rally today. They are amazing. When you can feel the energy and excitement coming through still photos, you know good things are happening.


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Barry may finally be right ... (Below threshold)

Barry may finally be right about something for once!

I have to keep reminding my... (Below threshold)

I have to keep reminding myself that this is MA .. not PA, MN, OH or some other battleground state. This is MA .. the state that when for McGovern went Nixon crushed him in 49 other states.
I wouldn't want to be a Democrat now .. even in a "safe" seat.

obama goes on the stump and... (Below threshold)

obama goes on the stump and all reports suggest he couldn't even fill the 3000 seat hall the rally used.

RE:3Yes, Brown's W... (Below threshold)


Yes, Brown's Worchester rally spills into the streets after overfilling a 3000 seat hall, and in BOSTON adding the President to the top line couldn't fill a 3000 seat hall.

HELLO SG, WC, bD, SAUD etal?

Beyond the sheer numbers - ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Beyond the sheer numbers - but when Obama can't fill a 3000-seat university hall in Bahston, that's news in and of itself - is the enthusiam gap. Brown's rallies are excited, optimistic, positive events, while even the crowd to see the President was talking more about what went wrong with Coakley and bemoaning their situation. Not upbeat at all.

Barry sure owns and deserve... (Below threshold)

Barry sure owns and deserves the loss if it happens? He just flew in to get his mug on camera, pay off some ACORN debts and deliver the " kiss of death" to Martha.

This whole thing is just su... (Below threshold)

This whole thing is just sublime. The inability to ram this through, what was it they wanted originally? Halloween? Thanksgiving? Labor Day? Kennedy's death. The Democrat hijinks over filling the seat. A Republican likely taking that seat and being the vote that will likely kill the plan if it includes the most damaging socialist plans instead of just reform.

And, when this election is over...the final big question mark. Will the Democrats be able to swing Snowe to make up for the lost seat? Or someone else with a suitably large "non-bribe"? Any other states that don't feel like paying for Medicaid anymore?

That's a storybook, Mr. Biden.

Take a look at this article... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Take a look at this article from Hot Air


If the White House is looking at things in a similar way it would explain why they are already writing Coakley off.

BRYAND, VIC, SAUD, JP2 - HE... (Below threshold)



The WH has probably read th... (Below threshold)

The WH has probably read the comment section on the Boston Globe filled with local democrats complaining about Coakley, many saying they'll vote republican to send a message to Washington.


Pro Brown comments are running about ten to one.

Obaa in Mass: "Now what... (Below threshold)

Obaa in Mass: "Now what we're proposing is to make sure that taxpayers get their money back from the rescue that we had to engage in at the beginning of this year thanks to the bad regulatory policies of the previous
administration," Obama said. "And so we asked Martha's opponent, what he's going to do? And he decided to park his truck on Wall Street."

What a pile of stinking shit that is.

Guess obama failed to note Coakley in DC with all the DC Fat Cats, bankers, big pharma and lobbists.

""We all know that this economy is stuck in an incredible recession," Coakley said. "We know that people are angry ... We need to hold the people accountable who created this mess."

Yeah just ignore those asswipes on the banking committee who fostered the entire banking mess.

Of course john "why the long face" kerry had to chime it: "Our difficulties were inherited," Kerry said. "Scott Brown and the people in his party are the people who created this mess. Now he wants to be rewarded with a term in the United States Senate."

Guess he didn't have enough fortitude to use the teabagger slur as he did in an email sent to gather cash for this race.


HOW'S BARRY'S ASS TASTE NO... (Below threshold)

9. Posted by GarandFan

And you and your's complain about the term "tea bagging"?


Marc -Kerry & Co h... (Below threshold)

Marc -

Kerry & Co have had THREE YEARS - and things haven't gotten better. As usual, they don't take any responsibility for the state of things today, neither do they have any solid progress on making things 'better' - unless slapping on more expensive programs that have to be funded in a time when the economy is struggling is somehow supposed to make things 'better'.

The last three years have confirmed something I've thought for decades - Democrats will not solve problems when they can be used as issues to campaign upon.

The Republicans left a mess? The Dems got control of both the House and Senate in 2006 - what have they done to alleviate it? Bush left a mess? Obama got elected in 2008, got inaugurated in 2009, and... what has he done to alleviate it?

He tried to get the Olympics for Chicago. (And failed...)

He tried to get an agreement in Copenhagen. (And failed....)

He's gotten trillions allocated to somehow help the economy - yet it doesn't seem to be working.

He allocated almost $900 BILLION for 'stimulus' - which doesn't exactly seem to be creating the jobs he was saying it would.

He's strong-arming the banks, trying to get more money out of them - but even THAT doesn't seem to be working.

And yet everything is somehow Bush's fault? Caused by the Republicans? At what point will THEY take ownership? 2010? 2012? 2014? Do we have to wait until 2016 (assuming the Dems last that long - I hear a creaking in the structure that may signal an implosion of the shell of Democratic Party loyalty...) for them to actually look at the problems and address them with viable solutions?

Oh, wait. We've got elections between now and then. As I said - there's no reason to actually solve a problem when it can be used as election material later. The Republicans, for all their faults, understood that problems DO need to be solved some way or another.

Democrats? Not so much, apparently...

And, when this electi... (Below threshold)
John S:

And, when this election is over...the final big question mark. Will the Democrats be able to swing Snowe to make up for the lost seat?

If Brown wins, Dems in Mass and in Congress will delay his seating as long as possible. The Democrats will ram the "healthcare reform" tax bill through during this delay. This blatant show of arrogance will cost them the Senate in November. They've already lost the House.






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